David, you will remain in our hearts forever. We love you.
  • 54 years old
  • Born on October 11, 1963 in Wenzhou, China.
  • Passed away on October 21, 2017 in New York City, United States.

Dear Friends,

On behalf of his family and with heavy heart I announce the passing of Shenou David Cai. David passed away peacefully on October 21, 2017 after three and a half years of brave battle with cancer. He was 54 years old. David leaves behind his elderly parents, his young children, a son and two daughters, his elder brother and many relatives and friends who loved him so very much.

On behalf of his family I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all who supported and helped David during his last days in life. Many thanks to his students, especially thanks to Li Songting, Dai Wei, Xu Zhiqing, Zhang Yaoyu and Xiao Yanyang for their meticulous care and companionship.

We set up this memorial website for family and friends to share memories of David.


October 22, 2017







Posted by Joey Tribbiani on 22nd October 2018
Did they get you to trade Your heroes for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change?
Posted by Ruihan Zhang on 21st October 2018
Posted by Gregor Kovacic on 21st October 2018
David was a great spirit, great mind, and a great guy! He inspired us all. We should try to carry his torch as best we can.
Posted by Feng He on 21st October 2018
Posted by Douglas Zhou on 21st October 2018
Posted by Jack Zhao on 21st October 2018
We miss you. We love you.
Posted by Qiu Yang on 20th October 2018
Posted by Xiaxi Cai on 11th October 2018
Posted by Liang Hong on 11th October 2018
Posted by Dongqing Wei on 11th October 2018
I am flattered for the fact we had an opportunity working such a great scientist like you!
Posted by Jack Zhao on 11th October 2018
Posted by Jack Zhao on 26th September 2018
Xiaxi turns 15 today!
Posted by Zhiqin Xu on 16th August 2018
Posted by Jack Zhao on 5th April 2018
Rest in peace.
Posted by Hidetoshi Konno on 7th November 2017
Dear David Jack informed me that you are gone to HEAVEN. I missed you since I believed in that you could recover from the disease. Now I am reminding happy good days with you in Los Alamos, Shanghai and Tokyo. At Los Alamos, you were communicating frequently with me about mathematical physics, statistical physics and nonlinear wave phenomena during my stay there. We also exchanged the philosophical thinking on Chinese culture and Japanese one there. At Shanghai, I observed that you were conducting many research projects, teaching many excellent students and inspiring young researchers. Also, you treated me many times in excellent Chinese restaurants. Conversations with you and your excellent young researchers were one of my treasures in my life. At the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, you kindly gave an excellent invited talk on ``multi-scale modeling of the primary visual cortex’’ in our meeting on biomedical engineering. Your talk was quite impressed for all of us. Also you kindly encouraged our PhD students during the stay in Tokyo. Reminding is also the cheerful time of visiting Sushi-Bar with me. Thank you very much David for everything done for me during in the past. I am sure that you will be living in our minds with the persons who met you and communicate with you here. I pray that you are with GOD in HEAVEN, and your wishes and dreams for your family members, your excellent students and all of your friends will be realized in the near future. Hidetoshi
Posted by Nan Li on 5th November 2017
Posted by Pamela Pyzza on 2nd November 2017
David was an incredibly influential person during my time as an undergraduate and Ph.D. student at RPI. His insights in the fields of computational neuroscience and applied mathematics are beyond impressive and he has left an everlasting mark on the academic world. His advisory guidance through my Ph.D. was more than appreciated and respected. David’s influence extended much further than my academic life, his sincere care about our well-being as students and people was always apparent. I learned just as many life lessons as I did mathematical ones from David. He will be truly missed by all of those who knew him and had the honor of spending time with him.
Posted by Julia Takahashi on 30th October 2017
I didn’t know David or your family but wanted to share some words of encouragement. From your comments I can see he accomplished many things in life. Although death just seems to be a part of life it doesn’t make it any easier to see our loved ones pass away. We can take comfort in knowing that it wasn’t God’s original purpose for people to die. We can look forward to a time when John 5:28, 29 will be fulfilled and there will be a resurrection. Until that time deep sympathy—-Julia
Posted by Ruohong Li on 30th October 2017
Rest in Peace.
