Let the memory of Danielle be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on August 2, 1967 .
  • Passed away on March 21, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Danielle Gyger 46 years old , born on August 2, 1967 and passed away on March 21, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Bari Rozzo on 21st March 2019
Thinking of you and your family today... Love, Bari
Posted by Bari Rozzo on 23rd March 2018
Thinking of you and your pups on national puppy day. Love, Bari
Posted by Martin Carabott on 21st March 2018
Dear Danielle, forever missed!
Posted by Christoph Knichel on 21st March 2017
3 years already....just about to gather for our 25 year hotel school reunion....we miss you.
Posted by Martin Carabott on 21st March 2017
On this day of Spring, Danielle in my thoughts and prayer!
Posted by Bari Rozzo on 21st March 2017
Thinking of you playing with your pugs and all the other doggies somewhere over the rainbow. Sending your parents my love on this difficult day. Love, Bari
Posted by Marcella Crewe on 21st March 2017
Missing you today especially my friend.
Posted by Laureen Sicart-d'Andrea on 21st March 2015
I think of you often Danielle and miss you. It's still hard to believe you're no longer here. You're never forgotten.
Posted by Bari Rozzo on 21st March 2015
Thinking about you and your fur babies together and this brings me comfort. Your parents are wonderful people and I pray for their peace in your absence. Love, Bari
Posted by Johan Jüllig on 21st March 2015
Dear Danielle, every time we look up at the stars in the sky we see you shine as bright as you do in our memory
Posted by Doris Pizzuto on 7th October 2014
I just got to know Danielle from the beautiful and heartwarming tributes on this site. She evidently was quite a magnificent person. it doesn't surprise me though, as I was a customer of her parents in their Closter store, and they are wonderful people as well. Please accept mine and Tony's heartfelt sympathies. I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you must be experiencing.
Posted by Tomislav Vidovic on 4th April 2014
Pain is enormous and as crushing as sudden. And now Danielle I'm seeing you back in my dreams from which, seems like, you step in my and so many other people life. There we can again talk and laugh as much we want and will never have to say each other good bay. Love you was never bin easier to say in my life.
Posted by Tom Sainsbury on 3rd April 2014
Danie, you were my friend, my love and my compass in life. I loved you so much. It is hard to imagine life without you.. Rest in peace Angel. You will always be in my heart and thoughts.
Posted by Gabriella Garzoni on 31st March 2014
Dear Danielle, thank you for our beautiful friendship and all the good memories and laughs we share together during the years at Glion. You were my best friend and I will always remember you with a smile in my heart. RIP my dearest. Mrs and Mr Gyger my deepest condolences and I am close to you in this difficult moment.
Posted by Diana Alexiou on 30th March 2014
"Unable are the Loved to die for love is Immortality.." -Emily Dickinson. Danielle, go in peace angel. Your time here was too short but your gentle and kind soul touched many. Your parents are so proud of you and you will always be loved and cherished by everyone who knew you. May you and your parents always be blessed♥
Posted by Bodil Rutgersen on 29th March 2014
Dearest Danielle. We were close during our time together in Glion and I always hoped that we would meet again. Your sweet smile, kindness and gentle soul will forever be missed. The years with you next door in the hallway, discussions and lots of laughing will always be dear memories of you. My thoughts are with your parents, that you loved so much. Rest in peace, my dear friend! Love, Bodil
Posted by Syntio Camilleri on 28th March 2014
Danielle, deeply saddened by this sudden news. Forever remembered for your kindness and warm smile. Forever remembered in our hearts.Rest in peace. Mr and Mrs Gyger sincere condolences. Syntio.
Posted by Martin Carabott on 27th March 2014
Au revoir chère Danielle, RIP. Fond memories of your smile, kindness, friendship...since the Glion years Condoléances à la famille
Posted by Maritza Andrade Serrano on 26th March 2014
Descansa en Paz, Danielle. Tu sonrisa fue mágica. Siempre te recordaré. Buen viaje.
Posted by Susanna Anglada on 26th March 2014
Dearest Danielle, will miss your posts, your likes, your spontaneous funny comments, your smile. All my love to you and your parents ♥♥♥
Posted by Norbert Vas on 26th March 2014
Not a day has passes since Danielle and I separated that I did not think of her and all the good memories we shared. I am so so sorry . Catherine and Ernest, my most sincere condolences. Love , Norbert .
