A man for and with others

Shared by Helen Lee nee Ho on March 23, 2021

Mak Wah Hung was a highly motivated student in my Form 3B class the first year I taught in Wah Yan HK. After he graduated from the alma mater, our paths did not cross until thirty-odd years later when I visited Vancouver. He was among the alumni that treated me to lunch.

Since that encounter, I have met him at several Wah Yan International Conferences, in Vancouver, New York, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. On those occasions, I was impressed not only by his constant support of the IC and his volunteering spirit, but also his candidness in answering my questions on sensitive issues.

I am also grateful that Mak Wah Hung was most generous in sponsoring my annual 5K fundraising walkathon for the Catholic evangelization ministry, Fountain of Love and Life, year after year. I didn’t even know he was a non-Catholic then.

When he was planning the Tin Shui Wai tutoring project, he wrote to ask me to spread the news among alumni I knew. I was glad to be of help. A couple of Wahyanites I contacted did answer the call. If I am not mistaken, at least one of them is still with the program.

When the news of his illness reached me, I was much saddened. In my email to express my concern, I also included the following sentiments:

“Very glad and yet surprised that you were baptised just recently.  All along, I thought you were a baptised Catholic.  Your good works, especially in the Tin Shui Wai project, display Christian values of charity.  You have lived up to the Jesuit ideal of being 'a man for others and with others'.” 

After having been invited to join the Add Oil chat group, I followed the progress of his treatment. His brave battle with cancer and his very positive spirit edified me.

Towards the end of October, he emailed me to say “I just watched a video filmed by the Foundation of Life and Love in Toronto about a tour to Jerusalem led by Stan Lee years ago.  I joined the same tour 2 years back and was so moved that I came back to become a Catholic in June this year. I believe I saw you in the video, if I am not mistaken. “

I was taken aback that he could spot me among so many pilgrims. What amazed me even more was that a trip to Jerusalem brought him to the fold of the Good Shepherd.

Now, I believe he is entering the Heavenly Jerusalem where he will hear the Lord say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Come and share your master’s joy.”

Shared by Thomas Chung on March 16, 2021
Godfather Daniel was always a man that loves his family very much. I remember the times that our family had together was always full of laughter and jokes from Godfather Daniel and Godmother Monica were out of this world! Godfather Daniel inspires both my dad and me to be better men for our wives, you will be forever missed.


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