Let the memory of David be with us forever
  • 66 years old
  • Born on October 23, 1948 .
  • Passed away on December 22, 2014 .

David Russell Cooper, 66 year old resident of Five Points, passed away, Monday, December 22, 2014.

The family of Mr. Cooper will have a memorial service on Saturday, January 10, 2015, at 2:00 PM EST from the State Line Christian Church in Five Points.

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Posted by Helen York on 24th October 2016
Happy Birthday, Buddy, on October 23rd. I wished you a Happy Birthday on your FB page on your Birthday as well. I go there quite often to pray with you. Love, and miss you so much. You have so many loved ones there with you now, y'all look over us, and keep us safe.
Posted by Larry Cooper on 24th October 2016
David (Brother and Friend) Missing you on your 68 th birthday Oct 23 and every day. At peace knowing that you are residing in Our Lord and Savior's Heavenly House, and that we will be united in His Kingdom. Praise be to God!
Posted by Helen York on 22nd December 2015
It's been 1 year today my brother ( BUDDY ) since you became an angel of GOD. I love, and miss you each, and everyday, as I always will.
Posted by Larry Cooper on 22nd December 2015
David, you were relieved of pain and suffering one year ago and even though I think of you often, I miss our conversations, your dry sense of humor, and the the fact that you knew a little about everything due to your extensive internet research. However, I remain at peace, in knowing that because of changes in your life and your complete acceptance of Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior, that we will be re-joined again in the Lord's House. Praise be to God! Your loving brother Larry
Posted by Helen York on 2nd February 2015
I think of you constantly, the bereavement is unbearable, I know it'll take a long time, I love , and miss you. Will be with you again someday, and just knowing this brings me peace.
Posted by Nena Jordan on 11th January 2015
I was saddened to hear that you had passed. You were my first true love, and though we parted ways, I always kept you near and dear to my heart. Your daughter, Heather was young when we were dating, but I would like for her to know, that she was blessed to have a father who loved and adored her, as much as you did. You were a great dad! It's been many years, sweet David, and I always hoped that you would find someone to love and care for you, as God found that special someone for me. I was so happy to hear that you had let God into your life. Now you are home, at peace, and watching down over your family. RIP my dear David.
Posted by Ricky Bishop on 10th January 2015
Rest in peace, uncle Buddy", we had some good times as children when you'd pick us up, and take us to your place when Heather was in town. You were so much fun, and so kind to us. It was always fun at the lake with you, and family reunions, too. Super Bowl parties you came to at our house. Thanksgiving dinners at Ruby's , and granny's, Thanksgiving at your clubhouse, and birthday parties, and more family reunions. You are with the angels, and GOD now, no more pain. Bless you, much love.
Posted by Drake Bishop on 10th January 2015
I was around you about 5 times in my life every time was a memorable one. I remember Thanksgiving in your new house, I was 5 years old I think, and you let me get your sword out, and check it out, since I had a collection of around 100 since I was a baby. I had lots of fun at your club house family reunions, the lake was nice, as well, and the day my Mom, (Tonia) and Nanny,(Helen) were at your new house all day while my mom, cut your grass with a push mower. You were such a kind man, great host, and awesome Great Uncle, R.I.P.
Posted by Forrest Cooper on 10th January 2015
buddy and I fought like brothers and we chose different crowds to hang with growing up. but you could,nt fight one without the other.I love you little brother and will miss you terribly. but I know you are in gods arms now and not suffering anymore.love you
Posted by Heather Carney on 9th January 2015
Leaving my Dad's side this past November reminded me of when I was a little girl leaving after 1 of our summer time visits. My Dad always accompanied me onto the plane & stayed by my side until the doors were about to close. I would cry as he walked off the plane & as I flew all the way back to NY. This November after I kissed his forehead, hugged him & said " goodbye, I love you so much Dad", he told me " don't cry darlin', I love you". I left his bedside, looked back at him lying in his bed looking so weak & knew that would be our final visit:( I miss my Dad every hour of every day but I know he's no longer suffering.
Posted by Tonia Bishop on 8th January 2015
I love you Uncle Buddy. You are missed.
Posted by Helen York on 8th January 2015
Buddy, I love, and miss you so much, You are with all the other angels who have gone before you in our extended family, and no longer in pain. Although you are so very missed here by all may you " REST IN PEACE ".
Posted by Larry Cooper on 8th January 2015
My brother David (our family always referred to him as "Buddy") and I were very close as young children. We played sports together and anytime I irritated others, he always came to my rescue. As young adults and during middle age, we were not quiet as close, but we did get together for a tennis match occasionally - and surprisingly in the early years, David won - even though I played on a regular basis & he only played occasionally - he did not like to loose. David will be missed by all of his family, and especially by the Apple of His Eyes, his Daughter Heather Cooper Carney, and his three grand-children: Reilly, Hana and Nathan. Be comforted that Papa is now "free of pain". I am most proud of the fact, that during the last years of his life, David reconnected with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In doing so, David did not loose, he actually gained the "unconditional love" of our Father in Heaven - David is now "free of pain" and each member of his family can be comforted in knowing that David is now resting in the Lord's House. (In closing, my sincere thanks and appreciation for the super folks at Chattahoochee Hospice to include but not limited to Kelly Barefield, Carla and Linda, and many others left unnamed and the nursing and care staff with Lanier Nursing Home, and Dr. Joseph Downs, David's primary Doctor, for the exceptional care that each and every one of you provided to David during the last year or so of his life. Finally, to my sister Ruby and my brother-in-law, Pete, the two of you are wonderful Angels as well - your care and Love of David the past 4 plus years has been exceptional. May the Lord continue to Bless All of You Wonderful Folks. With Love, Larry

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