Let the memory of Dave be with us forever.

On Thursday 14th March 2019 our dear friend sadly lost his battle with cancer. 

Since then there have been hundreds of tributes paid on social media and by e-mails by friends, musicians, radio hosts, agents, PR people, journalists, record companies, blues fans, just about anybody who loved Dave. 

Everybody who knew Dave, whether digitally or personally, will miss him, his great joie de vivre, his positivity, his friendship. 

On his website Dave described himself as a "Sometime DJ, film maker, boat safety examiner & gadget freak" (with a weakness for good food & wine)

Our thoughts are with his wife Suellen and his family to whom we send our condolences.

His legacy is his huge catalogue of podcasts and our happy memories of great times with him. 

We invite you to leave a tribute here and/or leave a story or tell us about a particular event involving Dave on the Stories page.

Rest in peace dear friend.

Posted by Richard Astbury on October 10, 2019
I first met Dave in early summer 1978. It was in Malta and I was working for the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS). Dave was there running his disco business and showing increasing interest in broadcasting. He joined as a volunteer and we encouraged him to apply for a permanent position. He was successful and took his first posting to Cologne. I caught up with him a year later and our friendship grew. He was kind, generous and terrific fun. Dave toured extensively with BFBS and was successful wherever he went, first as a presenter and latterly as a manager. Eventually he returned to England and subsequently took early retirement, but his broadcasting career continued to blossom, namely with his weekly podcasts of his Blues shows. Dave was enormously generous, patient and kind. We enjoyed numerous holidays together in Spain and on the French and Italian Rivieras. We never stopped laughing and having fun. I miss him greatly and think of him daily.
Posted by Paul Haines on August 5, 2019
I have been listening to Dave's podcasts since they started and have enjoyed his sense of humour and his choice of music immensely.
I'll miss him greatly.

