his Life
Charles came from a family of nine; he was the eighth child born on 19 March 1937 to Lawrence Ho and Annie Liow of Sandakan in what was then known as North Borneo, and now the state of Sabah, Malaysia. 

He had what was inevitably a tough childhood with the impending start of war and the Ho family as with many others at the time endured much hardship during the war years.  Charles completed his secondary education at St Mary's in 1957 and taught for a short while at the school before pursuing legal studies in the UK in 1959. 

He was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple in 1962.  After undertaking his pupillage at the North Borneo Attorney-General's Office, he started his legal career as a Cadet Legal Officer. He was appointed to the bench of the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak in 1975 serving in dedication and to public service until his retirement in 2003. 

Charles was an avid sportsman - he excelled in badminton and played competitvely representing Sandakan and Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu) in the Home Cup Games. He also took part in the All-England Championships while in the UK and even tried his hand at rugby (much to his father's chagrin).  In later years, golf became his choice of sporting and social activity, and also respite from demanding work commitments.  

He met Catherine Lee through his brother, Peter, an engineer with Borneo Airways. Catherine was an air stewardess with the airlines and was asked by Peter to look out for his brother on a flight that Catherine was working.  It was obviously a marvellous encounter as they proceeded to tie the knot on 23 January 1965 and Caroline, Christopher and Clement came along over the next 6 years. 

While he worked hard in dedicated service to the public as a judge of the High Court that took much of his time, it is his abiding love for and devotion to his family that shine through.  His love was unconditional and there was nothing that was too much or too hard that he would not do for his family.  There is always time for dinner at home and Sundays with the children, and for his grandchildren, Christian and Cayla, who would have their "Kung-Kung" pick them up from school, have lunch, feed the fish in the ponds and visit their favourite bookstores.  His love, kindness and generosity will be with his family always. 

He be will forever cherished and remembered by all who were blessed to have had him in their lives. 

[There is likely to be more to say about Charles over the coming months and years as we remember him and rejoice in our memories of him - this site will continue to receive contributions, stories, thoughts, photos, so please feel free to place these at any time.]