Posted by Diana Timpano on 26th March 2014
Danie, I have sat staring at your memorial page for days and haven't been able to say goodbye. In my mind, I think about us talking, texting, and emailing each other and waiting to hear back from you. I love you, and you are such an amazing person, and friend. I realized today, that you would tell me "to not worry, and that all will be ok" as you have many times. So today my friend, I write to you one last time. You are the most amazing person, I have ever been blessed to know. When I talk about you, and think of you...........the one thing that has always come to mind. No matter what you have been through in your life, you always remained that sincere, kind, beautiful, caring, young girl I met at EARJ in high school so many years ago. You are my inspiration to live my life better, and to not allow circumstances or events change whom I am. Through you, I have learned to become a better person and to live life to the fullest. I know that you would want me to continue on and to move forward with only wonderful memories of our friendship. I will keep you in my heart forever, and all that your friendship has meant to me. Thank you for always being there for me, and I will honor your memory in all I do. My heart will always be with you and my prayers for your mom and dad as they go through this difficult time. I will miss you always, and each time I see a pug or a beautiful site.......it will be you my dear friend that will think of. Rest in peace beautiful girl, and may the heavens be so lucky to have gained a beautiful angel xox
Posted by Silvia Ritchie on 26th March 2014
Dearest Danielle, I have not been as saddened and heartbroken since the death of our beloved Bill, my husband. I cannot stop my tears on your loss, I am going to miss you forever. You are so special to me, your kindness went beyond, your caring and love was unmatched. Your beauty is from the inside, the kindest person to know and treasure. I have known you since you are this cutest little girl, I have watched you grow into a teenager, into a beautiful, and loving woman with the greatest smile. You loved and accepted everyone the way they were, you loved your pugs but above all, you so loved your parents Cathrine and Ernest and they love you back unconditionally. You three are so close, so loving and happy together, more than a family can wish for. I treasure the memories I have with all of us together, from Rio to Manhasset. Social media is a great tool to connect when one starts to live far away. We kept in close contact and I thank you for all the comfort, kindness and love you gave me. Know that my prayers are with your parents for healing, peace and comfort. Your loss on earth is overwhelming, but your loving, sweet and kind soul is at peace, may we find comfort in this. I will always love and treasure you, Silvia
Posted by Emmanuel Codron on 26th March 2014
Danielle, ton sourire , ta gentillesse et ta douceur resteront à jamais gravés dans ma mémoire. Repose en paix. Monsieur et Madame Gyger, l'Amour de Danielle à votre égard était sans limite. Je vous présente toutes mes condoléances.
Posted by Mara Sourlas on 26th March 2014
Danielle, we haven't been in touch since Glion, but I do still remember your kindness, your warmth and your smile. These sad news touched me deeply and I am looking for words to express my shock and my sadness. You left too soon, may your soul find rest and peace. With all my thoughts and love to you and your parents, Mara
Posted by Andrew Carter on 26th March 2014
For Dani: Where did you go? I really cannot say It feels like I have not seen you In forever and a day Maybe you are in Chicago Or in some far off land Working all those hours Not knowing when to sleep, sit or stand That would make me crazy That would make me nuts Having to think of all of this And all of those ifs, ands and buts It's a living I guess A way to pay those bills But when I think of the time as it passes It gives me a fit of the chills We have all of this passion All of these wants needs and desires But by the time we pay those bills Our time too soon expires The other night I looked in the sky Hoping to wish upon a star I couldn't see past the glare City lights place them much too far Then I thought of someone Who reminds me of the starry night Someone who breaks the hold of the dark On a long lonely night I searched in my memory For a face I used to know Someone who shines like that But is always on the go, go, go Then I found you Your twinkle and smile You were much closer to be found Than a far far off mile You were right here in this spot A spot where I think you will stay Right here in my heart Forever and a day Miss you.
Posted by Claudia Pinheiro on 26th March 2014
Danielle, my best friend and confident in High School, you were always there for me.. I am so glad I heard your voice a few months ago.. You will be in my best memories for ever,.I love you sweetie, R.IP..
Posted by Geraldine Mur Asselin on 26th March 2014
Très affectée par le décès de Danielle, je tenais à vous présenter mes sincères condoléances. Que les prières et les pensées puissent vous aider à supporter l'absence de votre fille. Dannielle, tu resteras toujours dans mon coeur et dans mes pensées. Je n'oublierai jamais nos fous rires à Glion et les bons moments passés ensemble. Repose en paix
Posted by Tatjana Drief on 26th March 2014
Danielle, since Glion we haven't been in touch. But I still remember your beautiful smile and positive attitude. The world has lost a lovely person. To all your family that you leave behind, I wish you strength and faith in these difficult times. The memories of Danielle will always stay in your hearts and minds. Don't let them go, hold on tight to them. However this loss is difficult, we all have to be grateful that she was there, enriching many lifes through her unique presence.
Posted by Christoph Knichel on 25th March 2014
My dear Danielle, RIP! while we mostly lost direct contact in our international hotelliers world, we still all stayed connected and somewhat close via social media. learning the sudden and very sad news of your passing, such a kind and gentle person, makes me very sad and feeling a great loss. i wish i could do something about it. mrs and mr gyger, i wish you all the strength and faith to make it through these difficult times, cherish the time we had together. love christoph
Posted by Galia Fernandez on 25th March 2014
Danielle, you will never be forgotten, I clearly remember you, like it was yesturday, beautifull...wanted to be like you..so many stories lived, most of them as foolish as youth can get..a piece of my heart stays with you...RIP
Posted by Frederic Van Orshoven on 25th March 2014
Chère Danielle, Je garderais en souvenir ton sourire et ta gentillesse, tu es partie trop tôt. Madame et Monsieur Gyger, je vous présente toutes mes condoléances, courage à vous.
