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We’ll miss you !

Shared by John Cario on March 21, 2021
I’m not sure exactly when I met David, but it’s been many years.  We’ve both been in the RVA hospitality circles for awhile.  David was always the RVA cheerleader in all he did and represented Richmond well assisting all attracting business to our city.  David always was friendly and cheerful and again true to his hospitality nature.  From his many social posts I know he was a great dad and proud of his children.  I was involved with SKAL with David as well as he worked to bring this organization to Richmond.  He was also the life of the party at many of the industry meetings andevents I would see him at.  He’ll be missed but I know he’s smiling down on all of us.  If we all could be as positive and uplifting as he was we’ll certainly continue his legacy.  

Simple gesture made special

Shared by Nelson Jones on March 20, 2021
One spring day a few years back I’m walking up east Cary Street from 12th street with a couple friends looking for a lunch spot. The sidewalks were crowded with other folks also taking advantage of the nice weather on their lunch break and the cars were bumper to bumper on the narrow one way street. Over the loud idling of traffic and idle chit chat of coworkers I suddenly hear someone shouting my name. I stop and look around but could not determine where the voice came from. So we continue on up the hill for another block when I hear the voice again. All of a sudden there is a car pulling up beside us and it’s David hanging out of the passenger side window calling my name and having the driver slow down in the busy traffic so we could talk for a few seconds. I hadn’t seen David in a couple of years.The traffic behind thenow stopped car was getting restless but David kept on talking until we had a brief catch up on each other. One of David’s companions in the back seat rolled down his window and said David made us drive around the block until we caught up with you.
Later that day I thought back on that moment, and I guess in some way it made me feel kind of special that David would inconvenience his cohorts and take the extra effort so we could exchange a few words.
So I think that was one of David’s missions in life - to make you feel special.
Shared by Jen Lorentzen on March 19, 2021
I was really excited to meet David, Ken had raved about him. He gave me a giant hug right away, and I just knew this guy was going to be a part of our family. He had a way of listening, while also being the life of the party. I've loved hearing stories about how he always made folks feel included, that is a value born from real kindness. Like many, I shared his enthusiasm for really great food - yet I think my favorite memory is of a hot summer day at Waterman's enjoying those trashy but delightful Orange Crushes. David gave you permission to indulge - to enjoy yourself and the moment. I loved the love between him and Ken, it was a joy to be around their banter and affection and I'm so grateful for the time they had together.

One last drink before bed...

Shared by Jennifer Turlington on March 19, 2021
Whenever we went to conferences & shows, we stayed busy the whole time. We were on committees, we covered

 shifts at the Virginia booth & we had our appointments. However, we loved all of the evening events, especially the themed ones! Last time we were in Louisville, KY, they had a great party at the Kentucky Derby Museum where we were encouraged to wear hats. David had a fedora & I wore a fascinator. After the party, we get back to the hotel & all I want to do is fall into the bed. David convinces me to have one last drink before calling it a night. 3 drinks later, we've chatted with friends, we've laughed, we've snacked and David decides to model my fascinator & the worst part was, it looked way better on him! He could always rock a headpiece!!!

Journal of positive memories for David Becker

Shared by Arielle Becker on March 19, 2021
Feel free to leave any positive memories or funny stories you have of my dad. I can't wait to look back on this page and remember all of the love and fun times he shared with others. 

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