Posted by Michael L on 29th October 2017
I had Professor Cai for my Networks and Dynamics class in Shanghai, China. He only taught for around four weeks of the course before the next circulation, but in that time you could tell he had a power and confidence about him. He would wear a chain and a tank top to class, a sight not much seen, but a sight that again let you know his life was one of a straightshooter - a mind deep in his work, relishing in the excitement of it. He always seemed young in spirit yet old in wisdom. He never harbored any animosity, nor do I know of any student that held any against him. Beyond his impressive research and intellectualism, his absolute line of sight is something he's left behind that we can all be inspired by in his name. And although I only knew him from the ever-present eye contact in the class where we talked of chaos and nonlinear dynamics, there was a fire passed on through that.
Posted by Shimeng Lin on 29th October 2017
表哥: 我们虽然不常见面,但你的卓越才华我一直以你为傲,你的离去让我久久无法接受...... 天堂之上愿你能健健康康、永无疾病。
Posted by Haizhao Yang on 28th October 2017
Posted by Xiaonan Li on 28th October 2017
“申瓯: 得知你离去的消息时,心情万分悲痛,往事件件的从记忆深处浮现。自从你去了美国以后,我们就没有再见过面。 看到人们对你的追思留言,了解到你对科学和教育的热爱和执著,这也使我联想到学生时代的你。记得小时候暑假我们邻居小孩子们一起在党校校园玩耍,而你每次总是先画完画才跟我们玩,你坚持画画,几乎把校园里每个景色都画过了。当时我们只看到你画得逼真,而且不厌其烦地画树枝和建筑。现在看到你在学术界的高深造诣,我才明白你在小小的年纪就学会对事物从不同的角度去观察和理解。 记得开学的时候,因为你刚搬到温州,第一天上学我和姐姐还绕道去你家带你去学校。现在想来,我还曾经给你这位大师当过‘引路人’ 呢。记得小时候经过你家门口时,常常听到你父亲和你一起讨论《参考消息》上的内容,小小年纪已经开始关心起国际大事,而当时我们这些同龄人还沉浸在小人书,连环画的世界里。 虽然在学校各方面你都是第一,但是你在我们小伙伴当中也有个‘倒数第一’的名誉。因为你小时候跑得特别慢,伙伴们分组做游戏竞赛时,你总是最后一个才被大家挑选。后来我们在高中时曾经打过羽毛球,你那时的扣杀力已经让我乖乖地甘拜下风。 在北京上大学时,我们曾经一起讨论各自的专业和今后的发展方向。记得有一次你拿了我的一本书翻阅,马上就里边的内容提出了自己不同的观点,你认为从物理学的观点来看,书本上有些内容不符合自然规律。对于当时习惯于灌输式教育的我,根本就没想到课本上的内容还有疑问,当时我们争论不休。后来你把自己的物理课本拿来给我,上面密密麻麻地写着你的注释和自己的独特见解,还希望我阅后也写上自己的理解和意见。当时我觉得北大的物理书对我来说就像天书,根本看不懂,再说,我的专业跟物理没关,所以就把书原封不动的还给了你。回想起来,当时确实辜负了你的好意,没有利用这个近水楼台先得月的优势,拓宽自己的视野,培养自身的跨学科技能。现在自己作为一个教育工作者,才领悟到其中的意义。你在学生时期就先知先觉,知道从不同的视角去观察社会,以质疑的态度去阅读书本,并把不同的学科融汇贯通在一起,在科学领域驾轻就熟。这些正是我们现代社会知识日新月异,社会不断创新的背景下对人才的技能需求。这也使我更好地理解你为什么对科学研究和培养人才如此敬业,忘记自我。 你对别人的关爱也是人人皆知。记得有一次在大学篮球比赛时我不小心崴了脚,没有去参加我们温州同学的周末聚会。第二天你就来学校看我,还给我带来了一袋水果。我当时大吃一惊,因为那时我们互相串校,就地吃学校食堂,从来不带东西。当时我同宿舍的杭州同学(也知道你的大名)就说了:‘我还以为他就知道读书呢,还挺懂人情杂事的!’ 回忆往事是美好的,回到现实是残酷的。到现在我还是难以相信,在社会急需你大显身手,施展才华的时候,你却早早地离开了我们。愿你在天堂一切安好!以后我回国时会去看望你的父母,为你尽一份孝心,让你少一份牵挂。 晓楠
Posted by Joey Tribbiani on 27th October 2017
Has anyone here seen my old friend David? Can you tell me where he's gone? You know, he freed a lot of people but it seems the good die young I just looked around and he was gone...
