"Some things you win, some things you lose; but the optimist has the most wins."
-Dr. Jaime Jose Roque Hilao (May 10, 2014)
  • 73 years old
  • Born on March 4, 1941 in Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines.
  • Passed away on May 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Jaime "Jimmy" Hilao, MD, 73, of Chicago, Illinois, passed away on Friday, May 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Jimmy was born on March 4, 1941 in the Philippines to Alejandro and Catalina (Roque) Hilao.  He graduated from the University of the Philippines Medical School in 1964 and was an active member of the Phi Kappa Mu fraternity.  He enjoyed reading, doing crossword puzzles, and spending time with family and friends.

Jimmy is survived by his daughter Jamie (Henry) Hilao, daughter Lynn (Paul) Tubalinal, son James Hilao, granddaughter Mikayla Tubalinal, godson and nephew Gabby Gabriel, and sisters Trining Parado, Luz Hilao, Alice Tan, Hilda Hilao, and Vicky Nungester.  Jimmy was a loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend to all.

Visitation will be from 3:00 until 9:00 PM at Cumberland Chapels Funeral Home, 8300 W. Lawrence Avenue, Norridge, Illinois, on Thursday, May 22.  A celebration of life service will be held at the funeral home at 11:00 AM on Friday.  Jimmy will be laid to rest at Irving Park Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. 

Tribute donations to the Lung Cancer Foundation or the Cancer Research Institute may be made in Jimmy's memory. 

