This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Daniel Diaz, 61 years old, born on August 20, 1959, and passed away on December 25, 2020. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Lonnie Friedman on December 25, 2021
I miss you DD…think about you often brother, and listen to a saved voicemail I have from you…who knew how important that message would be at the time…continue to RIP
Posted by Michael O'Malley on January 9, 2021
I worked with Danny for a short while at NJ Transit, before I left that job. I had the pleasure of running into him once or twice after that. He was just such a nice guy. I remember him as soft-spoken and funny. And an adept baton-twirler, which I liked to dabble in myself. My heart goes out to his family. Such a loss for everyone who knew him.
Posted by Aida Casiano on January 7, 2021
What a huge loss. It pains my heart. He was not only a great coworker, but also a great friend. Left a lot of funny and loving memories to hold onto. The heavens surely have a great angel now. My prayers to his family for strength.
Posted by Ariel Evertz on January 5, 2021
I dream of a day I could go back to being a child again and being at family parties with you. I can vividly remember seeing you there every time Tio Dan. I remember you always had a big smile on your face when you were around your family, you could always connect with the youth and make us laugh, you always made everyone laugh so so much. The life of the party, you had an aura that would light up a room. You were truly a special gift to this world and a blessing to our family indeed. I have taken this hard Uncle of mine because what you meant to me.. but what brings me solace, sanity, and peace during this very hard time is that I know your transition to your next life was a peaceful one. I know the Lord took you in his hands, opened his doors and let you right in. Job well done Tio Dan.. It’s too hard for me to say goodbye so I’ll just say I’ll see you soon.. I know you are watching down on us right now. Protect us Tio Dan and keep us together. I love you forever. Gone way too soon... To my cousins and my Tia Omega I love you all so much as well and we will always be one.
Posted by Doranne Rossiter on January 4, 2021
To Danny’s Family,
I had the privilege of working along side Danny for many years at the HCPO. I am heartbroken at the news of his passing. I always walked away with a smile after talking to “Double D.” He was such a great guy, quick with a smile, a hug, kind words and always willing to help. Anyone who was fortunate enough to know and love Double D was truly blessed. May he Rest In Peace. I know that God has welcomed Danny to heaven with open arms and, after returning the hug, God looked at Danny and asked, “What’s the name of that cologne you’re wearing?” May your memories of Danny bring you peace and comfort.
Doranne Rossiter
Posted by Bob DiGenova on January 4, 2021
To the Diaz Family,

Like his family, Danny’s friends and colleagues are heartbroken to hear of his sudden passing. As a long time colleague at the HCPO and someone I considered a friend I can honestly say that ‘Double D’ was truly one of the finest people that I have ever met...a true gentleman and a true professional at all everyone that he encountered. I came to look forward to seeing him at outings over the years and looked forward to that smile and hug...and yes the smell of his cologne. His kindness in simple conversations was infectious. He will be missed dearly by all who knew this kind and gentle soul.

God bless.
Bob DiGenova
Posted by Robert Grossi on January 3, 2021
When I first started at The HCPO I had the misfortune of being disliked by a Captain at the time who seemed to enjoy making my life miserable. I never really ever got the full story on what made this man dislike me so , a man I never met before in my life. But such was the Office back then, clicks and grudges and lots of backstabbing. I refused to give up however and dealt with being an outcast for quite a while. Danny was my first real friend at HCPO. Danny was the kind of person who was on everyone’s side. And everyone wanted Danny to be close to them , especially in times of danger or stress we faced on the jobs we did. He understood people and made them smile instantly upon meeting him. I always wanted to be like him in that way. He was a light in darkness for me. I was fortunate to work side by side with Danny for the rest of my career. We always seemed to find each other and wind up together at some point thru the years. I don’t think I would have lasted if it had not been for him.
Posted by Laurence Martin on January 3, 2021
Danny, I am a better person because of him. Words cannot adequately express my sorrow and heartbreak over his passing. Always a true professional , confidant, gentleman and more importantly my friend. I will miss him m.
Posted by Eileen Mc Keown Bonsignor... on January 2, 2021
Danny, Although I only worked with you a short time at Bell Works, it only took one conversation with you to know the kind of moral, God loving man you were. I will always fondly remember our enlightening, uplifting talks as I honestly enjoyed discussing today's insane world with someone who was clearly & proudly on the same page with me. You lived right which only strengthens my belief that you are in a much better place now. As sad as it is for your family, it's no surprise to me that you returned home on Christmas! May you Rest In Peace and God give your family strength. You will be fondly remembered & missed Danny.
Posted by Lisa Jokines on December 31, 2020

