Hockey Life

Shared by Mike Gainer on 2nd November 2018

There are so many memories that we shared together over the years some not for here yet many others.  I decided to go back to one of my earliest memories.   It was the year that you, me and Landon and Pete was the coach.  You and I played on the same line.  The week before the state titles you stayed over at my house.  We set up a face off play while playing knee hockey downstairs at my house.  I would pull the face off back to you on the circle and then I would skate towards the net to screen the goalie and you would shot between my legs.  The next week we pulled it off perfectly.  I remember jumping up and down trying to hug you we were both ecstatic and thought we were the best hockey masterminds around well at least for 9 and 10 year olds.  It was a great start to a great friendship.  Love you brother :)  

Letter to my friend

Shared by Philip Hellyer on 15th October 2018

(apologies everyone, my period does not work on my old computer, so a : will be in place of that)  Hahaha!!


What can I say, there are so many stories for us I wouldn't even know where to begin:  From a lot of very fun and rowdy trips at Walt Disney World, you saving children from me "shadow boxing" backwards for instance, the rest of the stories we will keep to us :) :  To working on many projects at my home with me, to include a lot of fishing, well me fishing and you catching:  To us working with each other on a daily basis:  Then to you helping me begin on the journey I am on now with cancer:

Some of my best memories with you were when you would come to help me work on my house:  We would talk about growing up and the things we both had in common:  That is when we got to know each other and we realized we were definitely supposed to know each other:  You were the brother I always wanted and needed:  We talked about how lucky we were to have these very loving and caring people in our lives:  Me being early as usual and you being a little slower to find Nicole, no doubt lost your keys on the way to find us hahaha :) : 

Three words to describe you is Selfless, Humble, and Loyal!  You would give a person the shirt off of your back if they needed it:  You were always there for me, all I had to do was pick up the phone and the next I knew you were knocking on my door:  You were ALWAYS there!! Even while struggling yourself:  For that I thank you Darin!!  You and I had promised a trip together one day:  That day will come and you will be there by my side brother:  Fish On!!!


Phil "Big Poppy" Hellyer

Destination Hot Springs

Shared by Thomas Gray on 15th October 2018

Every once in a while there is a place that you visit that becomes your go-to destination. For Nicole it always seemed like Solvang and Vegas for Darin (or hell, probably Hawaii, Alaska, or anywhere with a golf course or fishing pole). 

A place where you can camp, fish (theoretically), and soak in the hot springs checked off all of our boxes. We have to give props where props are due and send a HUGE thank you to Claudia and Nicole for finding this lovely site! 

Darin, Nicole, Claudia, and myself went on a little trip down south to visit this local gem. The plan was to go to the place, pick out the best camp sites, pitch our two tents, head to a concert, come back, soak in the hot springs, and head back home the next day. 

When we arrived at Destination Hot Springs, we hit a small, microscopic snag. For starters, the damn camp sites were labeled, so we really didn't have the slightest clue where we could pitch our tents. The hot springs themselves were bustling with life; it seems like it is the place of dreams! 4.5 stars out of 105 reviews!  

We found the young man running the show, or at least for the few hours of his shift, and inquired where we might set up our tents. He escorted us to one of their premier spots which was a mattresses through away from the pond. The pond, mind you, also had an island...there was a boat as well, if I'm not mistaken; although, I suspect we would not have been able to use it. 

Unfortunately it just did not work out. 

Now, I don't know if it was the fact that the fishing did not look that good (probably not the right season there), or if the mattress itself looked too uncomfortable, or if there was concern of partying at the hot springs all night (ie: no sleep for us) which was near the campsite, or perhaps because we thought we were in a horror movie from the 70's. Either way, I think we all are curious what that little boy and his kittens are up to.

Maybe another trip? 

I am pretty sure we could sell this story to AMC or NetFlix and all become rich, buy the hot springs, and turn it into Forthland Camping. What do you say Nicole? 

This is my long winded way of saying we had some pretty off-the-wall adventures with Darin over the years from playing with hot spring kittens, to swerving around cows on Highway 1 at night, to arguing over poker rules at ungodly hours, to betting Claudia $50 she won't jump in the Ocean to jumping in the Ocean right afterwards because you don't want to have to pay her the $50 while Nicole and I (Thomas) just sit back and laugh, to playing many many rounds of golf, pool and darts, and so many other fun times. 

While not Darin's choice of music, I always find this one comforting in a time of loss. Darin, we miss you and will always remember the amazing times we had together. 

-Claudia & Thomas

Meeting Mario Lemieux...

