David always gave away his belongings , so his personal phrase would be:
" Now that all that is left of me is love:
Give Me Away."
  • 52 years old
  • Born on June 3, 1962 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.
  • Passed away on June 6, 2014 in Reading, Michigan, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, David Dove, 52, born on June 3, 1962 and who died in a horrific housefire on June 6, 2014. We will remember him forever. His dog Baron died in the fire also. We will never forget the kind and sharing heart that beat in Dave's chest.

No one will ever know what his final moments entailed, but his family would give anything to know his passing was swift and that he knows how much he was loved. 

                           " Heaven must have needed a hero."  

Posted by Betty Dove on 4th October 2018
Because of the terrible fire, there was so little left behind for us to hold, to smell, to look at, to touch to remind us of you, but I have found I do not need those things. You stayed behind in my heart, the very place you started in. I still long for the touch, the sight, the smell and the sound of you; but when I do long, I become comforted in the fact that you are always there. I was not ready to give you up, however, and I am still in the anger part of my loss process. Maybe I'll never get past that.
Posted by Betty Dove on 28th July 2018
OK, David, this will qualify me as certifiably crazy, but since it happened I cannot quit thinking of you. The incident strangely warmed me and I felt at peace. I took Jonah and Dane to the dentist on July 18 at the Old K-Mart Plaza (the one where you went to the physicians.) Jonah first spotted a figure coming down the hospital ramp. He yelled and waved his hands in excitement and Dane joined in. They were loudly proclaiming. . ".there is Uncle Dave! Look, Grandma, look." As I craned my neck to look, there you stood..beautiful white hair glowing in the sunshine, face tanned and smiling, gray t-shirt showing your muscles and Levi faded blue jeans with out-of-style white sneakers (your 3-season shoe choice.) Your face was smiling. As I tried to get the car turned around in the crowded parking lot, you disappeared. Even the excited boys said that you were walking away, and they did not see where you went. Now I know this is so crazy, but I just felt peace. Everything was alright for at least a little while in my world. I was comforted, even though the logical side of me screams that it could not have happened. I know I wished it to happen but a doppelganger just does not explain the feeling which came over me. If it was just a look-a-like, then he fooled even the two kids who loved you. There had been no talk of you or anything that could have triggered this sighting. If in the worlds beyond that we who are left behind cannot fathom, you somehow found a way to reach me, then it worked.
Posted by Betty Dove on 3rd June 2018
Today was stormy in the AM, but the sky cleared off and I took the new saddle for your gravestone. It was tear-jerking to put together but finally, it was finished. When I tried to remove your old one, my heart quickened. Nestled in the old flowers was a nest with three baby robins. Immediately I knew you would wish that I not disturb the nesting process, so I put your new flowers on beside the old ones and when the babies are old enough to leave, I will remove the old one. If you could have seen how cute they were, you would have been pleased. You were the original "Nature-Boy." I missed you, even more, today than usual. From my birthday until after your June 6th death day is just so hard to bear. Can you hear or see us from wherever you are or is it all just a black sleep? If you can, then, you know how much I love you and you are still my son.
Posted by Rachel Dove on 3rd June 2018
Today is your birthday and I remember when we would celebrate the day. I put balloons where you rest but there is no more celebrating. Parker made your last and final birthday ,wish I had.Happy Birthday David Dove
Posted by Betty Dove on 26th January 2018
Your visitor log says 3029 visitors in 3 years. I am quite impressed as that is roughly 1009 visitors a year or almost 3 people per day. This proves for brief moments almost every day someone thinks of you. That does not even begin to record how many times a day I think of you You are so missed.
Posted by Betty Dove on 7th June 2017
David--We are now in our 3rd year of separation. I visited your grave on the 3rd (your birthday and left your yellow Harrison roses and three different peonies,) I visited on the fourth and the fifth also, but on the sixth day of June, I stayed home and cried. The utter senselessness of what happened struck me all over again. The very least I can say is that I lost all my respect for firemen and am again struck by the stupidity of our 911 system. All I really know about the terrible evening is that I was not ready to let you disappear into the soft evening.As I remember back, it was a surreal experience and here three years later, it still does not seem possible that it was real, and that we all had our last moment with you. Wherever you are, I can only hope your heart is peaceful and that you know how much you are loved. . . still. Mom
