This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Darren Page, 24 years old, born on September 11, 1980, and passed away on January 30, 2005. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Nicola Page on April 12, 2019
miss you poppit so very much always love you x

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Posted by Nicola Page on April 12, 2019
miss you poppit so very much always love you x
his Life

Darren was born on the 11th september 1980 he was the 3rd child of keith and sandra ..samantha was the oldest daughter then myself nicola then darren arrived and then jessica ...

darren was born but sadly was born with renal failure his kidneys had not developed he also deleveloped epilepsy and would have a wide range of learning disabilitys sadly it meant darren never grew up his actions etc were that of a toddler or young child but he knew what he wanted .

he spent all his life back and fourth and in and out of hospitals great ormand street was like a second home to us so life was never normal like others .

In 1998 we lost our mother who was darrens everything life changed after that darren needed to start having dialysis 3 times a week at least what little bit of kidney function he had just wasnt  enough anymore but what was weird is darren didnt want to go and start this treatment but after the 1st few times he looked forward to going he had he,s own driver come and collect him and bring him home he adorded the staff  the nurses and even the fellow patients .they even got him a tv and vhs player just so he could watch his videos while there ...

i recieved a phone call offering darren a kidney transplant which darren wanted to do this time we had refused once before but darren wanted to go for it this time round so off we went they operated all through the night ..things were a little touch and go we werent sure if the kidneys would take etc but touch wood things were going ok .however darren managed to come home just in time for his 24 birthday  but he was back in and out of hospital a few times then sadly in january 2005 darren became unwell he was admitted while they tried to figure out what was causing the issues even after biopsys and tests they couldnt figure out why he was poorly ..darren walked in to hospital 2 weeks later darren passed away of a cardiac arrest .....just hours later the following day they started getting results back and turns out darren had been exposed to the epstein barr virus which he,d never been exposed to before .

Darren lee passed away on the evening of the 30th january 2005 he was just 24 years old .

Darren loved so much in life his cat fidget for one , not to mention all the pets he,d had over his life time ...darren would of been happy living in a zoo or on a farm he loved animals and farms he was tractor mad ...

darren loved his niece ashante and had darren lived i think they would have had a great relationship lol .

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