Dave Van Lokeren
  • 70 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 23, 1944
  • Date of passing: Oct 31, 2014
We love you

This memorial was created in memory of David Van Lokeren, born on September 23, 1944 and passed away on October 31, 2014. We will remember him always.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Marcella Ray on 1st November 2017

"Dear Grandpa Locker I miss you so much! I miss getting to see your lovely smile that kept me happy! I hope you’re resting in peace I think about you a lot!"

This tribute was added by mary alice fox on 31st October 2017

"My Dearest David,
I hope you know how much I miss you and love you.
Mary Alice"

This tribute was added by chuck oneil on 31st October 2017

"Love you Dave! Miss you buddy. Just had a weekend with Ben in D.C. and we thought of you guys, reached out to Tommy. Hugs to all the VL clan. Chuck"

This tribute was added by Lionel Mellet on 31st October 2017

"We miss you very much, dear friend.  The memories of you bring nothing but joy."

This tribute was added by Cathy Brennan on 26th September 2017

"Dave was the kindest and most considerate person. He was always smiling, lots of fun, and so charming. He would have made a great movie star with his great looks, quick wit, and ability to put anyone at ease. He loved God and it makes me happy that I can see him again in heaven."

This tribute was added by Joanne Colombo on 23rd September 2017

"Both Cornell (Cort) and I have such wonderful memories of Dave that its hard to know which one is the best. Cort just told me that he missed him so much and that he remembers all the time he spent with him and always got him out of "the hood".  Dave's picture with Cort is in a prominent place in my home. He will always be in our hearts and memories.  Love you Dave!"

This tribute was added by mary alice fox on 23rd September 2017

"Dear Precious David,
Every single morning I turn on a very special small light beneath a small memorial I have for you and I say "Good Morning David".
I miss you every day.
I love you so much.
Mary Alice, your devoted sister."

This tribute was added by Marcella Ray on 31st October 2016

"Hi grandpa! It's Marcella ray I really miss and think about you a lot. I'' thinking about you a lot especially today i'm doing great in college you were the light in my life you made me the happy person that I am today! Thank you for being the most amazing grandpa I could ever have I still wish sometimes that you were still here so that I could hug you one last time but you're always in my heart❤️ I love you so much!!"

This tribute was added by mary k. sullivan on 25th September 2016

"So nice to go over the tributes to Dave. He always brought sunshine into my life. I wish he were here now to remind me that everything, in the end, is as it should be. I know you are beaming what is now an eternal 100- watt smile from wherever you are, Dave."

This tribute was added by Pilar Piedra Colleran on 23rd September 2016

"Happy birthday Pipa! We miss you ❤️"

This tribute was added by mary alice fox on 23rd September 2016

"My forever beloved David...................
A day does not go by that I don't think about you.
You are forever missed.
Your sister-Mary Alice"

This tribute was added by Chuck O'Neil on 23rd September 2016

"Remembering Dave today. A good man. Total class act."

This tribute was added by Marcella Ray on 28th January 2016

"I'm Marcella Ray grandpa locker was the most amazing grandpa in the whole wide world when I heard he had died I cried so much I love him so much I think about him a lot I'm 17 I loved talking with him for as long as I could! I enjoyed every moment we spent together"

This tribute was added by John Jones on 1st November 2015

"peace and prayers and love
a year and a day later
Snoopy (in Nov 1, 2015) Peanuts comic
shoots some pool
reminding me of Dave

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This tribute was added by mary alice fox on 31st October 2015

"Thank you Forever Missed for this beautiful website.
Our David was a beautiful man.
Mary Alice Fox"

This tribute was added by chuck oneil on 23rd September 2015

"Shout out to Dave and family.  Fond memories. Happy Birthday"

This tribute was added by Jill Lee on 23rd September 2015

"Happy Birthday to one of Heaven's sweetest angels....."

This tribute was added by Joe DeAmato on 23rd September 2015

"A beautiful person was born on this day and once again I'd like to say how blessed I feel to have been able to call him a friend.  I miss you my friend Dave so much.  Just the thought of you brings peace to me, honestly.  All the best to your whole beautiful family."

This tribute was added by mary alice fox on 23rd September 2015

"I walk with you every morning David.  All I have to do is look at the blue sky and see the exact color of your eyes.  See you in an hour or so.