To view the slideshow presented at Jimmy's wake, please click here

Posted by Emily Rollins on 4th March 2017
We miss you so much, Uncle Nonoy. Rest in peace knowing that your children and grandchildren are amazing people! Love, Emily
Posted by Emily Rollins on 16th May 2016
To my dear cousins- It's hard to believe it's been two years since Uncle Nonoy's passing. We all miss him and pray that your hearts will continue to heal. Love you, Em
Posted by Divina Noble on 16th May 2016
Dear Jamie and Family, In behalf of my family and your friend Genevieve Noble Kim and her family, we would like to remember your father with prayers and the hope that today in honor of your Dad's second year Death Anniversary, he may be resting in peace and harmony with the Lord ! Take care Jamie. Love, Tita Divina Lasala- Noble
Posted by Monette Monette on 5th June 2014
We all mourn your passing Ninong. I personally am grateful for the privilege of knowing you and wish to remember how you touched people's lives, especially Ralph, my son. I offer prayers of comfort and healing to your family and children who love you very much. Rest in Peace Ninong!!!
Posted by Deb Taormino on 26th May 2014
Rest in Peace "Boss". This is the term of endearment to I have used for years. He made going to work every day an adventure. He was great with the patients and was wonderful to work for. Every day he challenged us in history questions. I moved away in 1990 but we still wrote to each other often. He will be truly missed.
Posted by Jamie Hilao on 25th May 2014
My father was my hero. As a young girl, I idolized my dad; he was a dark, complex, and mysterious intellectual, which others may have viewed as intimidating but which fascinated me. To me, my dad could do anything, and I made it my job to please my father and make him proud. He’d get frustrated when I couldn’t solve a math problem, so I’d study longer to prove to him I understood the assignment. He’d speak of his favorite authors, so I’d choose to read their novels for my book reports. He’d be disappointed when I couldn’t answer his vocabulary questions, so I took his advice and learned one new word every day. I remember feeling devastated when my dad told me his favorite instrument was the violin, because I played the piano and flute. Everyone knew my dad was a brilliant scholar, and I wanted so badly to live up to his expectations. As I became older and learned more about my father, my love for him deepened. My dad grew up with little means, and I have always been intrigued by his journey of becoming an accomplished physician in the United States. When I went to Manila for the first time as an adult in 2001, I visited the poverty-stricken area where my dad once lived, toured the campus of his alma mater, and truly experienced our family culture in the Motherland. It was then that I developed an immense appreciation for all that my father had done for our family. As a child, I coveted the nice toys and video games that my peers had, while I read books and played 'library' with my brother and sister. When we’d visit other Filipino doctors, they’d have big houses and fancy cars, while my dad remained a simple man. Even after his successes in the States, my dad’s core values remained steadfast, and he wanted his children to understand the importance of education, the value of a dollar, and the pursuit of excellence in everything one does. My dad was a man of few words, but the words he chose were wise and thoughtful. It took me some time to really get to know him, as he rarely spoke of his past throughout my childhood. Over the last few years, our relationship matured. My dad and I bonded often over drinks, and he’d relay anecdotes of his adventures throughout his life. I‘d listen in awe and admiration as the mystery of my dad’s past unfolded. Let me share a few of his stories: - Dad reminisced about his fraternity brothers from the University of the Philippines class of 1964, the impact they had on each other’s lives throughout college, how they remained in touch over the years & the numerous alumni initiatives to which he contributed, even until the end; - Dad spoke fondly of his time in Laos throughout the 60s, shortly after he graduated from medical school, where he participated in Operation Brotherhood, providing medical services to Laotian refugees; - Dad adopted an underprivileged family in the Tondo, the same area in Manila where he once lived, and he made sure to visit them as often as he could. It was through these stories that I realized: my father not only devoted his life to helping his patients, he dedicated his life to helping people: - He was the rock of our family, providing immediate and extended relatives with financial and emotional support; - He continued to treat sick people in the Philippines, even after he retired as a physician who practiced for over 40 years; - He was very generous to those less fortunate, a trait his college classmates emphasized via the multitude of email messages I received after my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. It will take me some time to fully understand and accept that our dad suffered so much and eventually lost his 3-½ month battle against cancer. One of my dad’s favorite authors, William Faulkner, said, 'Between grief and nothing, I will take grief.' So, I will grieve… But I am grateful for the courage and strength he had during his final months. I will take solace in the fact that, six days before my father passed while he was attached to what seemed to be an endless amount of tubes, I asked him how he was and he replied: 'To tell you the truth, I’m on top of the world!' I will cherish the parting gift he left my siblings and me by verbalizing his love for us for the first time, and by telling us, in his own way, how proud he was of us. Dad: You were the strongest, smartest person I know, and your tenacity to face even the most difficult challenges inspired many. Thank you for being the most incredible father I could have ever wanted. I miss you so much, but I know that you are now watching over us, continuing to guide and protect us from heaven. I imagine you relaxing on a beach - drinking San Miguel or Old Style, feasting on crabs, tackling tough crossword puzzles or watching a Colombo marathon. Someday, we shall meet again, and we will dance together like we once did long ago when I was a little girl to 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart.' I will continue to strive for excellence in all I do, in your honor. You will always be my hero. I love you, Dad.
Posted by Ralph Parado on 25th May 2014
Tribute to Ninong I am very thankful to Ninong who was instrumental in my survival due to his insistence of me to stay in Manila. He concluded that I had exhibited the symptoms of a brain tumor patient after Mama Trining relayed her obse, he came back to Balut wiyrvations to him. If I had gone to Davao, I would have died. The Lord used him to fulfill His purposes for me. He also bought medicines for me from the US, specifically the Minirin, Desmopressin Acetate. I am very thankful for that! I enjoyed talking with him, sharing my different stories. I will truly miss him because he was a dear friend… Ralph
Posted by Froi Parado on 25th May 2014
