Summer 2006

The first summer darin and I spent together was in 2006.

I had just graduated college and Darin and I thought it would be a great after grad adventure for him to show me his home state of Alaska.

We spent a little over three months there and it was such a special time. I got to see all the sights.  Darin even had the patience to teach me to fly fish. One of his favorite stories to tell is the time we fished upstream from two grizzly cubs and I got my line snagged just as the grizzly cubs started to head our way.  He loved telling that story.  

During our time thereDarin commercial fished on Matt Evans fish site in cook inlet. I got to live on the beach with him for a few weeks.  It was one of the most awesome experiences.  

While we were staying at the fish site we blasted all kinds of awesome tunes, but one of the most played artists was David Gray.

Darin and I had a passion for listening to music and shared very similar music tastes. I haven’t been able to listen to music again until this weekend because I knew it would bring back such wonderful memories. Love you D may you be fishing away listening to great tunes...


When I met Darin he had a passion for Nascar.  I had never knew anyone who was into Nascar, it wasn't a big deal in California.  I thought it was quite silly to sit and watch cars drive around in circles.

Well after watching a few races with him I could see where the excitement came from.  Just like any sport you develop personal favorites and root for them.  Darin's was Jeff Gordon #24.  He LOVED him.  So I found it fun to root for Carl Edwards he was cute and then I could make Darin peeved that I was rooting for someone besides the beloved Jeff Gordon :P

Well the summer before Darin and I got married on 07-07-07 Darin took me to my first Nascar Race the Pepsi 400 at Daytona Motor Speedway.  We had a blast and Carl Edwards did better than Jeff Gordon so that was tons of fun for me! ;)

That is one thing I loved about our relationship is we got to introduce each other to new experiences and passions.  It was always an adventure and so much fun.