Paul Haines
Posted by John Biggs on May 19, 2019
I first started listened to Dave way back when, on BFBS 2. I’ve always loved the radio and Dave’s voice was like a warm blanket. Things changed and Dave left the BFBS airways, then I discovered Ravenandblues, what a great show!
I was really saddened today when I heard he’d lost his battle with cancer, he will be sorely missed. It may be a bit late but my thoughts are with his family.
Posted by Richard Moseley on May 12, 2019
Dave featured some of my songs on his radio show from time to time, He asked me a couple of times to meet up in Spain. I was always on the the road gigging, so sadly I missed that opportunity to meet him in person. Just like to say my thanks for the airtime he gave to an unknown blues player. Although from what I can understand about Dave I guess that was who he was, nice guy.       The Reverend Richard John.
Posted by Nadine Breal on May 2, 2019
My friend Dave, you left on tiptoe, in silence, without I had time to say you goodbye. It hurt me and I could not believe it was true, I cried a lot but today I know. You were a great Man, simple and generous, an engineer enlightened and passionate about the marine environment, with a 100,000 volts energy, and a touch to everything. You loved the life you went through, the travels, the music, the human contacts. You made me discover the Blues and the magic of true British music, not that of big productions! You loved your job, to transmit, to discover new songs and talents, you loved that we love you and that we recognize you. I admired your immense knowledge of music and I remained stunned. You are for me a very great Bluesman, and your microphone is now orphaned. Your rhetoric, your creaky replies on the French (because you loved France a lot) and I miss our laughter already, I loved the little messages you wrote to me from time to time. I know I was very lucky to have met you. All, we loved your bright smile, your sparkling eyes, your immense kindness, your bohemian style with your shorts and espadrilles, you had a lot of class. So, I confirm you, we love you and we will always love you, and I will never forget you. Salut mon Ami, mille baisers !
Posted by Austin Baird on April 26, 2019
JB Lenoir said “You ain’t got nothin’ if you ain’t got the blues.”
RIP Dave and deepest commiserations to your family.
Posted by Richard Raven on April 12, 2019
So sorry to hear that Dave passed. Dave was one of the first International blues Programers to play our music. He called me one evening in 2010 and was very supportive and I had a ball listening to his take on the British blues scene. Fair winds and seas shipmate.
Posted by Lauren Dove on March 29, 2019
Genuinely saddened to hear the sad news of Dave Raven passing. What a gent and a great supporter not only of Dove and Boweevil's music but artists across the country. So grateful to have known him.
Love to his family and friends,
Lauren and Mark.
Posted by Silvio Caldelari on March 26, 2019
Dear Dave, my dear EBU Board friend,
Difficult to say goodbye to you. I can just say thank you for our conversations, friendship, passion and more together.
Thank you to the life which has permit that we meet us. I will miss you my friend.
Have a good travel, RIP dear Dave
Posted by Paul Stiles on March 26, 2019
Although we'd chatted by email and on Facebook and lived barely an hour away from each other it was a very wet and windy night in Hebden Bridge that we first met. Following that weekend, we met up again each year at the European Blues Challenge, enjoying the music, the local restaurants and food the local wines and beers. Of course Dave was never far away from a microphone and his 'less than 5Kg' mobile recording studio, so I would appear on his Raven N Blues show live from the EBC events. We were in touch over IBBA matters as well during the last few years. I've posted a picture in the gallery from Norway 2018 which says 1000 words.
We are off to the Azores shortly for this year's EBC and Dave will be missed, but we shall raise a glass of red to him in his absence.
Posted by Cliff McKnight on March 22, 2019
I've delayed posting this for a while because I've been lost for words.
Dave and I were first in contact around 2006 -- he had his podcast which I listened to and I had a radio show. I was in a university on student radio so Dave assumed I was a student, but he did a search of the university web-site and discovered I was staff. He 'outed' me on his show by saying "this one is for the professor"!
He mentioned me several times on his show and I always felt pride to be on his radar -- the praise he heaped on me after my first interview with Watermelon Slim was amazing, especially from a professional like Dave.
In recent years we would joke about a contest to clock up the most hospital hours -- sadly that was one he won. He would send mp3s instead of emails and little videos to explain the niceties of the software we both used. I'm still using the three main pieces of software he recommended when he steered me through the transition from radio to podcast.
What can I say? Gone but never forgotten!
Posted by Richard Dunning on March 22, 2019
When I first started doing my 'radio' show I would listen to Dave's show for some guidance. I got to know him through the IBBA and he gave me encouragement and latterly no small measure of assistance.  I was always slightly in awe when he posted that he'd been listening to my show.  Then we struck up a friendship, meeting at festivals and elsewhere.  I was so flattered that one week he turned up at The Tuesday Night Music Club and slept in his motorhome outside...  The things he has done for blues radio, the IBBA, the UK Blues Federation can't be measured.  He was a friend and an inspiration and will be greatly missed.
Posted by Nick Carter on March 22, 2019