Shared by Nate Hansen on 14th October 2018

Darin and I were hired to work at Spyglass Hill golf course at the same time in 2010 and when we met he was immediately a brother from another mother.  He was the type of friend that I could go months without speaking to and then have a conversation like we talked yesterday.  We spent many mornings and evenings in that forest together and he will always be in my thoughts whenever I think of that place.  There is more behind the picture with Mario Lemieux and it's a story that should be told.  We were both working the night before Mario was scheduled to play and we were both scheduled to work the next morning when he was teeing off.  As a couple of ex-hockey players to say we were excited was an understatement.  I arrived at work early that morning with a plan in mind to make sure I got a picture with Mario the Great.  As I was pulling into the parking lot surprisingly a Ford Explorer came around the corner at the same time.  Darin jumped out and we didn't need to say anything.  Neither of us had discussed any plans the night before but we both knew we had the same idea.  He opened up the cart barn and I found cart #66 and drove it out to where he had gotten some towels ready to go.  We were both smiling at our combined genius and shined up that cart better than we had any other cart in the entire time we worked there!!  We parked cart #66 off to the side and guarded it all morning so nobody grabbed it for some other regular joe golfers.  At Spyglass there is a line of 10-20 carts to load golf bags onto when players tee off and when it's your tee time they grab the next two carts in line to load your bags onto.  So when it was time to load Mario's golf bag onto the next cart in line the idea was that him and I would drive up the perfectly clean #66 to the front of the cart line, which would obviously impress him, and he would want to take that cart instead.  Because we were supposed to stay down by the cart barn and away from the first tee and players this was really our only chance at a meet and greet pic.  It wasn't possible to just walk up there to say hi.  When the time came we executed perfectly and pulled cart #66 right up to the great #66.  He noticed the number immediately and turned to us and said: "Thanks boys!  You want a picture?"  I am glad to have a partner in crime that made that happen buddy!!  I will never forget that memory.

Darin and I golfed (very poorly) at some of the most beautiful courses in the world together and I feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to know him in this life.  Thank you Darin for being you and you will missed!!  Wishing you all the best

Nate Hansen

Shared by Noelle Martin on 13th October 2018

Darin's favorite stories about me were always about me falling down.   Now it is a very common thing for me to fall down.. but his favorite  favorite  was a time at Walt Disney world.. at the boardwalk after a very fun night at Jellyrolls (an awesome piano bar) we  (Nicole, Darin and I) decided to run through the sprinklers that were going off and I was in flip flops, and rolled down the hill after slipping out of my shoes and he always  loved to tell that story to everyone. So I'll tell it for him. Love ya Daryl!

Shared by Petra Betterton on 13th October 2018

I many fond memories of Darin from the few times we had the opportunity to visit. From the moment we met, he was always kind and always willing to make us feel welcome. 

One of our visits was to Disney. Keith and I were staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Nicole and Darin would come visit us at the end of the night. I remember us hanging out in the room and Nicole had the genius idea of ordering dessert. Darin and Keith sat on the other side of the room laughing at us pigging out. Then we proceeded to spend the rest of the evening in the hot tub. Talking and having the best time. 

Another time, I was visiting CA and wanted to see Darin and Nicole. I contacted Darin as I wanted it to be a surprise visit for Nicole. He and I were in contact for weeks building up to it. He wanted to make it special for Nicole and in turn he made it special for me. To have a friend that cared about one of my best friends so much was a blessing. 

Darin, you will be missed. I know you will be with me at hockey games and maybe I can find it in my heart to root for the red wings, every once in a while.

The Time Darin Ended up in a Disney Ad.

Shared by Nicole Martin on 13th October 2018

Darin loved to run.  Well as long as his body would let him.  While we lived in Orlando he actually ran several of the Disney Marathons.

In 2008 he ran what Disney called, "The Tower of Terror 13K."  A 13k race at night through Hollywood Studios.

That next year we got a flier in the mail to advertise the upcoming races and BAM there was Darin in the Ad!  We had no clue that was going to happen.  It was such a fun surprise and a great memory.


Shared by Linda D Hellyer on 13th October 2018

When I had pneumonia, Darin and Nicole were visiting, I can't remember which project he was helping us with....the roof, the floor or the shed......whatever, he and Phil did many projects together, Darin was amazing in construction.  He was always willing to help, Darin had a big heart.  This time I was sick, very sick.  The family made a bed in the living room and everyone would lay in the living room with me and we played Buzz a quiz game on play station.  We laughed until we were silly.  Darin and I being insomniacs often watched the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the middle of the night together then.  Kindness and laughter is the best medicine.  

To wonderful memories.......


Shared by Linda D Hellyer on 13th October 2018

I know most of you don't know, Darin could yodel.  It started out as me learning to yodel in the car.  I had a cd that taught you how to yodel.   I would put the CD on and try to coerce the family into yodeling.......there is one night the family yodeled with me......we all yodeled. 

Darin I'm telling the embarrassing stories, you knew I would. 

I'm here to say Darin could yodel.

Miss you Darin

We love you and I'm listening for the yodeling, I will know it is you.


Shared by Linda D Hellyer on 13th October 2018

Darin's father in law was just a couple of years younger than he, but he still called him Poppy.  Poppy and Darin talked, cooked and laughed together.  When Phil was diagnosed with cancer, Darin was there.  He made sure that we were moved into our apartment.....even though Phil was very ill, he made us laugh.  Phil was too ill to close down his shop and I was having to do it alone and care for Phil.  Darin was having his own struggles and yet he made sure that he helped me sell our van, liquidate our shop and show us more kindness than can be imagined.  Poppy and I will always be grateful to you Darin.  We hope you feel our love.  I know Darin is still with Poppy and always will be.  

Deck Parties

Shared by Nicole Martin on 13th October 2018

Darin loved a good deck party and Dr. Kat sure does know how to throw a good deck party!  I have so many wonderful memories of our friends and family from when we lived in Pacific Grove, CA.

I was so glad to come across this video.  I don't take many videos and Darin was not one for being in front of the camera. This was from a party on July 4, 2016.

This video shows the pure heart and the ability to have a good time.  Everyone always loved laughing and sharing with D.

<3 Forever in our hearts.

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