his Life

My dad's life

He was born Dec 20th 1961 to Marvin Breland and Maudie lynell Knight. He at age 6 mths then became the son of Minnie Lou mcraney. Who then meet a lady Sheila lakaye Breland I'm March of 1980 who then became with child Angela Breland they then proceeded to get married April 11th 1981. I was born June 20th 1981. Then my sister was born Dec 27th 1984 Sandra lakaye Breland. My dad then had four back surgeries a knee surgery and bout 15 stints pit in his heart ova the years. He was a bad diabetic who went down hill these last two years. We where told sep. 2015 that he had less than a year to live. What makes me happy the last couple of months of his life he was able to enjoy his life he was able to buy what he wanted eat what he wanted. He enjoyed the last six months of his life. Daddy I wish I was there with u to look upon my father's face. To be with u and my daughter and also my lost loved ones. One day I will see u again and be with yall R.I.P. until we meet again!!!!