Let the memory of Darius be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on September 29, 1966 .
  • Passed away on January 26, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Darius Stropus 45 years old , born on September 29, 1966 and passed away on January 26, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Giedre Stropus on 26th January 2019
My dear son, I miss you so. I remember your smile, your chuckle, your great big bear hugs, and your gentle kisses. For a long time, you were our only child. You were my whole world, and I was yours. After five years, your sister was born, but you were still the apple of my eye. One after another, the rest of your siblings was born, and you distanced yourself from me and from the things I had taught you. I know you had to find your own identity, but the new friends that captured your attention did not lead you down the path to happiness, but down the highway to misery. I know that for thirty years or so, you have made your life miserable as you sought relief in alcohol and drugs. I know that you were a very kind and wonderful man, but made some poor choices in your journey. I am certain you have overcome your weakness by now, as you would not have been allowed to come and comfort me as you did. I love you now, and will forever my son. Please be the first one to greet me when my earthly journey is done. I love my whole family, but now, I miss you
Posted by Giedre Stropus on 29th September 2018
Today would have been your 52 nd birthday. Miss you. Dreamt about you yesterday. In my dream, you came home for a minute—just long enough for a big hug and kiss, and then you said you had to leave. Again. Miss you. Waiting for a big reunion when it is time. I miss your sense of humor the most. And your hugs. Your great big bear hugs.
Posted by Glenda Rainone on 6th June 2018
Darius tonight I was surprised by a message from your mom dear Lord how I’ve missed her so! I can’t believe that she actually still loves me for some reason I felt like I lost her in the breakup.. I won’t sleep again tonight as thoughts of what could have been . Maybe I could of helped you somehow??? The tears won’t stop.... I will be calling your mommy tomorrow oh Lord give me the strength not to break down. Let us share stories of love and memories that will fill our broken hearts! Such a wonderful human being you showed me love and shared your family with me when my life was not easy to say the least . I’m blessed to have shared my youth with you and your family and only wish you were here to see the woman I’ve become. I know you know that I will always love you Dado..
Posted by Giedre Stropus on 6th June 2018
Thinking about you today, after I read Glenda’s post. And never stop missing you. We all have big empty holes in our hearts where you used to be. I see someone enjoying everything about life, I think of you. You knew how to squeeze joy out of everything. I don’t understand why you left. You were my first born. I loved everything about you. I can’t say any more today because the tears are flowing too much.
Posted by Glenda Rainone on 2nd June 2018
It’s been 2 Days since I learned of you taking your own life.... why ???? I keep going over all the things that we did together all the things we shared as we were each other’s first love ❤️ When you broke up with me for the pretty blonde girl I was heartbroken but life went on as is does but not without heartache over losing you thenand now the tears won’t stop flooding my eyes such a loving family you have they treated me like a daughter and I’m forever grateful for that... I can only pray that I’m worthy enough to see you and Toni again one day in Heaven.Rest In Peace Dado
Posted by Glenda Rainone on 1st June 2018
My first love Darius Vincent Stropus we shared everything we did everything together we were inseparable I thought we would marry as we had even gotten a ring that I lost at the beach when you smiled the whole world smiled with you I loved you so much I lost Tonimy sister not20 Days after you passed . I just learned of your passing last night my family loved you too Almost 4 years together I’m devastated that you are gone. Why ? Dear God must have needed a Angel! Rest In Peace I will always hold you in my heart as we shared more than anyone could ever imagine. Never forgotten ❤️
Posted by Giedre Stropus on 29th September 2016
You would have been fifty today, my first born son. Almost five years since you tore yourself out of our lives. Yet, sometimes I feel you. Sometimes as I think of you, a thought drifts into my mind that I know is from you. I loved the rainbow you sent me the other day while I was weeping over how I let you down. You told me so many times you would die the day I did. Why didn't you wait for me. It feels like the hole in my heart is growing bigger every day. Your dad has not been feeling well. He has lost weight. I think he will see you face to face before I do. Nothing more to say-- I just miss you. And I am happy that you were my son. We had arguments. We both got mad at each other. I told you I rued the day you were born moments before you took your life. I did not mean it. I rejoiced the day you were born, and every day afterwards. Sometimes life just got in the way. I love you-- now and always and forever.
Posted by Giedre Stropus on 26th January 2015
I miss you more each day. Everywhere I look, I see things that you fixed or repaired or made for me. My heart cannot stop mourning for you my son. I try, but soon the pain stabs me in the heart again. You had so much knowledge, so many talents! How could you have left us with nothing but an empty hole in our hearts. Love you into the eternities.
Posted by Giedre Stropus on 29th September 2014
You would be celebrating your 48th birthday with us today. I miss you. I miss your jokes, your smile, your bear hugs, your frequent texts saying "I love you, mom!" I miss you face, you smile, in fact, I miss everything about you. You were so capable, and so very talented and helpful, it is hard to believe you thought yourself of so little worth. But, I do know that I will see you again, someday. In fact, I expect you to greet me and show me what you have discovered in your after-life, like I introduced you to things that I loved when you were born. I hope my heart is found pure enough to be in your presence. Loved you then, love you now, and will continue to love you throughout all eternity.
Posted by Giedre Stropus on 26th July 2014
You were my whole world when you were born. You brought a bright light with you, and a trail of glory brightened our lives and our home your little spirit was full of love and complete trust. Your first Christmas was joyous. I rocked you in my arms for hours drinking in your beauty. Such innocence, such purity! I miss you.

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