This tribute was added by Eric Parent on 8th August 2015

"I learned of Dave's passing just today. It crushed me. Never have I met a kinder, more honest man. More than just the game of billiards Dave shared with me. His outlook on life is a lesson we should all learn from."

This tribute was added by mary alice fox on 26th December 2014

"Dear David,
I miss our daily talks.  You became so wise.  Maybe it takes 70 years??
I know, I know, I know.....nobody Knows........
I Love you,
Your little sister.

This tribute was added by Jill Lee on 23rd December 2014

"Heaven welcomes such a sweet soul.....David is my first cousin who I haven't seen in many, many years.  Remembering the family gatherings in Grosse Pointe as kids - so many cousins!  Can close my eyes and see David as a young teen standing in his bedroom with his swim trunks on singing along to "Finger Poppin' Time".  Dear David, your sweet, kind nature will be missed on this earth!"

This tribute was added by Margie Goldsmith on 6th December 2014

"I met David with my fiancee, Jamie, over an extended weekend with Jim and Mary Alice at their condo on St. Simon's Island this year, June 6-8th, 2014. The thing which struck me most about David is there was, had I not been told, there was no way of knowing he was sick. He was always smiling and laughing, talking about his plans for the future, enjoying the sun and the shady balcony, and taking joy in such simple things as walking out to the pier and watching the fishermen. What I especially liked was seeing his relationship with his sister, Mary Alice. They would laugh together and yes, cry together, and it was almost as though their souls were speaking to each other, they were that much attuned as siblings. From all doctor reports, at the time, the end was near for David, but by hearty appetite for both food and life, you'd never know it. And then Jamie said he'd gone to California -- which i found remarkable. He was a sweet, gentle soul and, brief as it was, he touched my life with his smile. May God watch over him in Heaven, and may he watch over Jim and Mary Alice and the rest of his family."

This tribute was added by Susan Whitty on 4th December 2014

"I only learned of Dave's death a few days ago.  His parents and my parents were best of friends.  George and Clarabelle were my Godparents.  I have many fond memories on the house on Grand Marais.  The last time I saw Dave was on a Christmas Eve maybe 5 years ago.  I was at my mom and dads on Audubon on Christmas Eve and the doorbell rang.  I answered it only to find Dave on the doorstep.  What fun seeing him again.  He really enjoyed being with my dad and encouraged him to tell stories of his life long friendship with George.  It was so obvious Dave clung to each memory my dad shared.  My sympathy to his entire family.  Tommy I know Bruce would like to hear from you.  He's still in Kazoo."

This tribute was added by Jim Fox on 17th November 2014

"Dave's sister, Mary Alice, and I were married 43 years ago so I have known Dave since then. But, over the last 8 months we had gotten to know each other on a much deeper level. He packed a lot of living into his 70 years and traveled an emotional journey few of us could ever imagine.

The "things" he loved were many and included his family, friends, movies, jokes, sailing, billiards and beautiful ladies. His love of spirituality, psychology, his fellow man and his God were areas which he never tired of exploring.

Dave was a true gamer, ready for the next experience and always said "yes" when I asked if he was ready for another adventure, even if he wasn't feeling well. He was the ultimate "wing man" and I will miss my buddy."

This tribute was added by Jamie Anthony on 17th November 2014

"I was fortunate to meet Dave in October of 2011 at Jim and Mary Alice's condo on St Simons Island, GA.  I was able to spend about 4 days with Mary Alice, Jim and Dave that year and we had a great time fishing and exploring the little barrier islands around St Simons.  On one occasion we ate fresh tidal oysters (not a wise move) but, were spared the probable illness.  Dave and I found a good deal in common and discussed our ups and downs and feelings of thankfulness that we had both survived to that point. Both of us being rather old bachelors, the big kidding point of discussion was how we were going to convince Kate Upton's (Kate is a multi-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover girl) very dignified and kind grandparents (they have a condo close to Mary Alice and Jim) to ask Kate down for a visit the next time we were on St Simons.  The next summer I rode my bike up to Rhode Island and visited him  for a couple of days and we spent an afternoon on Dave's sail boat.  Again, we had several really good discussions about life and ate some great seafood.  In those discussions and previous discussions Dave had expressed that one of his goals was to do work or other activities that helped people to better themselves.  Then, this past spring, my fiancé Margie, and I meet again with Mary Alice, Jim and Dave in St. Simons  and spent a few days together.  At that point Dave showed his dignity and love of life to all of us.  I don't think anyone came away from meeting Dave without being affected by his love of life and people. Dave sure exceeded the goals he expressed to me in every way.  Getting to know Dave a little bit over the last few years and how he dealt with all of his issues was a gift to all who knew him and I am very honored to have known him and to be able to call Dave my friend.  God bless you Dave."