I first got to hear Dave as a result of a recommendation from a long term friend and fellow music lover, I immediately warmed to his knowledgeable, gentle and calming presentation style, and he was clearly a man with excellent taste in music! I was therefore highly delighted to find that when I finally met him in person he was everything I hoped for and more, a real gent with time for everyone. Since that first podcast listen he has been an integral part of my music life, I arranged my week around his podcasts, feeling like I was meeting an old friend each Monday evening (we did the ironing together!). He was always massively supportive of music, musicians and also those who strive to promote the blues, the support he gave to our local festival will always be valued and appreciated. I'm sure I speak for all the "Hebden family" (of which he was certainly part) when I express our deepest sympathy to Suellen and all his many friends.
Posted by Rebecca Downes on March 22, 2019
I first met the lovely Dave Raven at the Blues Challenge. Where he came backstage after our set and was so lovely and so full of enthusiasm for the music. It’s rare to meet people these days that you immediately trust, but Dave was one of them. He radiated warmth and was a beacon of light and acceptance in this Blues scene. We will miss you lovely man xxx
Posted by Alison Hildyard on March 22, 2019
Dave was so supportive of our work with blues related artists - he welcomed Mark & I at BiGiAM with open arms. When chatting on the phone, or via email, or having fun with him at blues festivals and events, he always greeted us like true friends. Which very quickly became.
I get the feeling that Dave was naturally warm-hearted and open with everyone who crossed his path. He was a fantastic broadcaster and entertainer and so very giving with his time and musical knowledge. And most of all, he was fun. I will always think of him with a smile on his face. 
We will miss you Dave. Thank you for everything. RiP xx
Posted by Jason Elliott on March 22, 2019
As both a friend and mentor, Dave was an important and respected figure for me throughout a number of years and will be deeply missed.
He was part of my team on the Blues and Soul Show, contributing some words of wisdom and a track of his choosing in the middle of every show.
As well as being a fixture at our Hebden Bridge Blues Festival, we also met often at other events where we would dissect both the good and bad on offer, as well as discussing our personal but differing methods of producing radio shows.
Dave was someone I often turned to for a second opinion on matters of Blues politics, his judgement coming to me as refined wisdom, validating or refuting a proposed course of action.
So long Dave, until we meet again, feasting and drinking with the other fallen Bluesmen and Blueswomen in the halls of the Valhalla Blues Festival, rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Marcus Lazarus on March 22, 2019
Dave was very receptive to my early offerings as a recording artist, and I remember being thrilled at hearing one of my tracks on his show for the first time back in 2013. I met Dave a couple of times since then at festivals, and even arranged for him to have a lecture at the Bushey Blues Festival where his knowledge and depth of British Blues music was unequalled. Dave was a very well respected man, both as a broadcaster and in other walks of life, no doubt. A true gentleman, and someone who I will remember for his encouragement and dedication to the blues scene. Thanks for the music Dave - you will be greatly missed.
Posted by Jeff Cox on March 21, 2019
I found Dave online while scanning for new podcasts just after I'd retired in 2007. His voice got me first, then his masterly taste in music got me hooked. From all those years ago to a couple of weeks ago I never missed a podcast. He was a champion of new talent but also cherished the vast legacy of recorded blues - he shared both with an enthusiasm that never waned, right to his final broadcast. We met a few times at blues bashes and funnily enough, chatted about technology more than music :) I'll miss him. That's an understatement, but that's my overwhelming feeling.
Posted by Roser Blues on March 21, 2019
Sad for a terrible loss. I have always admired his positive attitude and the enthousiasm he put in all the projects. it has been an honour and a pleasure to know him and work together in the EBU board. I will always remember his frank smile and the elegant way to face difficulties. He was a real gentleman. Thanks for the good moments you have given us. I will not forget you. Roser
Posted by Harry Simpson on March 21, 2019
Honoured to have met Dave and shared a pint with him (or two). A great loss to the world of Blues. RIP Dave
Posted by Lyn Stevens on March 21, 2019
Dave, your passion within the Blues community will be missed. Thank you for showcasing indie music on your radio show-in doing so, you have helped several artists over the years, pursue their own dreams. 
God speed
Posted by Oliver Carpenter on March 21, 2019
Dave was really positive about stuff. He was quick to help with advice for Upton Blues Festival when it set up its FM Radio Station, ready with thoughts about floating houses, and always interested in the music we were doing. He seemed to me to be an enthusiast .... about everything ..... and what can be better than that.
Posted by Iain Patience on March 21, 2019
Sadly, never met Dave, however, for many years when living near the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, Dave's online presence was a welcome guest every week where he introduced many new blues artists to me. You were a remarkable guy, Dave. Sadly missed by so many.
Posted by Travis Bowlin on March 21, 2019
 Thank you for all you did for independent artist as well as blues music! You will be missed.
Posted by Joe Cushley on March 21, 2019
A giant of the British blues scene – he will be long remembered. RIP Dave.
Posted by ALAN PEARCE on March 21, 2019
Dave, we did not talk often but when we did it went deep, common ground, health, of course the music and more. We were blessed to have you and blessed to 'know you' by phone at least. I thank you for the time we shared in conversation, you will be missed
Posted by Ian Wilkins on March 21, 2019
I suspect like many listeners to Dave's programme, I never got to meet Dave in person, but through his personal style of broadcasting, I nonetheless felt connected. Dave's passion for the blues, and quality music in general, shone through, and I count myself lucky to have been introduced to some fabulous artists along the way - thank you Dave, rest in peace my blues brother.
