His Life


Typing a story of my brothers life after his passing isn't something i never imagined doing, I've done it twice now and it doesn't get any easier. But I loved my brother, and he deserves for people to know the kind, generous, loving person he was.  I had another story posted, but after reading it, it didn't really make sense or describe the kind of man my brother was. I have to honestly say, i don't think i really knew my brother like i thought i did until he came to live with me a year before he passed. We were always really close, but it wasn't until then that i felt i got to really know my brother. It was like we had become friends. He would make me laugh all the time with the silly things he did, and was always so generous with everything he had. He would come home from work tired after being in the sun all day and still offer to make me dinner, That's the way he was. He'd give you the shirt off his back. He was a true friend, Growing up, him and myself, and sister Debbie hung out with the same group of friends. Those were some of the best times of our lives!! My brother was the popular surfer guy, and so I guess you could say, me and my sister got to know a lot of people because of him. My brother was always gone when we were younger, he practically lived with his friends. He loved being outside, from as far back as i can remember he was either at the beach surfing, or the mountains fishing, or somewhere camping, it didn't matter as long as he was outside. On nice days i really miss him because I know if he were here he would be on his bike going for a long cruise. My brother touched the lives of so many people, and I know he's truely missed by them all. Not a day goes by that i don't think of him. I know my sisters do too. My brother Paul hasn't been the same, I guess none of us will ever be, he took a piece of our hearts with him, His last days in the hospital I know had to be agony, but he never showed it. I remember thinking, what can i do, i don't want him to die, I tried everything i could to keep him here, but I felt no one would listen, the doctors wouldn't return my calls, and I was kept out of a lot of things, so what i did, the only thing i could do was wrote a letter to the doctors and nurses in the ICU at beverly hospital. Telling them about the kind of guy my brother is, So that they would see him as just another patient, but who he is, and how much he's loved. In the letter I wrote his favorite songs, the things he likes to do, and what he means to me. And I faxed it. It was my birthday and the only thing i wanted more than ever was for my brother to know how much I love him. When i got to the hospital they had taped the letter to his window for everyone to read, a few nurses told me, no one's ever done that, and thanked me for letting them the kind of person they were treating. I just wanted him to treated the way he treated everyone who came into his life. Anyway, I'm getting sad, so I think i've wrote enough, I miss him everyday, and sometimes i know he's here with me, I can't wait for the day I'll see him again, here his voice, and hug him and tell him how much he was missed.  Until we see each other again David, i'll keep you close to my heart...... Love your sis, Dolly <3

Our family
                  Paul Romo
                  Anthony Romo
                  David Cota Jr
                  Debbie Cota Wade
                  Dolly (me) Cota Leyva
                  Susan Cota Dunk
                  And our little mom  Irene Cota