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This website was created in loving memory of and as a tribute to the life of our beloved, Dar.

Although Dar is not with us physically, she remains alive in our hearts.

We miss her each and every minute of each and every day.
Our hearts ache as we try to carry on life without her dry sense of humor, the laughter and irreverance she brought to every situation, her love and devotion to family, and her tireless energy.

If you never had the good fortune to be a part of Dar's life, then you truly missed out on knowing a remarkable person who was one-of-a-kind!

If you did know Dar, well then, you know how lucky you were and you share in our sorrow.

Take a few moments to view the photos in the Gallery, read about Her Life and the Stories that have been posted.

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Posted by Nancy Neilsen-Young on December 25, 2010
Dar, I went to your house last night for Christmas Eve and spent the evening with Mikey, the kids and Barb & Skip.We talked and remembered times with you,which was nice but also sad.Things just aren't the same without you.I miss your humor,your voice, your laughter and your friendship so much. Miss you and Love you!! Nanny
Posted by Barbara Paronto on December 24, 2010
Well, Dar, it's Christmas Eve. We made it through the evening at your place. It wasn't the same without you, but we all did what we could to get each other through it. You would be sooooo proud of Mikey and the kids - how they honor your memory and look out for one another. Many gifts were given in your memory. You are NOT forgotten - not for one minute! Merry Christmas, Honey. Love, "B
Posted by Barbara Paronto on December 20, 2010
Dar, it's been 3 months. I still miss you every minute of every day. We’re going to your house Christmas Eve - even Skip. Nanny will be there too! It certainly won’t be festive, but we’re all doing the best we can to help each other get through the holidays. Just wanted you to know that Nanny and I are keeping our promise and doing our best to look out for Mikey and the kids. I Love You, "B
Posted by Kim Deline on December 20, 2010
Hi mom...Three months without you seems like a lifetime!I miss you everyday.All those trips to Hermit Island with Barb and Skip didn't prepare me for missing you like this!Thank God for B and Nan checking in;I feel you in them whenever we talk,write,visit,hug etc.I'm glad you raised me to be close with them because I feel like they're surrogate moms.NO ONE can EVER take your place though!Love you!
Posted by Nancy Neilsen-Young on December 20, 2010
Hey Dar, It's been three months today since you left us but I feel like it's been forever.I wish I could figure out how to fill up this whole that's been left in me without you but I haven't found a way.I'm keeping in touch with Mikey and the girls and that helps to keep you closer.They're great,but of course you know that,you raised them.I love you Dar and miss you bunches!! Nanny
Posted by Nancy Neilsen-Young on December 18, 2010
Dar,I'm trying to get ready for Christmas,but I miss you terribly!!I miss going shopping with you,out for brunch and just bouncing my gift ideas around with you.Let me tell you,thrift store shopping is not the same without you!I miss my shopping partner!!I'm trying to pull it together but I can feel the emptiness of your absence in my life every day.I love you,I miss you and Merry Christmas Dar!
Posted by Barbara Paronto on December 16, 2010
Dar, I know that you grabbed the best seat in heaven - right beside Dad! I also know that you're looking down as we try to pick up our lives. We're trying - some days are better than others. We all miss you terribly! Personally, I just don't know how to move on. I'm stuck.
Posted by Nancy Neilsen-Young on December 12, 2010
I miss Dar so much!Dar was always more than just my sister,she was my friend,confidant,my "go to" person for everything.I'm also realizing she was my core.I feel very lost without her,I feel like I've lost my spark and I'm trying to figure out how to get it back.The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing she is with Jesus and Dad and that one day I'll see them again.Til then-know I love you Dar!
Posted by Alicia Gordon on December 4, 2010
Dar I miss our phone calls and when you worked in W. Leb we would see each other all the time. I miss knowing that you would always call with any news about the family good or bad. I miss knowing you were always there if I needed to talk. We all need to take lessons from you. I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together the last few months. I Love you Dar.
Posted by Patricia Cohen on November 30, 2010
"Forever Missed" says it all! Although not my first niece (that place will always belong to the dear one responsible for this awesome Memorial-her big sister, Barbara), Dar was someone who taught us all a few things about "pushing the envelope." Dar's often boisterous ways and her uncut/unedited humor made her the life of every party worth attending! She seemed to bring out the best in all of us!
Posted by Barbara Paronto on November 26, 2010
I feel like I've lost two Dars - the Dar I grew up with who had the tough shell but was a softie thru and thru, who would do ANYTHING for me - and the Dar who emerged in the last year who was so meek and mellow. I miss her terribly!
Posted by Kim Deline on November 26, 2010
I miss you, mom! I have you with me all the time and I think about you always. I'm trying to figure out life without you but I don't think I'm making much progress. People say "I just want to get back to normal"; For me, "normal" incuded you, mom, so I'm trying to figure out what my new "normal" is. I love you and miss you!
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Posted by Nanci Neilsen-Young on January 26, 2020
Hey girl, I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I'm always thinking about you and how things would be if you were still here but i've been thinking about how long you've been gone.  Almost 10 years!!!! I miss you so much and when I say that it doesn't feel like it covers my feelings nearly as deep as they are!!! I'm still missing that piece of me that I lost when I lost you!!! I miss you and the me I was when you were here!!! I need another visit PLEASE!!!!!  You are ALWAYS remembered and ALWAYS missed!!! Xoxo Nanc
Posted by Nanci Neilsen-Young on December 31, 2019
Hey girl, Well, today is New Year's Eve day and another year has come and gone and I'm still missing you as much as ever!! I'm learning to be okay by myself and actually enjoying it (most of the time) but I DO miss our talks, our breakfasts, our dance parties, our car trips, well.... I miss just being with you!!! I'll probably check in with you later tonight.... Just know you are loved and missed!!! Xoxo. Nanc
Posted by Nanci Neilsen-Young on December 25, 2019
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I'm missing you!!! I have no words right now..... so I'm Just gonna sit here and "be with you" and listen to your tunes. Xoxoxo Nanc
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I'll Always Remember Us This Way

Shared by Barbara Paronto on November 22, 2018


by Lady Gaga

That Arizona sky burning in your eyes
You look at me and, babe, I wanna catch on fire
It's buried in my soul like California gold
You found the light in me that I couldn't find

So when I'm all choked up but I can't find the words
Every time we say goodbye Baby, it hurts
When the sun goes down and the band won't play
I'll always remember us this way

Lovers in the night Poets trying to write
We don't know how to rhyme but, damn, we try
But all I really know - you're where I wanna go
The part of me that's you will never die

So when I'm all choked up but I can't find the words
Every time we say goodbye Baby, it hurts
When the sun goes down and the band won't play
I'll always remember us this way

Oh, yeah
I don't wanna be just a memory, baby, yeah


When I'm all choked up but I can't find the words
Every time we say goodbye Baby, it hurts
When the sun goes down and the band won't play
I'll always remember us this way, oh, yeah

When you look at me and the whole world fades
I'll always remember us this way.

Shared by Nanci Neilsen-Young on May 10, 2017

Happy Mothers Day!! 
I know I'm a little early but I have a busy weekend and may not get to a computer so I wanted to chat and wish you a Happy Mothers Day now so I wouldn't miss it!  I still miss you like CRAZY and trust me, you will NEVER be forgotten!!   
I luv and miss ya MUCH!!!  xoxoxoxo Nanc

Shared by Nanci Neilsen-Young on September 20, 2015

Here we are Dar!!!  Our 5th Annual Six in the City Memorial Walk!!
You are loved and you are missed more than I can say!!!