His Life

The Life of David Diago Dennisur BH(M), J. P.

Every family has a HERO! That one family member who is the life of the party, who you look forward to seeing because you know that you are going to get a belly full of laughter or you are going to be engaged in a thought provoking discussion! That SUPER SUPPORT who will attend every wedding, graduations , funerals  and any other special event...... In the DENNISUR Clan “ Uncle David/ big brother” was that HERO and though he was well known in Frome, Savanna-La- Mar, Westmoreland and even his family he was simply the cheerleader! Uncle David was the one to walk his sisters and nieces down the aisles, he stepped in and cared for his brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunties, and uncles....

Born on May 5th 1952 to the late Remessee and Eunice Dennisur in Ricketts River, Frome Westmoreland, David the 3rd of 12 children. Everyone who knows him and all is siblings will profess that David was a “ Mama’s Boy” 
every Sunday after church he would journey to Ricketts River, the family home just to lie in his mama’s bed and eat mama’s cooking. All the siblings emphasized that David’s favorite saying , not as a child growing up but even in his adult years, “ Mi a guh tell Mama!”

David’s early academic preparation began at Ms.Mack Basic School in Hunterswood, then Grange Hill Primary School and Frome School now called Frome Technical High School.  There is a popular saying in Jamaica parlance “ Jack of all Trade- Master of None” David defied that saying, he was a Jack ... David of all trades and he mastered them all...
Cub Scout
Social Worker
Financial Controller
Lay Preacher

David worked at the West Indies Sugar Company and gained a scholarship to attend The College of Arts Science & Technology (CAST). David also worked at the following companies:
Monymusk and Dunckenfield Sugar Companies
Head Office of National Sugar
Westmoreland Cooperative Credit Union - Savanna-La-Mar
Eagle Permanent Building Society - Savanna-La-Mar Branch
National Development Foundation of Jamaica - Montego Bay 
Manager of the RBTT Bank - Mandeville Branch
Opened and Managed the Savanna -La-Mar Branch of CIBC First Caribbean Bank until his retirement.
Since November 2020 he managed the Indian Jerk & Curry Restaurant and Lounge, Petersfield, Westmoreland.

David was a devout man of God who explored the Catholic, Jehovah Witness, Pentecostal and Presbyterian faiths. He was the Elder at the Savanna- La- Mar United Church and sometimes preached at different points of the United Church. He was passionate about God’s words and was very often argumentative and demonstrative about what the “scriptures declares”.
 Another passion was his love for politics to the point where he did not want to wear or use anything green in color yet he managed to maintain good friendships on both sides of the political arena. 

David loved his family - he assumed the role of being in charge and often caused Rosie and others to get the strap. Every niece, every nephew will tell that their favorite memory is going to Westmoreland and Uncle David packing up everyone in his truckand they travel to Bluefields Beach and upon their return journey stop at KFC.... smiles. David loved people and his greatest delight was being among children.
Though he struggled with the loss of daughter Davita at 2 years old in a major car accident in 1981 , his adopted daughter Kezia filled his life with love and joy was made full when his grandson Khaleel was born. 

David threw himself and his attention to Cub Scouts and later became the District Commissioner for Scouts, served on the School Boards of Frome Technical High School, Mannings School, Savanna-La-Mar Primary and Elite Preparatory. He also served on the Westmoreland Parish Development Committee, the Board of the Jamaica Library Service in Westmoreland, as Chairman of the HEART Management Advisory Committee and President of the Lay Magistrate’s Association, Westmoreland. 

David received the Badge of Honor for meritorious service to the Community from the Governor General of Jamaica. The happiest period of his life was when he bravely went down on one knee in a 500 packed dining room on a cruise ship and proposed to Heather- although Heather took some time to answer - she said yes and in May 12, 2012 they were married in England and spent their honeymoon in Paris. In Heather’s own words “ We lived, argued, laughed and loved”.

Covid-19 came in March 2020, and sadly David caught the virus in March 2021, if ever the outpour of love and support could have save someone, David would be alive today. We prayed earnestly and diligently but God had another plan and after 2 weeks in the Savanna-La-Mar Public General Hospital David, a true solder of the Cross, a warrior in this life, transitioned at 9:00 pm on March 28,2021.

David Diago Dennisur is gone to be with is father Remessee, mother Eunice, and brothers Samuel(Sam) and Lynford (DanDan)who predeceased him. He leaves behind his loving wife Heather, stepsons Michael and Christopher, daughter Kezia, grandson Khaleel. Brothers Kenroy, Conray and Worrell. Sisters Margaret(Madgie), Rose, Juliet, Eva, Sharmaine (Hopi) and Juddian. A host of nieces, nephews and other relatives and friends. A void that can never be filled... what a loss not only for our family but for the community....Rest well our SUPERMAN,HERO and SUPPORTER! You have done well...your legacy and memory lives on!

We love you and miss you dearly Uncle DDD❤️