I am the first nephew of Ninong and he is my only uncle who was a doctor. As a child, I remember him as a diligent student of medicine at UP PGH. I would often peer at his “baul” with all his medical paraphernalia including a human skull. After his assignment in Laos as a doctor for operation brotherhood, he went back to Balut and told me stories about the war in Vietnam and how he was used in the medical relief for refugees. He was also a lover of books especially on the US Civil War and other history books. He was articulate and passionate about his beliefs. During my papa’s sickness, he took the lead in getting him to the neurosurgeon. I remember him scolding the nurse at the hospital. He took the lead and explained to the family my papa’s ailment. We would seek his medical advice and referral from his medical doctor friends. When Ralph got sick, his diagnosis proved right and he was instrumental in my son’s medical treatment. I am forever grateful for his role as a mentor, as a family doctor and as a friend. Before he went Back to California for his chemo treatments, I saw him so helpless and very sick. I realize how fragile life is. He was a doctor and yet he needs a good doctor. I sincerely believe that God is the best doctor, and we can only depend on Him for his grace and mercy. We live our lives on a limited time on earth. Ninong lived his life in the service of his calling. He was a good man. His retirement from medical practice in the states did not deter him from providing free medical consultation to his kababayans in Bulan, Sorsogon. His deteriorating eyesight did not prevent him from reading his favorite books with his microscopic eyeglasses. I will remember him for his frankness, and his availability to help those in need. I thank God for allowing me to talk to him by long distance before he joined the Lord. My prayer is that he is in God’s loving embrace. That his comfort will be with the family – Jamie Lou, Jay, Lynn, my mom, aunts and cousins. In Christ, there are no more tears nor sorrow… but comfort and peace that transcends understanding. God bless us all. Froi
Posted by Jennifer Sulkin on 22nd May 2014
Dear Jamie, Lynn, Jay and the entire family, I am SO very sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad and loved one. No words can take the pain away or offer the comfort that I wish I could give all of you. Dr. Hilao, I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet you at Art In The Afternoon ;) I know how much you mean to Jamie, Lynn, Jay and your family. May you rest in peace and may a part of you always be in the hearts of your children and family..I know you are missed dearly..may you always be the angel at their sides...big hugs and much love to all of you!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO
Posted by Emily Rollins on 21st May 2014
I will always remember Uncle Nonoy as a wise and complex man. Someone who loved learning, serving his patients, and pursuing excellence in everything he devoted his time. He was a rock to his family (both immediate and extended), completely loyal and could always be relied upon to protect and guide. We love you, Uncle. Emily and family
Posted by Zacarias Asuncion on 20th May 2014
aloha to our dear friend's Jimmie family Our deepest symphathies to all in your hour of bereavement with Jiimmy's passing. He was a dear friend, a wise and above all, a kind physician who continued to minister to our countrymen in Bicol. Indeed it was a privilege to have known him. Sweet alohas to the family and Aloha ahui hou my colleague and friend Jimmy.
Posted by Leticia Quetulio Del Pila... on 20th May 2014
Dear Jamie and family, I will surely miss Jimmy, your Dad, his wit, sense of humor and kindness. He and I e-mail each other directly and exchanged stories.I know that he is a Civil War enthusiast. When we lived in Virginia while I was in Anesthesia Practice, I invited him to come visit us because we lived near the Manassas Battlefield Park. He is the only one of my male classmates that calls me" Miss Quetulio" 50 years after graduation from Medical School. Your father is a genius . From our exchanges of e-mails ,I learned a lot from him. My husband Jimmy is his Fraternity Brod and is very close to him and was really very sad by his passing. Jimmy, May you rest in peace.
Posted by Francis Parado on 19th May 2014
Ninong, Tatay Lex taught us all to call you by that name as it is the one he knew you by. In doing so, we were all able to embody the same overseeing love and care he had come to know. We were reminded of these wonderful characteristics from the very first time we called you by name, every time we did so afterwards, and especially at the last. You and your legacy should know that we will continue to attribute the same defining love of yours whenever we hear, speak, and think of you. You will be greatly missed, Ninong. All of our love, The Parados
Posted by Melissa Emery on 19th May 2014
Dear Jamie and family, My deepest sympathies for your loss. I know that he was an amazing father. I feel fortunate that I had the pleasure of meeting him - if just briefly - last year at the AWBW event. I am sending prayers and keeping you in my thoughts during this very difficult time.
Posted by Danilo Aberin on 18th May 2014
Mahal na Jamie at pamilya, Kami ay taos-pusong nakikiramay sa pagpanaw ni Jimmy !! Nasa pugad na Siya ng ating maykapal at ipinagdarasal namin ang kanyang katahimikan duon sa kanyang himlayan! Ipinagdadasal namin ang kanyang walang hanggang ala-ala !! Sumasainyo, Bente at Danilo R. Aberin
Posted by Divina Noble on 18th May 2014
Dearest Jamie and Family, In behalf of the Lasala and Kim Family, we would like to extend to you and your family our deepest sympathy. We know you've lost a very dear Dad. I have known your Dad from way back at St. Elizabeth Hospital, he was a quiet man, but quite a respectable member of the staff. I will offer him prayers for the repose of his soul. In behalf of my brother Dr. Noel E. Lasala who also knew him at St. Elizabeth Hospital, his family and friend, Dr. Marilim, who worked with your Dad, they are extending their deepest sympathy. Take care and love you so very much, Jamie. Love always, Tita Divina
Posted by Tax Romero on 17th May 2014
I have lost not only a classmate but also a dear friend. Some of you think he was a very serious intellectual, and indeed, for the most part, he was. More than anything else however, he was a man of honesty and integrity, with a deep sense of love for humanity. He was always ready to help out - help classmates in need, buy a soldier a titanium leg to replace his wooden one, get footwear for my leprosy patients, help the elderly so they will not be a burden to their family. I have many more: testaments to his generous and kind heart! It is with deep sadness I bid Jim goodbye, but I am comforted by the thought that he is where all good people go after their journey and work on earth is done, And I have, in faith, the assurance that we will meet again together with all other classmates who have gone ahead of us.
Posted by Fred Fred on 17th May 2014
To the Hilao Clan: Please accept my deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences. I may have only met your irreplaceable Patriarch, my Fraternity Elder Brother, briefly here in Manila in one of our Fraternal gatherings, but it was an inspiring, intellectually-charged interaction althroughout! It was indeed an honor and a privilege to have shaken his generous gentle hand! Thank You senior Brod! Your corporal vessel may have left us , but your memory, your legacy , your PHI SPIRIT, is among us! GODSPEED AND FAREWELL ! Freddie Calado PHI KAPPA MU '84A UPCM '87
Posted by Edwin Malixi on 17th May 2014
Dear Jamie and family, My condolences to you and your family. Jaime is my brod in the PHI KAPPA MU. I have not met him but rest assured he will be remembered as one of our esteemed brods. I wlll pray for the peaceful repose of his soul. I was admitted to the PHI KAPPA MU in 1968 and graduated from the UP College of Medicine in 1973. Edwin Camacho Malixi
Posted by Aissa Tan on 17th May 2014
You have been an inspiration and one pillar of strength for everyone. I can't thank you enough for all the support and help you have done for my family. Be with Jesus now uncle jimmy and please don't stop looking after for us in heaven. I will miss you and we will not stop loving you.

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