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David's family from Minneasota

July 10, 2019

David was my Brother. This is his sister Barb. I just found out that he passed. It feels very sad. Growing up with David was interesting. He was the little brother (he was 10 years younger than me). Always bugging me and my boy friend. So many memories it is difficult to pin point one. I remember the time he and his friend were learning/practicing jumping their bikes over each other.(good plan lol) Only instead of laying crosswise, David laid lengthwise and his friend jumped over him and landed on David's head. David was always doing silly things like that. 

Over the years we have often thought about David. He choose to go his own way. It sounds like he had a full life with family and friends.

Just thought you would like to know David has 2 Nieces Lynlee and Jill. They are both married. Lynlee has 3 children Nikki 17, Kaci 13, and Blake 8 and Jill has 2 children Riley 3 and Carson 1. These are your cousins.

David's sisters Dianne, Kathy and Barb and David's cousin Trudy have wanted to communicate with David for a long time. Now, sadly it won't ever happen.

I am glad to see that he was loved and enjoyed his life. I am sure you all miss him.

Movie Memory

July 8, 2019

I am one of David’s nieces, just learning now July 8 of my uncle’s death. It’s strange to explain the fallout with the family, for one of the last memories I have was when I was 13 years old, but for whatever reasons he did not want contact with us, I’m happy to hear he had a loving family that supported him in his music. To me,  He was my crazy, fun uncle- the only one I had. The best memory I recall was he offered to take me to the movies... just him and me. I was beyond excited!!! and he drove me (in the pouring rain at night) to the Apple Valley Movie Theater to see Edward Scissorhands.  It was my first experience seeing a PG - 13 movie and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Even though he probably only wanted to see the movie, because he said he had a thing for Winona Ryder, I will never forget that movie night out. I had brief encounters with his first wife, Amy, and his daughter, Sage later in life. I remember driving to his apartment in Bloomington MN to visit them, but the movie night was my favorite memory that I will never forget. May God bring you peace. 

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