Happy Father day in heaven

Shared by Daniela Costales on June 8, 2019

I love you n miss you ur in a better place can't wait to see again . Happy father's day Daddy.. 

Daniel & Jr.

Shared by Angelina Lowe on February 19, 2019

Well let me start by saying that i am Jr.s mother and i knew him through Daniella. Nella being Jr.s baby momma, first love, well hell pretty much his first everything, almost. Ok so JR. tells this story of how Daniel would playfully chase him around the yard acting as though he were going to beat him with a shovel. At first i was like "omg Jr. Wth......" But then he explained how it was jjust in good fun and about how they all laughed about it. I thought to myself what a great sense of humor he must have. After that i got to know Daniel a bit better and he did have a great sense of humor.

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