This tribute was added by Frank Celano on 16th November 2014

"I met Dave back in 1991 when we worked together as computer programmers for Cyanamid Corporation in New Jersey.  I was lucky enough to sit next to him and we soon struck up a friendship that started with a shared appreciation of classic movies.  We would make each other laugh by quoting favorite lines or testing each other with movie trivia.  I soon realized that Dave was not really like most of us at the office.  His honesty and enthusiasm were refreshing and genuine.  I’ll never forget the time he stood up in a meeting and asked the director why someone had been let go.  Couldn’t he have been retrained or reassigned?  We all thought about it, but only Dave was brave enough to ask.  We both left work after a few years but stayed in touch, playing pool and having long talks or emails.  I was grateful that Dave let me read his writings on life and faith and hope.  He was a very special friend and a man who spent his life in pursuit of God and true love.  It was an honor and a privilege to have known him.  “Fatman, you shoot a great game of pool”.

Fast Eddie."

This tribute was added by chuck oneil on 13th November 2014

"so many memories of time spent with Dave aka "Rave" on the b-ball court, watching him and my dad play Tennis and listening to my dad bitch on the way home at how Dave beat him.  I remember the times we snuck into the locked b-ball court at the jewish camp outside of Port Jervis and eventually got chased off.  Through the years there were periodic heart to hearts when he and I would thankfully be in Milford or Matamoras at the same time.  There was one time when both Dave and I tried to convert Dominick to accept Jesus as his Saviour while I was reading Thomas Merton which impressed Dave.  Dom, what's the latest on that?  There was also one other time in particular, that sticks out.  It was a bear of a winter and I needed some scratch so Dave hooked me up with a breakfast at Homer's and a snow shoveling job which he did with me.  We spent two or three days shoveling roofs together, talking about life.  Dave always knew how to clear a path, talk about soul matters and lighten the load of life.  All my love to you my good man, and to your beautiful family through whom I have alway felt your spirit.  Love you all deeply.  Young Chuck O'Neil"

This tribute was added by Joanne Colombo on 12th November 2014

"To all the VanLokeren siblings, children and grandchildren: I was blessed to have known and worked with Dave as part of  JustUsFamilies from its inception to his very last meeting with us.  I also had the honor to call him my friend.  He left an indelible mark on many lives he touched, but most of all on my adopted grandson, Cornell Burgess, aka Cort.  He is a dedicated father of three sons because of the mark Dave left on him.  My hope is that Dave will continue to influence him from his heavenly home.  I love you Dave for all that you were and all you had hoped to be!  Jo"

This tribute was added by Joe DeAmato on 12th November 2014

"I had the honor and privilege to meet Dave 25 years ago and then the even greater honor and privilege to call him a friend.

Imagine how I felt having Dave as a roommate when we traveled around the country to play in 3 Cushion National Championships.

All I can say is I will always cherish the very special times I had Dave to myself.  What a special person!  

In the world of 3 cushion billiards Dave was admired and respected like none before him.  This because of much more than talent and his competitive nature, this because he was the ultimate gentleman.  Gracious in defeat or victory and gracious in life.

True, I only met and knew David because of the passion we shared over this game of 3 cushion billiards but I knew he had much more to offer his beautiful family and the world.  Seems he let no one down.

God bless the Vanlokoren family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  I am going to miss David so very much.  I'll never forget him!"

This tribute was added by Enza Slomski on 12th November 2014

"What a "gentle"man!"

This tribute was added by Julia Kerrigan on 11th November 2014

"I enjoyed the few times I spent with David.  He had an infectious smile, gentle spirit and calming effect.  Rest in peace David and what a blessing we all had to have you in Arizona.
Love, Julia"

This tribute was added by Cynthia Carpenter on 11th November 2014

"Although we had met David and Linda a couple of years earlier we first saw the "Reserve" at an opening of Chris Pratt's neighboring weaving studio.  My husband was immediately intrigued and signed on for lessons,  billiards being a totally new experience for him. Shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia.  When David got the news he immediately called me to say that Dick was now a life-time member of the Reserve.  David would pick him up, they would play for an hour or so, and then he would bring him home.  Dick enjoyed this time and David said he was doing well.  Although a new friend David was one of the first to give of himself to keep Dick's life as full as possible.  I will always be grateful to this kind and gentle man."