Posted by Niels Gronbech-Jensen on 27th October 2017
While at Los Alamos, David was first my collaborator, then also my postdoc, and always my inseparable friend, from whom I learnt invaluable scientific and personal traits that are still with me today. He had a remarkable presence of competency, perfection, and warmth in everything from science, to political and philosophical discussions, to food and art, and even to lifting weights, which was a significant part of our weekly routine. I am professionally proud to have been part of David's early career, and I am immensely grateful for his close friendship, which he readily extended to my family and our cat. As our careers eventually took us in different geographic directions it was expected that we would naturally reconnect and reunite one day. The anticipation of that day always gave a bright outlook. The change in this outlook has left a deep void. David, you will be sorely missed by many, including me.
Posted by Fan Cheng on 26th October 2017
I never met with David or talked to him before. In 2015, I submitted many applications to universities around the world for a faculty position. One of them reached to David's desk. He carefully read it and decided not not give me a chance at his institute but he forwarded my materials to Prof. John Hopcroft, which helps me to open the door of SJTU. When got the invitation letter from Jiao Tong University, I was really surprised. I can hardly image how many emails he could recive everyday. Even though he is very busy, he still carefully process every email for his university. I knew he had been illed for quite a long time. But i was really shocked to know this sad news. It is a great loss for China academics.
Posted by Manman Ma on 25th October 2017
Posted by 广科 孟 on 25th October 2017
Posted by XianZhou Zhang on 25th October 2017
蔡教授是我的表舅公。 从小父亲就一直以温州蔡家兄弟的传奇事迹激励我们好学上进,可以说蔡舅公一直是我们家兄弟姐妹心目中的一盏明灯和精神偶像! 前几年,得知舅公作为长江学者和千人计划专家,受聘回交大报效国家,父亲还让我写Email给蔡舅公,本欲趁全家去上海游览世博会期间去拜访舅公,让我们晚辈得以亲炙舅公的教诲;可惜当时行程匆忙,也怕打扰教授繁忙的工作,未能成行。 不意父亲去年不幸病逝,今日又闻舅公噩耗,父亲之愿,终无实现的可能,真真乃人生中巨大的遗憾和伤痛,令人不胜唏嘘悲涕! 这些天,一直无法接受和相信舅公离去的事实! 人生有尽,宇宙无穷,叹苍天为何不能护佑这样一个高贵伟大的灵魂、这样一颗充满睿智博爱的雄心、这样一位充满激情的探索者和慈爱的导师,让他能够实现满腔滚烫的报国雄志???天妒英才,雄鹰折翅,痛何如哉,痛何如哉!!! 这些天,拜读舅公在交大开学典礼上的演讲,深为叹服,您的视野和胸怀原来自小就驰骋在自由的时空万维,有包罗万象的格局!我愿意相信,您只是去了另外一个时空,继续探索您所热爱的真理科学! 斯人虽逝,雄业永在; 斯人虽去,求真务实、博爱仁慈之风范长存; 斯人虽远,您的征途,必有后继,永是您爱的星辰大海! “每当我找不到存在的意义,每当我迷失在黑夜里”, 您永是我们夜空中最亮的星! 请舅公家人及堂上二位老人节哀保重! 愿舅公三位孩子健康茁壮成长! 舅公安息!愿巴赫的音乐永伴您! --- 晚辈后学 章显洲 及钱库章家 哀悼
Posted by Zheng Xuemei on 25th October 2017
Posted by Witt Wang on 24th October 2017
I got to know David at Los Alamos. Besides we were apprentice-fellows under Dr. Alan Bishop at T-11, his formal B.S. adviser at Peking Univ., Prof. Danhua Qin, is also the wife of my Ph.D. adviser, Prof. Zhao-bin Su at CAS. We were friends since. David taught me many things, and we had lots of fun together. We shared many friends, and I had the chance to meet his parents. As my wife recalled my last Christmas at Los Alamos, we had a party at Dr. Zukun Chen's house. All the other parties at the table are still alive and well, only David parted forever! The car he sold me was wrecked in a snow storm at Los Alamos, but I am still driving the way David taught me. The music clubs he had me joined were all out of business, but I am still listening to the same classical music he introduced me to. David might paint or draw no more, but the paintings he painted are still hanging somewhere in my house. Some people live after their death because they are remembered. We couldn't find a proper way to send our condolences to his grieving parents and family, and hope in this way David could be remembered as we shall always do.