Posted by James Hunter on 25th March 2014
we were classmates for around 5 years in Rio´s american school. great person with a kind nature. go in peace, so long my friend...
Posted by Virginia Fischer on 25th March 2014
I met Danielle over 11 years ago when I first moved to New York and we continued our friendship ever since. We shared many laughs together over the years, and although we didn't see each other as often as we might have liked, when we got together it was as if no time had passed at all. She was just sweet and kind and fun to be around, with a heart of gold. I also remember how much Danielle loved her parents and what a close relationship they shared. I do believe that beautiful Danielle is smiling down on all of us from heaven. My most heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to her parents. I am still in shock over this devastating news.
Posted by Lee Ann Sendra-Blackman on 25th March 2014
Danie: Words will never describe how your smile brought more smiles to the room! We shared some very happy memories in Rio growing up and more from these past few years here in NY. I will miss you and those wonderful pictures "of all thing pug". There will always be a special place in my heart for you which is where I will go when I need a warm smile - I pray that you may now lie in peace, and comfort your parents during this time of desperate sorrow. We will never be the same. beijos forever - L
Posted by Shawn Pisani on 25th March 2014
Dear Danielle, Your smile never changed, you remain a kind, caring and gentle person with a generous heart. Rest In Peace
Posted by Lise-Lott Manhold on 25th March 2014
Keep on smiling up there and you will always be in my mind
Posted by Guido Madeo on 25th March 2014
We spent a lot of time with Danielle and her fantastic family, Ernest and Catherine, above all during the years they spent in Rio de Janeiro in the '80s. We loved all of them, their life style and the way they lived a carioca life-style. My father was a real friend of Ernest (Ernesto for the friend) and all my family spent wonderfull days with Danielle's family. I was in touch with Danielle on facebook..and the news who appeared was incredible, as she was a smiling and loving person. Me and Renata are strictly linked to Ernest and Catherine. We love you
Posted by Laureen Sicart-d'Andrea on 25th March 2014
Dear sweet angel, I miss you already. I spent all night remembering the bond we had in Switzerland as the only Americans (New Yorkers), when we first met and the joy in renewing years ago and the laughs ever since. I do wish we had just picked up and gone to Bora Bora to get away together. You just always take time for granted. You have filled everyone's life with such joy, and your kindness just made the world a better place in which to live. I know you often referred to your parents as your best friends and you were happiest in their company. You loved "date night" with your father and getting away with them allowed you to breath and feel safe. I hope your parents know that in your memory each and every one of your friends will be there for them as needed, to support them, and remind them of the joy they brought you and the joy you brought us all. Rest in peace dear friend and shine as bright in heaven as you did here on earth. Forever loyal to you Dani, just as you always were to your friends.
Posted by Mark Saunders on 25th March 2014
Danielle, the world is just not the same without you. I only spoke to you last week and I am now struggling to accept that you are no longer with us. Our years at school in Rio were special ones and I will always remember with fondness when you and I regularly attended private German tuition as part of our IB. I am so sad you are gone, Danielle, and my heart goes out to your wonderful parents Ernest and Catherine. We all love you so much. You will be greatly missed. I may not be there in person on Friday, but I will be in spirit.
Posted by Peta-Gay Geros on 25th March 2014
Dear sweet sweet Danielle Rest in peace. I know you're taking care of some lucky pugs! Mrs and Mr Gyger - Wishing you faith, love and strength. My sincere condolences. Love Peta-Gay
Posted by Johan Jüllig on 25th March 2014
Good morning Danie, i hope you sleep well and have nice dreams. I sit in my car on my way to work, as so many mornings lately with you online with me. Will just buy my coffee at Seven Eleven and have our last breakfast together....<3 You spoke highly of your parents and how much you love them! I pay my respect to them for their huge loss. Your daughter held her head high these last days, even though she was not well. We laughed a lot and she got to think a bit in rose. When i arrived at work and had parked the car, three waterdrops came down the wind screen...tears.. magic... A sign from Danie
Posted by Bari Rozzo on 24th March 2014
Danielle, I know how much you loved your parents and could not imagine life without them. You spoke of them every time I heard from you, and you were a great source of support to me when I lost my dad a year and a half ago. I am so glad we reconnected after so many years from high school days. Thanks to Facebook! I loved our conversations about our furry kids (dogs) and my heart ached when you shared about losing your pug babies a few year ago and how much you missed them. I imagine that you are with your little loves now, and I will do my best as your friend to bring love and support to your parents in your absence. I will miss you asking me to send you pictures of my fur babies to send to your mom. I will miss your loving spirit. May God bless you and your parents, sweet Danielle. xxoo

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