This tribute was added by Chuck O'Neil on 10th November 2014

"I remember 'barn ball' back in the early days. No out of bounds. No fouls, pretty much. The ball always in play. Dave was a warrior -- his competitive spirit, his sportsmanship and sense of humor lifting everyone's game.

I remember our tennis matches years later at Eddy Farm. Of course, they weren't really matches: He won every set we ever played, except one (which I'm sure he let me win). We were both ferocious out on the court -- worrisome, no doubt, to those who played on the courts beside us. Getting pummeled and out-hustled was never so much fun!

Dave, as everyone knows, had real class. And empathy. He made it a point always to ask what was happening with the family, job, etc., and was reluctant most times to talk about himself.  

With Dave, it was always, 'onward, upward.' Bless him for that spirit."

This tribute was added by James Watson on 10th November 2014

"Dave was a friend and a true competitor. We played many 3 cushion billiard games together for fun and as competitors in tournaments. Off the table we were respectful friends. On the table we did battle. He was always a true gentlemen and we his competitors gave him the nickname
" Gentleman Dave"  It was well deserved. My friend you will truly be missed. To his family we the members of the USBA are deeply sorry for your loss."

This tribute was added by mary k. sullivan on 9th November 2014

"Dave was a friend and soul-mate. He was gentle, kind, and always looking to understand the deeper meaning of events and people. Some of my best moments were spent sharing a laugh, an idea, a dance with a man who could light up any room. I am sorry I missed his last days, but the years I knew him will remain precious to both Patrick and I. We mourn his absence in this world.  Peace and special love to all the VanLockerens with whom we share so much."

This tribute was added by Susan Bada on 9th November 2014

"David was always upbeat and optimistic.  We enjoyed having him join us at lunch, and hope he had as good a time with us.
We're going to miss him,  
Ben Bada"

This tribute was added by Susan Bada on 9th November 2014

"I'm so grateful to have gotten to spend even just a little time with David.  Visits with him were a peaceful respite for me.  He was gracious and generous with his time even though he knew he had little left.  I will always remember his grace and kind soul."

This tribute was added by Mazin Shooni on 9th November 2014

"May you rest peacefully in Billiard Heaven.  We will miss you, your smile and your incredible grace.  There will never be another "Gentleman Dave."  Your friend Mazin."

This tribute was added by kristyn secory on 8th November 2014

"As I have had the great opportunity this past week to rewind in my mind's eye all of my precious memories of my Uncle David, one stood out the most.  My Mom and I were travelling to visit my Uncle Tom in San Francisco and had an overnight layover in New York City.  Dear David met us after working all day in the city and showed us the town.  I had never been to New York before and this was my first introduction to the Big Apple. I knew my Mom and David were on tight budgets but we did everything without a cost, except our dinner.  He knew my Mom loved pasta so our first stop was to the Italian area were we had a wonderful dinner.  We walked everywhere and he pointed everything out with excitement and enthusiasm as if he was seeing everything for the first time as well.  The absolute highlight of the evening was going into St. Patrick's Cathedral.  We stayed there for a long time and took it all in quietly and with awe.  On our way out there was a homeless man sleeping in a pew.  David did not hesitate to put a bill under the sleeping man's arm.  I can't remember if it was a $10 or a $20 but it was sacrificial I knew that.  What an honor to have had that special time with him."

This tribute was added by Wendy Ziskie on 7th November 2014

"Dear Aunt Ronnie and Family:  I have some great memories of all the cousins getting together on Mt. Vernon and the numerous birthday parties when we all had the birthday hats on with all of our ages on them. I will keep all of my beloved Vanlokeren cousins in my prayers.  May God bless you and keep you and let His face shine upon you and grant you peace.  Love, Wendy, David and Elizabeth Ziskie, Warren, MI."

This tribute was added by amy ray on 7th November 2014

"I have fond memories of Grandpa Locker. One thing that I will always remember is whenever we would play basketball together he would challenge me to a face off. This would work by we would each have ten tries at the foul line and whoever got the most shots won.It usually goes back and fourth for who would win. But when it came to Aunt Maryalice's (Grandpa Van Lokeren's sister) turn, well she stunk. Which is surprising since she is married to an NBA star. I will always remember Grandpa.  