Posted by Haijiang Ou on 24th October 2017
落叶时节,闻君乘风而去。不曾想你与撒但已抗争了三年有余,四月份还曾在网上看到过有你的春季授课,现实有时真的无语。 自从高中毕业后,我们再无见过面。你在我脑里留下的永远是那个在九山河畔的青年才俊;甜甜的微笑,能看穿空气似的眼神。 记得大学时曾去信请教,你那沉甸甸的回信里是满满的朋友与兄长之爱。 03年我们曾有一次通话。你大侃从一个数学模型看美国两党的政治走向,也大赞地球另一边的高效发展。最后曾相约有机会见个面吃顿饭。 相信地球是我们的短途之旅。相信你是到另一个世界去了。依你的性格,你可能还是会大步流星往前走。给自己算个小数学题;没必要分秒必争,没必要废寝忘食,更没必要经常熬夜。 哪天追随而去,必先要与你补了那顿饭。希望到时别找不到北。 窗外满眼的红叶,黄叶,绿叶,感觉全是对你的思念。一路走好。
Posted by Alan Bishop on 24th October 2017
I LOVED working with David during his years at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos in the 1990s. Ostensibly, David was the student and I was the mentor. I was indeed 15 years older but most of the time I felt he was 15 years my senior in mathematical dexterity and physical insights! Those years of partnership and productivity -- and friendship -- shine brightly in my memory. It has been a delight to follow his wonderful career since leaving Los Alamos. David's life has been cut short cruelly but his impact will survive for many years to come in the lives of those he taught and helped. A life too short, but a life so well lived. Peace to your family David and rest well. Alan.
Posted by Yong Ren on 24th October 2017
状元年少万人英, 致远何堪负重行。 学有所成真教授, 心无旁骛是书生。 悟得天上一时事, 换取凡间亘古名。 下蔡风华终复去, 申江瓯水此悲同。
Posted by Xianfeng Chen on 24th October 2017
Posted by 朱 旭笛 on 24th October 2017
Posted by Xiang ZHOU on 24th October 2017
