Shared by Christie Dempsey on 16th December 2011

When i first met David i wasnt so sure where we were going to go , I knew i loved his amazing personality and how he viewed his life and all the stories he had shared with me , But i did know where i wanted it to go , We hit it off from day one and i enjoyed being around him , But he made me fall so hard for him and i knew in my heart that once this started there would be no stopping it !

we moved in together and started a life shared more in 1yr and we both knew that if we could get thru this first yr we would be able to get thru anything and we did ! I know that my life was perfect and knowing that he and i planned on getting married and share the rest of our life together and i knew that this was all worth it !

David was a hard worker and knew what he wanted in life , I felt he was a young man with an old soul , and he wanted only the best in life for he and i !!!

He worked at his job and loved it and the people he worked with , He never had a bad thing to say unless it upset him and that was always few and far between ,

He was so amazing with his family and loved them more then they could ever have thought , they where his world they where very important to him and shared this with me , and they all became apart of my life , He was so wonderful to my family and they loved him like a son , brother and of course My Niece Katie he adorded her so much he would call her is Munchkin and thats how it was , I do believe he spoiled her alot but that was his job he said !!! lol

But i had my fair share of him spoiling me , I got to the point i stopped saying i liked something because if i did hes get it , but it wasnt just that when i talked he listened , when i had fears he help me get thru them , when i lost my Daddy he helped me thru it ! Didnt matter what emotions i had he knew and helped in every way he could , although he would say "What a Mush-Mellon " lol i knew it was  joke but he would laugh to make me smile !!!!

David was so amazing to not just family but the many friends he had met in his life , never did he ever forget them and all the fun they had and growing up in the town he did , he would share all the crazy things they did ,or the crazy stuff they had planned to do !!!!  all i know that i was SOOOO BLESSED in having David in my Life !!!!


Our Propsal !!

Shared by Christie Dempsey on 16th December 2011

David was home from work that day and had this planned a long time , He has Bought me a water bowl pitcher and stand that i had been wanting , He made a huge dinner I Mean the works , along with a pineapple upside down cake , I Came home from work with dinning room table loaded and this most amazing smell as i walked in , After dinner he had ask me to go into our room and wait till he was ready for me to come out ! So i did and of course it felt forever , When he was ready he had me open our door and then said just follow the kisses , He made a trail of candy kisses and i followed them to The Water table he Bought and inside the pitcher where 4 dozen roses , and then he ask for to look down and i saw in candy kisses !!!! WILL YOU MARRY ME !!! with a heart made out of them as well , HE then lifted out the flowers and ask me to look inside the pitcher !!! There i found my Ring !!! HE got on his knee and ask again ,,,,,,I know that at this very moment i knew we where going to have a happy life from here on out !!!! I OF course said yes and God blessed us with 9 yrs of marriage and in total 12yrs together ............. I cried and fell in his arms with a very loud and happy yes and this moment i will Treasure always .... I love you David always .......

 Love your Sunshine !!!

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