The 80th Birthday Celebration

Shared by Clement Ho on October 5, 2020
Celebrated on 19th March 2017 with his Wonderful Loving Family, Relatives and close Friends.
Truly a memorable night to remember! It was indeed one of his happiest moments and he was able and willing to share it with everyone.
Just take a look at all the smiles and love of each and everyone in the photo gallery.

You will know what I mean and how we all felt that night.

Charles & Catherine 50th Wedding Anniversary

Shared by Clement Ho on October 5, 2020
Celebrated with Love with his beloved Family, siblings, relatives and friends.
Forever cherished and treasured.

Charles 72nd Birthday

Shared by Clement Ho on October 5, 2020
Nothing makes him happier than to celebrate and spend time with his only grandson Christian and grand daughter Cayla.

Charles 67th Birthday

Shared by Clement Ho on October 5, 2020
A simple and yet a meaningful quiet family celebration.
Something that Dad always request for. A simple life, surrounded by loved ones.

Charles & Catherine 40th Anniversary + Chris & Feona 7th Anniversary

Shared by Clement Ho on October 5, 2020
Charles & Catherine's Ruby Anniversary on 23rd January 2005 - With a ruby ring hidden in the flowers !
I remember the ruby ring selection by dad with the help of Asinah.
Another memorable night.

Did you all know that Chris & Feona share the same Aniversary dates with them !

Catherine's 80th Birthday Celebration and Trip to Melbourne - July 2018

Shared by Cheryl Udarbe on October 9, 2020
Together with Chris, Charles and Catherine braved Melbourne's cold winter weather to visit Clement & family, and Carol who came down from Sydney.  The grandkids had missed them so much, and we visited Scienceworks, Yarra Valley, the museum, zoo and the fresh market together.  The highlight of the visit was celebrating Catherine's 80th birthday with friends and relatives in a warm and cosy restaurant famous for its Chinese cuisine.

A Walk Down Memory Lane.... Kuching 2017

Shared by Cheryl Udarbe on October 5, 2020
We all had the opportunity to visit Kuching in October of 2017 and see the Court House where our father Charles used to work, when he was posted there in 1975 for 2 years.  We had an incredible and such an enjoyable trip visiting the town, eating the famous Kuching laksa, and most importantly, catching up with old friends!

The Ho Family

Shared by Clement Ho on October 10, 2020
Photo was taken in 1950 in Sandakan, Sabah.

Top (L-R): Dora Ho, Rose Ho, Charles Ho, James Ho, Peter Ho, Patrick Ho
Seated (L-R): Francis Ho, Matilda Kam( Francis’ wife), Annie Liow with Michael (Francis and Matilda’s eldest), Lawrence Ho, Steven Ho and Valentine Ho

Melbourne May 2016 - Visiting Old friends & Relatives

Shared by Clement Ho on October 6, 2020
Charles & Catherine made a trip to Melbourne for a much needed catch up with old friends and relatives.
Dad managed to visit and pay his respects to his late brother Dr Francis Ho and wife Matilda where they were put to rest peacefully at the Altona Memorial Park. Met up with his nephews John & family and Anthony too.
Spend some time with his good friend Dr Chris Kiing and Agnes. It was nice to see him reminiscing the old times and sharing his laughter with them.
Not forgetting visiting old family friend Agnes Chin and family as well.

Truly memorable and treasured.........

Charles 74th Birthday Video

Shared by Clement Ho on October 6, 2020

Father's Day Oct 2007

Shared by Clement Ho on October 6, 2020

Catherine's 70th Birthday celebrated with Charles - August 2008

Shared by Clement Ho on October 6, 2020
An occasion filled with food (too much actually!) and lots of love and laughter.
It was one of those many times where families got together and had a Wonderful night together.

Hong Kong / Macau Trip Dec 2012

Shared by Clement Ho on October 6, 2020
Everyone enjoys Disneyland, even the grandparents Charles & Catherine.
I believe seeing the grand children enjoying themselves is a very fulfilling sight.....
Happiness is infectious. 

Charles & Catherine's Pride & Joy - Christian

Shared by Cheryl Udarbe on October 5, 2020
Together with the whole family, Charles & Catherine welcomed the birth of their grandson Christian on the 12th of February 2005.  They showered the children with boundless love, kindness and patience. And hey, not to mention all the cookies and chocolate!!!

"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children." - Alex Haley

Charles & Catherine's Pride & Joy - Cayla

Shared by Cheryl Udarbe on October 5, 2020
With great joy on the 11th of August 2007, Charles and Catherine welcomed their precious little granddaughter Cayla. It was just the day before Catherine's 69th birthday, and cause for a double celebration every year after that!

"Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another." - R.Garnett

Ho Family Reunion in February 2000

Shared by Cheryl Udarbe on October 9, 2020
It was an extremely rare, joyful and memorable occasion when Charles reunited with his siblings and their spouses when they visited Kota Kinabalu in February of 2000 - Steven & Bessie, Francis & Matilda, Peter & Diana, Rose & John, and Dora.  Charles' sisters-in-law Helen and Lucy also came, as well as their nephews, nieces, grand-nephews and grand-nieces. Wow, what a grand reunion it was!   It was Chinese New Year and at the same time, Charles and Catherine's youngest son, Clement, was finally getting married!!!

Photo: Back (L-R): Charles, Catherine, Helen, Dora, Rose, John. Middle (L-R): Peter, Diana, Matilda, Francis. Seating: Bessie & Steven.

Celebrating Grandma's 90th Birthday

Shared by Clement Ho on October 11, 2020
Photo was taken in 1989 at Peter's house in Luyang, KK, Sabah.
It was another reunion of families and a joyous occasion.
Check out those cool 80's threads.

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