初见David,是14年之前鄂维南在北大组织的第一期暑期班讲授统计力学的班上,穿着紧身背心,裸露性感肌肉,脖子还有粗粗的金项链,彻底颠覆我对大学教授的认知下限。然而,一旦接触,就知道蔡老师是那么温暖、平和、热心的人,毫无架子。后来蔡老师有段时间又在北大给本科生开常规课程和接触研究生,教授了很多北大应数出来的学生,其中不少后来一直受益蔡老师的指点。我在读博士期间,在北大访问时请教过David非线性动力学的基础知识,蔡老师事无巨细,很有耐心,当时给我了很大的信心。后来,常去Courant, 也常去交大,每次见到David跟他打招呼聊天,都是非常开心。David Cai温暖的人格魅力,耐心育人的品格,渊博而独特的知识视角,令每一个有过接触的人都难以忘怀。 如今一番病魔搏斗之后,斯人已去留余念,秋风飘瑟也致远。 愿David安息,愿家人节哀。
Posted by Ying Tang on 24th October 2017
两个月前发邮件请蔡老师帮忙做为申请的reference, 他很快回复说愿意写。半个月前找他写推荐信时,他说很抱歉,由于身体疾病无法胜任。那时才知道蔡老师已经癌症晚期,以致到了临终关怀期。而两个月前他竟然在如此严重的病痛折磨下依然愿意帮忙。。。天妒英才,让这样一位伟大的老师早早离开了我们!祈祷蔡老师在天堂一切安好。
Posted by Wei Zhu on 23rd October 2017
昨日惊悉David的离去,甚感痛心,痛心!!! 我04年博士毕业后去Courant做博士后,做的也是Neuroscience,但方法与David的大相径庭。私下一直想沿袭David的方法,那时却终未成。就是最近尚想着过几年再跟David作Neuroscience的,却再无可能了。 David是我遇见过的最聪明的人中最用功的,没有之一。我在Courant期间,因为需要等待计算结果,常于夜里一两点回去,自以为勤奋已极,但电梯隔壁的办公室里David仍工作着,等我早上八点多来所里时,David居然还在!有时忍不住问David,为何如此用功,身体竟然又如此康健。David只回答了我的第二问:人体有很多状态,需要激活。彼时我正作Neuroscience数值试验,对neurons的firing rates引导系统的状态刚有些了解,觉得可能确实如此。 David也是我见过的知识最广博的人。他曾对我们说过他可以作各种方向的物理,其实何止物理,应用数学,生物,化学和金融他都游刃有余。记得08年David,孙懿,和我去Princeton开会,在火车上聊数学,他说大约他在小学时就找到了V-E+F=2的证明,令人叹服。后来又聊起三国,我因把一本三国志翻烂而得意于了解其中的人物,不想David竟又有很多独到见解,犹记他说的曹操的“奉天子以令诸侯”,此“奉”非“挟”。 David又是乐于助人的人。08年我找工作,因第一次job talk作的不好,心情沮丧。David提出让我在他和Mike面前作下演讲,看如何改进。演讲过后,David对Mike说我可以拿个尚可学校的offer,这是对我的工作的最好的鼓励和肯定,令我感激不忘。 David回国组建研究所时希望我回去,因为我曾对他说过此想法。David为此为我作了很多arguement,然终因我的各种原因而事未成。总想着以后有机会当面感谢,却无可能了。 今早到办公室,我打开了许久未曾开启的Skype,这是专门用来跟David联系而注册的,那个八卦图的头像依旧,却再不能用了!在我的手机里列着一长串联系人电话号码,David的在第二个,可再无法打通了!我将永远保留它,以纪念David。 朱炜
Posted by Nan Li on 23rd October 2017
倪明康院士曾经跟我们说,你去搜搜kolmogorov怎么带学生的,看看中国的院士怎么带学生的。。。现在我发现,蔡老师带学生的风格,和kolmogorov好象。 以蔡老师的学术,人品,国内多几位这样的老师,中国的学术界必然是完全不同的一番景象。 惜哉!
