his Life


Danny was born on the 4th of July 1986, He was the most out going of all my children, Never a shy moment in all of his life he loved everyone and every one loved him from the young to old, Danny never had a bad word to say about any one.He loved life. It dident matter to him if it was raining snowing or sunny he got up every day and always found something to do no matter the weather.Always had a smile for every one, And he told me he loved me everyday and I did the same. When ever he was going out I would give him a kiss and a hug, I had to stand on my tipi toes cause I couldent reach his neck to hug him unless I did , He thought that was funny. He love his brother and sister more that any thing in the world and they love him so much. They were older so they always looked out for him always asking where he was and whats he doing today.Danny was our center we miss him so much, Our lives go on but if you look deep into our eyes thers a  sparkel that is gone That is Danny. Danny was 16 years 10 months and 7 days old when he died on mothers day MAY 11 2003. our lives will never be the same.