Chicken Pox

Shared by Paulette Frazier on January 28, 2015

Danny got the Chicken pox when she was twelve. Everyone e in the house had them. She had it the worst. They were everywhere on her body. She had just got her hair done and was trying to save her new hairdo. She put a black skull hat on with her scarf. She looked so funny. The kids started calling her Papa Smurf. I still laugh at her reaction to getting teased. She told the kids that when she got better, she was going to get them one by one.

Danni you will never be forgotten

Shared by Tati Anyaso on February 20, 2012
Smilling:)....Danni has left us too soon. Growing up with her she taught me alot and I will cherish her memories in my heart as long as I live. My fondest childhood memory was when I wanted to play with myesha, all day and night explained to me how lil girls have to stop playing so much and groom their hair..I sat on your lap while you braided my hair with those heavy hands and you told me to never put a relaxer in my hair its pretty and it will fall out..of course I did it fell out and I never used another and wouldn't dare put any chemicals in my daughters hair.Danni I tell little girls not to used relaxers all the time because of you its just a habit, girl I love you may rest Tati, Nikki, and Ms Vivian..

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