Posted by Lexing Ying on 23rd October 2017
Posted by Xi Yang on 23rd October 2017
大二时才进入致远。遗憾未能聆听蔡老师的教诲。 曾经对蔡老师的研究内容进行了一些了解,于是感而叹之,敬服不已。 直到蔡老师逝世的消息传来,方才如梦初醒,这样一位大师竟是无缘相见了。怀着沉痛的心情干完了一天的活,回到住处方才后知后觉地流出泪来。 无论之后的路怎么走,希望能够学到蔡老师不受限制的对知识的纯粹的好奇与热情。 先生之风,山高水长。 老师一路走好
Posted by Chongchun Zeng on 23rd October 2017
I am deeply saddened by the news of David's pass away. It was exactly 20 years ago I got to know David when we both started to be postdocs at Courant Institute. I feel so lucky and honored that ever since David has been a great friend. On numerous occasions I have benefited so much from our conversations either on mathematics, sciences in general, or in all aspects of life. David is not only a amazingly broad and deep scientist with great taste, but also a decent person. I admire David's great courage in his struggle against the illness in the past more than 3 years. I still vividly remember our last dinner together in April. It is so sad that David leaves us so early. He will be badly missed by many of us. Best wishes to David family! Chongchun Zeng 曾崇纯
Posted by Sheng Dai on 23rd October 2017
David, We were classmates in the High School at Wenzhou for two years. At the High School, you were good at everything you studied. After the High School, we met three times. The first time was at the home of our mutual friend (Yaobin Cao) at Wenzhou before both of us departed for USA in the summer of 1986. Your character and originality were nicely reflected in your unique style of clothing that is still vivid in my brain. I still had a fond memory of the occasion. Our second meeting was at Los Alamos, New Mexico in 1994. I was invited to give a talk on fiberoptic instrumentation at LANL. We had a lunch together in a small café and discussed many items including politics. I noticed that you had your independent opinion on political science too. Our last meeting was at Wenzhou in 1999. Both of us were attending the Oversea Chinese for Development of Wenzhou (“Dog and Pony Show” by the current standard). We were so happy to take advantage of the opportunity to meet our high-school classmates. Your talent and personality are contagious and have the lasting positive impact on people interacting with you. You set a high caliber on how a good scientist should do. You will be deeply missed!!!
Posted by Min Tang on 23rd October 2017
刚刚听到噩耗时,真的不知道怎么表达心里的难过,虽然在准备视频时早就有了心理准备,但还是觉得蔡老师这么受人爱戴和尊敬,这么有人格魅力的人会坚持下来。 蔡老师对于研究院的年轻人来说就像一棵大树,帮我们遮风挡雨,帮我们指点方向,即使是在生病期间,还给我们讲homogenization的讨论课,后来听到同事谈起他当时的状况时,完全无法想象什么样的精神支撑着他做这些事情。 他是纯粹的科学家,因为兴趣,因为好奇进行研究;他对工作的态度,对学生的付出感染和影响身边的每一个人;他总是说要做科学,中国在一直上升我们要做出贡献,他是真正的理想主义者。 非常感激能遇到这样一位榜样,希望我们能够传承他的精神。 愿安息,愿家人保重。
Posted by Zhiwen Zhang on 23rd October 2017
大学三年级的暑假,我跟博凯、金山一起参加了北京大学举办的应用数学暑期学校,有幸聆听过蔡教授讲的神经元数学建模和模拟的课程,使用matlab进行数值模拟Hodgkin–Huxley model,感受到科学计算的魅力,从而选择这个方向作为我的专业。后来再没有机会聆听蔡老师的报告或者课程,非常遗憾。感谢您对年轻人的启蒙和培养。高山仰止,景行行止。愿您一路走好。
Posted by Zhuocheng Xiao on 23rd October 2017
我在两年前大三的暑假见到来北京开会的蔡老师,因为彼时有申请NYU的CNS项目之意,逮着蔡老师开会的空隙觍颜“强行”和他聊了两句我的本科工作和申请的意愿。不久蔡老师便因事离开,我以为一切到此为止,谁知凌晨一点之时,蔡老师短信约我第二天在开会场所见面,而一下聊了数个小时。天马行空,从我的本科工作出发,聊及神经、生物、社会、历史。凡一话题,蔡老师必有所见,见则必有深刻剖析。平生与人畅谈,竟是此次最为畅快。 从此而知,时刻抱着对一切知识的渴望和对真理的追求,而试图去广泛的涉猎和思考人类的一切,乃是每个大科学家必修课。 我那时以为,蔡老师愿意拨冗与我长谈,乃是因为我本科导师“面子”的缘故,后来才了解到,他对每个有趣的学生,都是如此。 而我那时不知道,他已经和癌症奋战一年。 而今而后,自当以蔡老师为学术和为人的楷模。吾辈后来者砥砺奋进,岂敢让逝者专美于前!
