Let the memory of David Dale be with us forever
  • 29 years old
  • Born on November 10, 1970 .
  • Passed away on May 16, 2000 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, David Dale Domino 29 years old , born on November 10, 1970 and passed away on May 16, 2000. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Karen Domino on November 24, 2017
My Precious Son, how I miss you!! The holidays are near and how I remember how much fun we always had. As you got older, we would patiently wait for you and your family to get back home for Christmas. Mom and Dad are gone now too,and so is Joe. I just cant seem to look forward to Christmas like I did before . I will always have you deep in my heart. Soon I will be with you again. I Love you and miss you with all my heart.  Love Mom....
Posted by Lorie Henricks on November 10, 2017
It is that time again, David. Your birthday. There is not a day goes by that you are not talked about or remembered. You are loved. You are missed. We love you.
Posted by Lorie Henricks on May 16, 2017
Well Dave it has been a long time. But I assure you that not one day has passed when you weren't missed and thought about by all your family and friends. Of course Mom misses you endlessly every day. Please visit her in her dreams. We love you!!
Posted by Karen Domino on November 10, 2016
My Dear David,I want you to know, how much I Love and Miss YOU.It is your 46th. Birthday,and I want to tell you that we sent you some Green and Gold balloons, so please watch for them. Dave, I just want you to know how much you meant to me.You will forever be in my heart.You will never be forgotten. Justin misses you so very much. We talk alot..He has memories of when we use to meet you at McDonalds, outside of LaCrosse, Wisc. WE LOVE YOU
Posted by Lorie Henricks on November 10, 2016
It is your birth date again, Dave. Though all this time has happened since you left us, you are missed each and every day. Your children miss you and your family and friends will never forget your smile. Mom cries for you and begs God to see you in her dreams. We will always miss you.
Posted by Lorie Henricks on May 16, 2016
Today is another milestone in time for your whole family and numerous friends of yours, Dave. Mom gets lots of feathers these days, in unusual places. We know you are reaching out to her. Your children miss you every day. We all pray for the day when we will see you again. Until then, we love and miss you.
Posted by Karen Domino on November 13, 2015
My precious son, your 45th. Birthday was yesterday. Did you get the balloons we sent you,with soooo much LOVE?. Lorie and I sent them. Justin misses you a whole bunch...We talk a few times a week..He is one of the closest persons that I have left of you. I miss you every day,and I will until I am once again with you. All my love forever my son.
Posted by Lorie Henricks on November 10, 2015
Happy Birthday again David! You should know that we all still miss you. Mom still cries every day for you. Please come to her in her dreams. We love you!!
Posted by Karen Domino on September 12, 2015
My Dearest David.....My heart still bleeds for you every single day I still miss you very much!. We had such fun everytime I came to Green Bay, or you came to Austin.We didn't know what was about to happen..I love and Miss you so very much.Tyler is out now and Justin is with Cristal. I talk to Justin about once a week. He misses you too.Love you Forever MOM!
Posted by Lorie Henricks on May 16, 2015
It has been 15 years since our family lost you, David. Not one day has gone by that Mom has not grieved for you. Your sisters, your children and your friends still miss you. You touched very many lives; and you are still touching them today. Bless you.
Posted by Lorie Henricks on November 10, 2014
Happy Birthday David!! I know you see the hearts crying that miss you. We put balloons up in the air for you. Justin was able to be here with Mom and I. You know you are loved and missed. I pray you will come to Mom in her dreams, and comfort her. Love, Lorie
Posted by Karen Domino on November 10, 2014
My Dearest David Dale Domino  My heart still aches for you after all this time.Today is your 45th. Bjrthday.  Happy Birthday in Heaven,my  Precious Son.....I miss you with all my heart...Until we are together once again.....Love Mom (K.D.) Justin was just here, and he misses you very much..We had a great time..He Loves you..
Posted by Karen Domino on June 13, 2014
DavidDaleDomino......It has been 14 years and I want you to know that I love you and miss you with my whole heart.        I will always be K.D.  Love MOM
Posted by Lorie Henricks on May 16, 2014
It's no easier for those you left behind, now, than it was all those years ago. Mom's heart is forever empty. We all love and miss you.
Posted by Lorie Henricks on November 10, 2013
Today is your birthday again Dave. Mom and I let off some balloons for you, just west of the beautiful Superstition Mountains. She dreamed of you the other night. She said it was her first dream of you as a man, not a little boy. You are so loved and so missed. I take comfort in knowing you are there with God.