Posted by GARRY WHITE on March 21, 2019
Regrettably I never met Dave but such was the impression the man left behind him you only had to be a fan of his broadcasting abilities to have felt real pain when news of his passing filtered through. An infinite source of wisdom and bottomless archive of information, when the blues fraternity loses someone of the calibre of Dave Raven it leaves a wound that might never heal. We must bind it tightly with his legacy.
Posted by Fred Delforge on March 21, 2019
My Dear Dave,
It's difficult to express all the sadness I feel with your loss... You were more than a Friend, you were a Partner I was always happy to meet wherever the Blues was leading our feets...
I will never forget the great moments we spent together in UK and at the Board of European Blues Union... You were always positive, optimist, realistic and your words were always guiding us on the right way!
And I will never forget the nice text you accept wrote for our book, even if you were already ill and tired when you did it. 
Rest in Peace my Friend, we will miss you but we will never forget you.
Posted by Mark Howes on March 21, 2019
Thankyou for your support to us and the whole UK blues scene, you will be much missed.
Dove & Boweevil x
Posted by Kaz Hawkins on March 21, 2019
My dearest friend you have left a massive hole in our hearts. I could be selfish and tell of my own heartbreak at losing you but this is a time for celebration of how special you really were. From that moment we met at Blues on the Farm in Chichester, when I lifted you in my arms like any good Northern Irish woman would, we clicked. From the moment you agreed to play my music and supported my crazy ideas you were in 100% supportive. I have since travelled to places I had only dreamed of because of people like you. I now contribute to our amazing blues community because you invested in me as an artist both personally & professionally.
We became dear friends so much so that you were the only one outside my family that I sent a video message from Mexico to on my wedding day recently. You were so brave as you tried to fight Cancer to stay with us a little longer, you tried to send your shows out, you kept supporting those of us trying to keep the blues alive. You were the stuff legends are made off. There was only one Dave Raven and your contribution was so massive that I personally think there should be a statue of you on that Island you loved so much but I know the UK Blues Federation will make sure the world remembers you forever.
I loved you dearly and I pray that your family get through this pain & loss, we are all sending them strength. See you in Blues Heaven Kaz Hawkins xx
Posted by Alan Bates on March 21, 2019
I didn’t know Dave well at all, but on the rare occasions that our paths crossed, he always had time for Lorna and myself. He was a very courteous and warm man who has made a substantial contribution to our scene. 
RIP Dave
Posted by Bluesman Mike Francis on March 21, 2019
We spent last Christmas Day on a coastal walk then caught up with some Dave Raven podcasts over a beer. Thanks for the good times, will be sadly missed by many...
Posted by Dave Arcari on March 21, 2019
Dave's passion and enthusiasm for blues – and life in general – will be missed. His encouragement and support has motivated and helped so many musicians and artists. Dave introduced the genre and its artists to many who thought they didn't like blues and opened up a world of new music.
Dave came to my very first London show and invited us to Taggs Island for a session...and that support and hospitality was repeated many times since. A true friend and champion.
Posted by Paul Long on March 21, 2019
Dave Raven - I always called him the guvnor.
Dave was a good friend and a huge influence on me as a broadcaster. In 2006, when I was producing Paul Jones's Radio 2 programme I found his podcast, which was a new way of doing radio that Dave embraced with huge success - and I have listened to every show ever since. He showed me that you could do a radio show not for mass consumption, but very targeted at a music-loving audience who were keen to hear new music, and how you could have a close interaction with that audience online and personally.
He always had time to talk and he had a fascinating life in broadcasting - from being a DJ in Newcastle, to BFBS, to being an internet radio and podcast pioneer, as well as a blues music lover. I did sessions for his show on the houseboat with Catfish and The Riotous Brothers, and did many interviews with him - well, not interviews as it was never a list of questions, but a conversation that flowed - something else I learned from him: your second question depends on the answer to your first question.
He'll be missed by all of his fellow broadcasters, not only for his show, but for his work with the IBBA and UK Blues Federation, and also by his listeners around the world and musicians in the blues family. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.
Blues was in his blood. Love and Peace to Suellen at this time.
Posted by Sue Williams on March 21, 2019
Dave was always so kind to all our artists and will be remembered by everyone here at Frontier Promotions.
His knowledge of blues was incredible and we brought many of our acts to his house boat for sessions and interviews.
Joe Bonamassa will certainly never forget the hot sunny day driving through London crammed in a Black cab with his band & tour management, down onto the house boat in Hampton Court.
Dave interviewed Walter Trout and gave him a ride in his small boat up the Thames, before carrying out session. We will really miss him.
Sue & Dave Williams
Posted by Kjell Inge Fischer Brovol... on March 21, 2019
Dave was one of the of the kindest and mildest bluesmen I’ve ever had the pleasure to work alongside. His work for UK blues along with his tremendous inputs for the European Blues Union was great. He will be missed. RIP
Posted by Jonathan Earp on March 21, 2019
Legend, condolences to Dave's family and friends xxx