Posted by Qizeng Cai on 23rd October 2017
堂弟比我小1岁,少年时的身影依稀可见,记得申瓯读初中光景来过蔡里老家一次,那时家里还是老宅,当中有大厅间,兄弟过招,申瓯力气很大,我打不过他。去美国以后,大概是90年代中,有回故乡一趟,我还忙着写标语表示欢迎,因不知道他的准确职称,到底写博士好还是写教授好呢?心里思量了一番,那天还有雨和风,我在他可能进村的路口都贴了标语。高中期间我给他写过信,他回信介绍武夷山风光,说是“碧水丹山”,我印象非常深刻。斯人已去,愿他在天堂里不要再那么忙碌,安息吧! 蔡启增
Posted by Weijun Cai on 23rd October 2017
从未见面过的蔡申鸥兄弟,安息吧。昨天在网上看到“千人教授蔡申鸥过世”的消息,心头不由得一紧,像是失去了一个老熟人 一样。其实我与你不但从未蒙面,甚至都没有听说过你。首先从名字上,我知道你是青田温州一带人。因为我祖祖辈辈都是喝瓯江水长大的,又都姓蔡, 所以一下子就有了一种亲近感,也许我们祖上都是温州平阳人吧。第二我们都有相似的经历,学术上都稍有成就,工作上也很努力,很认真。虽然我没有去中国做千人教授,我在培养中国学生学者方面也花了不少时间精力。看了你的学生与同事们给你留的言,感慨 万分,看来我们都是以学术为乐趣的人,也都是愿意帮助年轻人的人。我好像觉得冥冥之中我们本来是可以交朋友的人。痛惜。 前些年一位年长我10几岁的学术上的朋友突然生癌症过世,当时听说了极其的震惊。这些年也感慨了不少同龄人的去世,但是今天我是第一次被一位完全陌生的人的去世震惊了。希望申鸥教授家人节哀。也希望我的朋友们,同龄人也都注意锻炼保养劳逸结合。 Weijun Cai, University of Delaware
Posted by Jingwei Liang on 23rd October 2017
一直以来都很庆幸自己的硕士学习是在自然科学研究院完成的,正是在INS两年多的学习生活彻底改变了我的人生轨迹,而这一切都是因为蔡老师的影响。 第一次见到蔡老师,是选择硕士导师时的一次简短面试:金项链、白背心、大头鞋,还有那招牌微笑。因为我的硕士导师张小群老师刚入职不久,按学校规定程序上还不能带学生,所以刚入学的几个月我是蔡老师名下的学生。真正让我感受到蔡老师独一无二的个人魅力是在讨论班和学术报告上。在讨论班上,蔡老师总是可以将各种复杂的概念公式用极为简约直观的方式解释给大家;而在学术报告上,不管是什么样主题的报告,他总是可以完全听懂并且提出各种切中要害的问题——在我看来,蔡老师就是无所不知的代名词!而且不止于此,艺术哲学还有音乐,他都有自己独到的见解。 在硕士行将结束考虑是否继续深造博士的时候,蔡老师给我了很多建议和鼓励,让我坚定了读博以及在学术上坚持下去的信心。后来博士结束申请博后的时候,蔡老师也给了我宝贵的建议。 14年十二月份,去纽约拜访了蔡老师并向他汇报了自己博士以来的工作。去年将写好的博士论文发给蔡老师的时候说要再去拜访他,却没想到……一直以来都觉得只要自己做的东西得到了蔡老师的认可就是有意义的,如今却再也没有机会汇报了。也不会有人说“英国来的,没有好吃的”,让我吃下最后一块披萨了。 亲爱的蔡老师: 谢谢您这些年来给予我的支持和鼓励!谢谢您为我打开了通往学术的大门,并给予我在这条路上走下去的勇气和信心!我可能永远也不会成为像您一样真正的科学家,但我会不断的努力,成为一个有用的人,并像您影响我一样去影响我将来的学生。 愿天堂不再有病痛,愿您安息。 您永远的学生:梁经纬 10/23/2017

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