My husband Greg and my daughter Nyah and I met Danny Sr and Ms. Omega for the first time at Danny and LaShaunda's house in Goldsboro NC. They greeted us like family with the biggest hugs and smiles. What a true epitome of kindness and grace. May God Bless and keep the Diaz family. We Love you all. 
Posted by Jeffery Motley on December 31, 2020
Danny had a Rastafarian wig that he would wear on occasion. I told him one day that he looked like the Haitians on Bad Boys 2. He responded by saying "Jesus is the way my brudda!", quoting the movie. From that point on, whenever we saw each other we would say that to each other. In the movie it was just a greeting, but I knew that Danny meant it when he said it. I am grateful for getting to know him and his family over the years.
Posted by Corina Seward on December 31, 2020
Thank you Brother Danny for always looking out for not just myself but my son. Lorenzo and Ethan had their own special bond with you. You welcomed my husband into our church and made him feel connected. We will forever miss you and we can’t wait to celebrate with you in heaven. Love you always❤️
Posted by charlie wagner on December 31, 2020
Always wearing a smile and quick to laugh . . . that's the memory I'll always
keep. R I P til I catch up with you !
Posted by Luis Gutierrez on December 31, 2020
You were a great uncle, awesome God Father, and a beautiful soul. I'm going to miss you Tio.
Posted by Juanpa Diaz on December 31, 2020
Mi querio hermano pasó a otra etapa de su vida, siempre te recordare las veces que nos vimos por tu sencilles y amabilidad siempre sonriente, te fuiste primero que yo pero nos veremos en el paraiso. donde el amor dura para siempre.
Posted by Brittney Cupo on December 31, 2020
Double D your infectious smile and your way of making light of any situation will always be remembered. I remember as a recruit for the academy thinking wait I have to call him LT... to me you were always double D. You knew my mother and her siblings from growing up in Jersey City and never was shy to tell me a good story or two. You do not know how much I appreciate you always asking about my mother and how I was every time you saw me. Thank you for the memories! Godspeed Double D!
Posted by Liz Diaz on December 31, 2020
I’ve come to this page several times and leave because I don’t know where to begin with memories of my “Broski”, they’re endless. Danny I just thank God for letting us have you. You were everything a Big brother should be. Even though in our adult years we’ve lived a distance from each other, it never made a difference in our bond. Our get togethers were the best, I looked forward to that text you’d send me asking..”what are you up to this weekend”? I’d know what that meant and got ready to see you. Whether we took strolls to Walmart and you took off to the electronic section or just hanging at home and making rice and the beans you said you liked. Everyone knows your sense of humor was like no I shake my head, your names for me were either “Bonquisha or Crackatina”..only Danny!
When you found God I know how much you always asked me to find a little church in my area to attend and I can tell you that I have started to look and will attend. God was working through you to reach others. I promise that I will see you again and give you those tight hugs that I will forever miss my brother. Who knows if mom and dad may see you sooner than I, nothing in life is a certainty but I assure you we will all be there. Love you forever!
Posted by Lashaunda Diaz on December 31, 2020
You aren't only my Father-in-law, you are my Popz! I have never in my life had the privilege of calling any man that yet it was so fitting and came easy for you. I know there's many ladies out there who can relate to the nerves that arise when we meet our boyfriend's family for the first time, right? When I met Popz, he immediately hugged me and welcomed me and I felt safe and comfortable with him from that moment on. I was treated just like your own daughter and the love you gave my daughter is one that I didn't get to experience myself and that love was/is beautiful. One important thing that this has taught me is to always tell people what they mean to you while they are here. Popz, the thought of flying into Newark Airport and you not being there is so painful to think about. You were always there. I consider myself a protector but a protector needs a protector and You were that to us. You were an atmosphere changer! The last time you came to visit us in NC, you and I went to get Chinese food. It was the "hood" spot and I could tell that the young man was having a bad day and you recognized it immediately. We walked in to greet a sad face and left him with smiling face. You brightened that man's evening to the point where he gave us free food! LOL I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT! I will miss your prayers. The love and intimacy for/with Jesus that I felt when you prayed with us is one that I will never forget. Popz, I will always remember everything you did for me, the laughs, the life talks, your presence, and most importantly, the love that you selflessly showed us, especially with your granddaughter. You knew how to make it all better when she was in distress and she loves her Grandpa! I remember when she was a toddler, she would sit on your lap and partake in your morning coffee and crackers. She has been hooked every since!  Popz, I loved you because, just as Christ, you first loved me. I possess a lot of your character traits, out spoken, flawed, honest, genuine, sincere, and several others and you could relate to me on so many levels which made it very easy to talk to you. Our lives are forever changed just because of what you blessed us with. If there was no you, I wouldn't have my amazing husband and my beautiful daughter. YOU DID THAT!!! I thank God for allowing me the gift of being your daughter in-law. Your love will reside in my heart for the rest of my life. Rest in Heaven praising God for eternity my POPZ! I love you!
Your daughter,
Shaunda Diaz
Posted by david evertz on December 31, 2020
Tio danny im so emotional right are my uncle and my Godfather! Throughout the later years of your life i was going through so much so i feel like i didnt get the chance to really bond with you as much as i couldve and shouldve.i remember years back i wanted to change my life for the better and you didnt put me down .you said to me "thats it take care of number 1" meaning the first person i have to worry about and take care of is myself! Love myself take care of myself! always lifted all of our spirits..cracking jokes at the family parties and making us brothers and i felt so connected with you during our saturday nights watching boxing tio iran my dad all of us would yell and clap at the end of every exciting round!! Slapping each other five! Those are memories i will never forget.and tio i remember how much you loved to spend time with my son isaiah when he was a would take him and lift him up with one hand and swing him around would let me and his mother socialize and enjoy the moments with the the family.Tio like i said we didnt talk much but just last month the day after thanksgiving i was in my mom house and you and tia omega came sat on the couch tio and you told me that my brother told you how god is changing me for the better and you said to me that god can change anyone he has the power to do it! Im blessed to have that last conversation with you about jesus.God knew what he was doing there with us! you spoke with faith about god tio and i know your with him now..they say as we mourn here on earth ..heaven celebrates and rejoices your arrival..saying to you "Good Job!".indeed tio good my uncle and Godfather danny diaz! Beloved i will miss you and please tell jesus we love him and thank him for all that he has done and continues to do in our lives!   "Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,   i love you tio dan! Prayers up! ☝
Posted by Genesis Perez on December 31, 2020
Tio Danny I love and miss you more than words can express... There are SO many memories that it’s so hard to choose! But one that will always stand out to me is when you would surprise us for holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. Many of us would say you were a mastermind when it came to road tripping for hours from NJ to FL without letting anyone know. It never got old!! You even included Denise and Danielito as your accomplices lol, you would secretly appear with the gang through the back sliding door of Tia Toña’s house singing that old Pentecostal corito “como ladrón en la noche, como ladrón en la noche..” were the life of the party and Mami’s partner in crime in the kitchen. Im going to miss our conversations about life and our fair share of great laughs. What I’m gonna miss most of all is your warm embrace.. Maannn oh man you were such a hugger but I didn’t mind I looked forward to it each time I saw you.... I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them...I love you my dear uncle.. gone way way to soon... May you rest in peace in God's loving arms.❤️