Posted by Karen Domino on November 10, 2013
My Dearest David......Today, is your Birthday.. Another year has gone by, and I still Love and Miss You with all my heart...The memories of you are so very precious to me. . I will some day, know, why you were taken so soon. We had so very many Special Times together. You were a great Dad and every one Loved You. Love Mom..
Posted by Anna Domino on November 10, 2013
Happy Birthday David...God we miss you so much.
Posted by Lorie Henricks on May 16, 2013
Another year gone, another year without you in our family. Your not being here is still felt every day. I know you are at peace and in a better place, but it doesn't take away the emptiness of not having you here. You are always in our hearts.
Posted by Anna Domino on January 10, 2013
We miss you David...always and forever..


Anna, Justin and Tyler
Posted by Leslie Fox on November 11, 2012
Happy 42nd Birthday David!!! Meant to get on here yesterday, didn't:(. What an extremely difficult day it was........So many people that love and miss you more than you'll ever know!!!! You were such a very special person to me and for that I am FOREVER grateful!! All of our memories continue to live on in my heart! They have and will never fade! I love and miss you with all my heart
Posted by Lorie Henricks on November 10, 2012
It's your birthday today Dave. Mom and I sent the balloons up to you this afternoon. You know your whole family misses you, and your friends still have you in their hearts. You will forever be missed and loved. Love, Your oldest sis, Lorie
Posted by Karen Domino on November 10, 2012
My Precious Son:  Today is your 42nd. Birthday. There is not a day that goes by, that you are not in my thoughts. You  left so many precious memories, for me to cherish for the rest of my life
Posted by Karen Domino on November 10, 2012
My only son Dave, is always in my thoughts and prayers. We were  so very close,and at least once a month I went to Green Bay, with Gina.I will never forget all the fun we had together.It seems as though we were meant to build those wonderful times together.We all LOVE and MISS  you Dave!!!! Life is not the same.......Without YOU........
Posted by Lorie Henricks on May 16, 2012
Dave, the day I found out you were gone, I watched our family drop to their knees in grief. All this time later, it sometimes seems like it was only yesterday. While WE know you are in the presence of God, YOU know you are still missed each and every day, and that there is an emptiness here, without you. You are still loved and missed. Love, Lorie
Posted by Leslie Fox on May 16, 2012
Oh David....................these 12 years have been so very long yet seems like it just happened sometimes! I still remember that frantic call from Gina............my heart sank! You were one the BEST friends I've EVER had! I miss your smile, laugh and funny conversations!!  I will always miss you!! Keep the dreams coming:) Forever in my thoughts!!!!!!!
Posted by Gina Arens on May 11, 2012
There will never be anyone like David Domino!! I could not have been blessed with a greater person to be my beloved brother. I love and miss him soooo much. Forever in my heart, always on my mind...
Posted by Lorie Henricks on May 10, 2012
As David's oldest sister, I spent alot of time babysitting him when he was little. He had alot of energy and was always smiling. He was about 10 years old when I left home to get married, and moved away. Years later, seeing him again, he had grown into a handsome young man with boys of his own. Both of his boys looked just like him too! This was someone who was taken too soon.
Posted by Karen Domino on April 29, 2012
It is nearing Mothers Day, and that was the last time I talked to  my precious son. I miss him more every single day. ,,Gina and I went to Green Bay to visit Dave, very often, and we always had such a great time with him. We have memories which are so deep in our hearts. Dave was always the part of the family,we loved.so very much....
Posted by Karen Domino on March 13, 2012
David was so special to me. I was so much a part of his life for so many years. He looked so forward, as I did, to our monthly visits. Gina and I, plus Jordan and Ashley, went to Green Bay once a month. We had wonderful times with David. He was a very loving and kind person. David is in  my thoughts every day, I loved him so much.....
Posted by Karen Domino on March 13, 2012
Gina and David were very close, as they also had special songs they sharred with each other. They had long talks on the phone very often. David stayed with Gina alot of times, when he first came back to town, I usually  saw him the next day and we had fun, until he had to go back to Green Bay.
Posted by Karen Domino on December 4, 2011
David will live on in our hearts forever,and he will never be forgotten.Gina and David were the best of friends. He always looked up to her.
Posted by Karen Domino on December 2, 2011
David was my only boy, and I had an amazing relationship with him. He died as the results of a car fire. He left us without any  time to say good by. We all loved him very much. He was married and had 2 sons and a little girl.  David also left behind,a sister Gina, a sister Lisa, and a sister Lorie, who were all very saddened by his death

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