                                Love your grandson,
                                             Charlie Ray"

This tribute was added by John Jones on 7th November 2014

"So very sorry to hear of Dave's passing. Many fond memories - including when he helped me to prepare for the first Orange Classic 10k (Middletown, NY) in 1980. Peace and prayers to Dave and his family -"

This tribute was added by Gordon Jones on 6th November 2014

"I'm incredible saddened to hear about Dave, prayers are with Dave and his family. I always admired Dave - he was the one who primarily inspired me to start running 30-some odd years ago. A quick search of the internet for Dave turned up numerous billiard articles, all referring to him as 'Gentelman Dave' - I couldn't agree more! His pictures always show him with a broad grin on his face, the way I'll always remember him!"

This tribute was added by Lisa Schwartz on 6th November 2014

"David, I was so happy to reconnect with you recently after all these years.  I will cherish our conversations.  God's grace and peace shined brightly through you. Remember I told you that just because I would not be able to see you or talk to you in the same way after your passing I was not letting you off the hook on your godfather duties. I know you will continue to watch over your family and friends.  My deepest condolences to your family.  Until we meet again.... Love, Lisa"

This tribute was added by Lionel Mellet on 6th November 2014

"So many memories rushed in when we heard of Dave’s passing…..all good, all joyful.  Here's one that taught me so much:
He and I worked in the garment district in the mid 70’s where we got to meet a lot of old jewish guys, many survivors of Nazi concentration camps and, I reckon, who had an understandably strong reticence towards young Aryan looking men (like Dave and me in our younger days).  Yet Dave could break through their protective shells and make these old guys laugh, make them open up and before you knew it, they’d be inviting us to have lunch with them….  That’s how he was with everyone.  You felt happy and upbeat around him.

Cecilia and I, with all of our children: our hearts go out to the Van Lokerens today during this most sorrowful time.  Dave was such a dear friend.  We pray that his wonderful spirit remains and shines upon you.
…So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Cecilia and Lionel"

This tribute was added by Cathy Brennan on 6th November 2014

"Dave for me was  a delight to be with -- a  Godly, gracious, good to the core man who I loved to be around.  It was hard not to be struck by his amazing movie star good looks, yet, as Celeste said in her tribute- his true magic was how good he made you feel when you spent time with him.  My favorite times with Dave were jogging 7 or so miles with him, my wonderful husband Joe, and my sweet friend for life - Suzanne.  The 4 of us ran from point A to point B together everyday at 5:00 in the afternoon when I was 25 years old.  What an adventure that was.  The thing that I am most grateful to him for, and amazed at - was when Dave was bartending. I took my mother who was visiting me from out of town to  have a drink on the night Dave was the bartender.  He charmed her and it was such a fun night for her because she felt that sweet warm loved feeling from Dave whom she'd never met before."

This tribute was added by margaret monahan on 6th November 2014

"Dave drove a van full of my extended family from JFK to Upstate NY mid December when beloved husband Jim died decades ago.  Family commented on his kind and caring demeanor.  I loved Dave long before that gesture and send prayers to his children and grandchildren from Mikie Monahan and family"

This tribute was added by Cecilia Galante on 6th November 2014

"I remember Dave's big laugh and the crinkles around his eyes when he smiled. Big blue eyes. I remember helping him sweep the dining room floor while listening to James Taylor. "I seen fire and I seen rain." You saw both Dave, and endured both, and I love you more for it."

This tribute was added by Celeste O'Neil on 5th November 2014

"What I remember most about Dave(recently)  was an uncanny ability  to always make the conversation about you! He managed to make you talk about yourself or your family - deflecting sweetly in a way. Always about the O'Neils.. an unforgettable smile too that lit a room!"

This tribute was added by Becky Bennett on 5th November 2014

"To all of David's family,
David's happy smile and the twinkle in his eyes will always be remembered. When I think of David I remember his loving, warm, and all accepting heart. What a great man, friend, Dad, brother, son, and uncle. Thank you God for sharing your precious David with us. Love, Becky"

This tribute was added by mary alice fox on 5th November 2014

"To my beloved brother who touched and changed everyone's life in the most positive and lasting way that one can imagine.  He is my hero.
Love, Mary Alice"

This tribute was added by amy ray on 5th November 2014

"Rest peacefully Pop. You endured with incredible grace and dignity. I love you and miss you and your corny jokes. XO Amy"

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