from all of the Big Wolf Band
Posted by Howling Dick on March 21, 2019
When I first stated podcasting the blues I asked Dave a simple question about mics. He responded by inviting me down to the boat where not only did he go to great lengths to educate me about rigs he let me sit on an interview with Matt Anderson and then let me interview him. he made me feel like a lifelong friend.
We stayed in touch as he was always a font of information and an inspiration. He was simply the real deal.
Posted by Kevin Williams on March 21, 2019
Condolences to Dave's friends and family and a hearty goodbye to a fine upstanding bluesman. Frankie Williams - The Grey Goose Blues Band
Posted by Haydn Hart on March 21, 2019
As a Blues fan I often listened to Dave's 'Raven 'n' Blues' shows. Dave's wonderful knowledge introduced me to some brilliant musicians, many of whom have become a huge part of my life. Dave had a broadcasting voice that always felt as if he was talking directly to the listener and you automatically became his friend on the airwaves. I met Dave several times and he always had time for me. A kind and generous man, Dave will be sorely missed. My thoughts are with his wife Suellen and his family. 
Rest in peace Dave.
Posted by Joe Singleton on March 20, 2019
Sadly I never got to meet Dave but with his radio shows, Facebook posts, messages etc he felt like a good friend.
In my eyes, Dave was the living version of Clive Cussler's character Dirk Pitt. Dave loved travelling, messing about in boats, he liked a drink or two and loved his gadgets. He could set up a radio studio anywhere be it on the streets of Colne, on his boat or travelling around Europe in his motor home.
Dave was the reason that I started to make radio shows. I used to listen to his podcast and this developed my love for the Blues even more and Dave always had a relaxing, interesting voice. When I did start making my shows Dave was always there for me to help with anything. He told me to play what I enjoy playing and not to rely on listeners sending in requests and he was always there with information on software, mics etc.
Blues radio will never be the same without Dave.
RIP Dave Raven. May your love and character live on through the various radio shows throughout the world hosted by your fellow IBBA and EBU members.
Posted by Ted Krush on March 20, 2019
I am just a fan of the blues and Dave. It was back in 2000 when I walked into BB King's in Memphis and my preference in music was changed. Shortly afterward I found the Raven’n'Blues and Dave and been a listener ever since. And through Dave, I learn so much of the history and the different styles of the blues. What I most enjoyed was his voice and style when he talked especially when Dave was interviewing someone. No fluff, just heartfelt conversations. When listening to his shows, I was always made sure I was in a quiet place where I could listen to his shows without distraction. You will be missed, Dave. And thank you.  Ted of Maine, USA.
Posted by Ian McKenzie on March 20, 2019
I never met Dave face to face ,but worked with him in the early days of setting up the IBBA. Conversations on Skype were always full of laughter and I was in awe of his connections and knowledge of the music we love. RIP Dave
Posted by Ali Kaye on March 20, 2019
Dave was one of the of the most kindest and mildest men I’ve ever had the pleasure to work alongside, visiting his home studios on numerous occasions when driving musicians around.
 Allison Kimber.
Posted by Ashwyn Smyth on March 19, 2019
Adieu mon ami Dave Raven. You have left a big hole in our hearts and our lives. Bon trajet. R.I.P.

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