Yours truly,
Posted by Lonnie Friedman on December 30, 2020
Danny and I retired within a few months of each other...I can’t tell you how many times over the last few days I have looked at the pictures of him and I from my retirement this day I can still smell his cologne which was almost as strong as the “brother” hugs he would give! DD you were a special man, gone way too they say “only the good die young “ I’ll never forget our friendship and easy pal
Posted by Efrain Evertz on December 30, 2020
Uncle Danny I'm going to miss you so so much. I remember growing up in Jersey City, in my teenage years when I was being a knucklehead you would give me the best advice. I didn't listen all the time but as I got older I could reflect back on your words. What a blessing they were to me. Your personality was unmatched always smiling great vibes. At the family parties you were the life of it. We knew we were playing Domino's anytime Tio Danny came to the party. So many great memories that you have left with us. You would glow every time you had a chance to share the gospel. Thank you for helping mold me to be the man I am today. My children love you and my son plays the saxophone because of you.  Your children are like my siblings. Tia Omega l'm like your son and I am here whenever you need me. We rejoice because absent of your physical body we know your in the presence of our Lord and saviour!
Love You Uncle Danny
Posted by John MERCED on December 30, 2020
There are no words to express how hard your loss has hit me. Danny and I worked as EMTs in the late 70’s until we took the Police test together. Danny went to Transit Police while I went to the Hudson County Police. Later we both Transferred to the Prosecutors Office and were together again. We were always more like brothers sharing a Strong Faith and Love of Music, I’ll never forget you Danny, Rest in Peace Brother.
Posted by Dean Ackermann on December 30, 2020
Danny and I came up through the Transit Police together during the agency’s early days– we started on the same day – I was badge 328 he was 329. We worked in some of the worst areas and under less than ideal conditions. He was a friend and a man of honor; I am a better person and a better cop from having been graced with his friendship and brotherhood. Rest easy brother, we’ve got if from here.
Posted by Kelly Taylor-Sisk on December 30, 2020
Double D I am going to miss you so very much. You were an amazing friend and even more amazing boss. I will miss after spending 5 seconds in your office or getting a hug smelling of your cologne for the rest of the day . You never were in a bad mood and always had time to talk to me no matter how busy you were. Anyone who came in contact with you were truly blessed. You will truly be missed by Kenny and I. Please keep watch over all of us. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Diane Quirk on December 30, 2020
I worked with Danny at the Prosecutor's Office for many years. He always had a smile, a laugh and would stop to talk. A good, decent guy. When my Mom was in Intensive Care years ago he also had a relative there. They both passed away but he came every day for his relative. I am heartbroken for his family. May he rest with our Lord in Paradise and watch over his family. He is your Angel now. Rest in peace Danny and my condolences to your family. I will always remember his smile, I can still see it.
Posted by Scott Jeffery on December 30, 2020
Danny, you were always a pleasure to be around..whether it was showing me how the office worked, teaching me Spanish, or helping me,out up The Hill, you always had a smile on your face. Everyone always knew that if they went to you for advise, help or a laugh, youd be,there. Thank you.You will always be the HCPO shining star.. Please continue to look down on us and guide,us the way you always do..You will be missed by many, my Compadre.
Posted by Joe Walker on December 30, 2020
When I was going through “hell” in 2013, you without missing a beat sent me scriptures at least once a week. When I began to question my faith somehow you managed to send me a quote from the Bible that would put me right back on track. There are a few people, not many just a few people that are put in this world to remind us all that Christ is our guide and our light. You are one of those shining stars and will continue to be as you sit at the side of God. Rest In Peace my friend. My brother.

