Shared by Cynthia Jefferson on January 8, 2016

Darlene I miss you so much. I can't believe it's been four years. I still feel like your on vacation or something. I still have your two wigs that I know I should really throw away. I can't do it. Not yet. Everytime I put them on I see you. Your face looking back at me. Fussing, "Why do you have my stuff on, Aunt Cinny" I love you and miss you always Darie. Say Hi to Mama for me. Love you

January 8,2015

Shared by Carmen Stieff on January 8, 2015

 Three years ago today you left us. We miss and love you!

Stealing shoes

Shared by Micah Powers on January 13, 2012

One passover Darlene had some shoes that I had saw in the store and I was gonna buy them but they but they didn't have my size. So when I saw her with them at the passover her and I joked about how I was gonna take her's but hes's didn't fit neither. LOL


Love you forever Darlene


Shared by Crystal Grant on January 13, 2012

Won't say too much here,

 but your smile

......warming, welcoming, pure, and gorgeous!


Will Miss You

St. Crystal J. Grant & Bro. Christopher J. Grant

Good People

Shared by Marcia Grant on January 13, 2012

If you've ever met "good people" in your life, then you've met Darlene. She was as nice a young lady as you would want to meet. Always greeted me with a smile.."All Hail St. Marcia" & I'd ask her are you taking care of yourself (she would repeat it back to me because we were both diabetics) I'd ask her are you taking your medicine? She'd look at me & smile..I'd say okay I'm watching you..praying for you Tammy, the Payne & Pittsburgh Family...heaven just added another good person!

Always smiling and joking

Shared by Malinda Morris on January 13, 2012

I rememeber the day we were over my sons house and we were laughing and joking about how I was the shortest in Stone of Truth, but also the oldest. We couldn't help but laugh and laugh. 


Rest in peace...



Memz was the name she gave me.

Shared by Mimi Roebuck-stieff on January 12, 2012
Dar would always greet me with a smile and a roll of the eyes. I remember one day walking into walmart, hearing her say "Memz why are you dressed up in Walmart ,laughing". Dar would always tease me. I cant believe you are gone , we love and miss you lady.


Shared by Mi'Chael Williams on January 12, 2012

Darlene was such a sweet person!! even though at first glance she would appear mean, i use to tell her all the time " Girrrl stop holdin your face all frowned up, you look like a serial killer!!! LMBO, im truly gonna miss crackin jokes, and her tellin me to "stop actin a fool"!!!! This year has been a very emotional one for me, and she was there to offer a shoulder, and shed tears with me!!!!!!!!!! when i was in the hospital, if she wasn't on the phone with me she was there!!! Im gonna miss spendin my mothers day with her and Tammy at the breast cancer walk, I told her that i would be there every year!!! i said "if your momma feels like coming every year....I'll be here, and if she doesnt feel up to it, then I'll kick her door down and make her!!!!!" LOL ( thats me acting a fool like she said)

I miss you girl!!!!!!! and yes im still acting a fool!!!!! lol



Shared by Karen Minor on January 12, 2012

Darlene was a very affectionate young lady.  When she would see you, she would say where's my hug! 

Sleep on Darlene!

St. Karen Minor




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