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Posted by Lonnie Friedman on December 25, 2021
I miss you DD…think about you often brother, and listen to a saved voicemail I have from you…who knew how important that message would be at the time…continue to RIP
Posted by Michael O'Malley on January 9, 2021
I worked with Danny for a short while at NJ Transit, before I left that job. I had the pleasure of running into him once or twice after that. He was just such a nice guy. I remember him as soft-spoken and funny. And an adept baton-twirler, which I liked to dabble in myself. My heart goes out to his family. Such a loss for everyone who knew him.
Posted by Aida Casiano on January 7, 2021
What a huge loss. It pains my heart. He was not only a great coworker, but also a great friend. Left a lot of funny and loving memories to hold onto. The heavens surely have a great angel now. My prayers to his family for strength.
his Life

Daniel B. Diaz

With extreme sadness, we announce the passing of our beloved brother in Christ, Daniel B. Diaz on Saturday, December 25, 2020 at the age of 61. 

For all who knew him, he was better known as (Danny). Danny was born on August 20, 1959 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Isabel and Belarminio Diaz. At the age of two years old his family moved to New York and eventually moved to Jersey City, NJ where he was raised and spent most of his life. Danny spent his life serving his community for 35 years as a Law Enforcement Officer for New Jersey Transit and the Hudson County Prosecutors Office where he retired as Lieutenant Detective. On December 6, 1980, he married his beautiful wife Alpha Omega Diaz and they just finished celebrating their 40 year wedding anniversary this December. They raised two children, Daniel & Denise. 

Danny was an amazing husband, father, brother, grandfather, son, uncle, and friend. He was known for his quick wit and great sense of humor, his infectious smile, and his kind and compassionate spirit. Danny was a faithful man devoted to his church family (Canaan Christian Church) in Jackson where he loved worshipping with the saxophone every Sunday. 

Daniel is survived by his wife Omega and two children Denise and Danny Jr, his daughter in law, LaShaunda, and his granddaughter Daylah. He also leaves behind his loving sister, Elizabeth, and brother, Eduardo, and his parents Isabel (Tona) and Belarminio. A funeral service will be held on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 at 11:00 am at Canaan Christian Church, 88 Frank Applegate Road, Jackson, NJ 08527. 
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Double D

Shared by Carolyn Torres on December 30, 2020
I remember when I had a seizure while sitting in my cubicle snd he held me down and told me, “When this is over, we’ll get a beer.” Lol. He always made me feel loved and treated me like a daughter. I’m going to miss you, Double D. GOD needed an angel with your sense of humor and huge heart.

My compadre my brother in Christ my friend

Shared by Irene Vazquez on December 30, 2020
It was an HONOR and BLESSING to have had this man be a part of our lives. God chose Danny and his precious family to be part of our FAMILY because he was definitely FAMILIA. This hurts but God is seeing us thru. Our minds are at ease because one: we shall see each other again someday... our blessed promise and two: because prior to going with the Lord Danny had a good ol time with us at my house and i will cherish those memories forever and i will end with the words Danny said at the end of the video where he last played timbales... QUE COMBITO!!!!!!
It sure was Compadre.
To his family we love you and pray for you and will continue to always be ...FAMILIA.❤❤❤

We already miss Danny!