Posted by Rachel Dove on 6th June 2017
Dear brother, Please explain why you lleft so quickly ,before we were done.We had more adventures to take and people to rescue. I do not understand or can not seem to fix the broken hearts of my family.I wish you could talk to me,laugh with me ,even yell at me,just one more time.The family is a mess,I have lost you from this earth but my other brother is just plain lost. I can't seem to find his heart,but I do think he will find his sole.Oh brother!!We will meet again
Posted by Wesley Dove on 6th March 2017
Tonight I miss my big brother. Tonight it hurts to think about him. I can't tell you how much I have missed him. I'm not an eloquent writer so I will make this short. Sometimes when I think of him I think about al the good times that I had with him. I swell up with happiness, almost to the point of bursting and then I remember that he is gone and then it sucks the life out of me. My children will never really know my brother and that kills me as well. Tonight out of no where thoughts of you came rushing in and I could do anything but cry. I'm not over your death, I'm not right yet, I don't know if I will ever be ok. David I love you.
Posted by Betty Dove on 15th December 2016
They say grief comes in waves and today i am DROWNING1 ABSOLUTELY DROWNING! It is again freezing cold (-8 tonight) in Michigan and I worry so about David's feet getting cold as he froze his toes one-year while cutting wood, and they were damaged from that. His toes, when exposed to coldness would turn pure white and my mind knows his toes do not hurt, but my silly Mother's heart wants his toes to stay safe and warm. You are so very much missed, David. I am not the only person who misses you.
Posted by Betty Dove on 14th August 2016
Your baby brother Wesley married yesterday on August 13,2016, They had, where one entered the stone wedding barn, a row of pictures of Wes and his bride-to-be, and there they placed a picture of you with a little sign that said In Memory Of. Nothing too morbid or anything, but you were not forgotton.
Posted by Betty Dove on 29th July 2016
It is raining and cooling off, and you always loved a good rainstorm. There are so many things I think about that remind me of you, They usually make me smile and then, the sadness returns because I never again can share anything with you. The same thoughts come when Bobby picked a quart of fresh black raspberries for me. I thought about the fact you always planted tomato plants so that i would have that fresh tomato taste every summer, I cannot smell cantaloupe without that you come to mind,(Baron, too, and I have never seen any other dog eat cantaloupe rinds!) I see Weimaraners on TV and I think of Old Silver Bullet Julius and , of course, Baron, Your nephews all miss Uncle Dave, so much, it is so apparent. The little guys like to visit your spot with me, Parker will go but it bothers him to do so, so I do not ask unless I need something done there. Your father still has not seen your beautiful stone, but others have told him about it. I cannot fix him, he will have to deal with things in his own way. We all still say your name and we will always love you.
Posted by Betty Dove on 3rd June 2016
Birthday time rolls around, but you are not here, so what does that make this day? Just painful is what I would say. The tears have not left my face since I woke up about 5:30 AM. Why did you have to go? Why was it not me instead? All I can think of is should you have cheesecake, ice cream cake or cherry pie for a special birthday treat? And, of course, no need for any of them. I wish I could know what your favorite birthday involved. I can't, of course, but I'll bet it was your 19th when I bought your wonder dog: Dove's Silver Bullet Julius. He had to be the world's smartest dog. One word, and he followed instructions. I am sure, if there is a heaven, that Julius was watching for you and his ears perked up and he whined for you. He was not surprised you had Baron Von Weimarner with you when you died. He knew you needed another companion. He was not jealous, Baron was accepted because you picked him. Do not know which is worse, your birthday coming around, or dreading the next few days until June 6th when you burned. I have already taken a huge bouquet of pink and white silk peonies to the cemetery, and if I can force myself, today I will take a real bouquet of Harrison's Yellow Pioneer roses, mixed with white peonies from our yard. Even if I cannot make myself do that, in my mind, know that I love you, but then, you already know that. Mom
Posted by Betty Dove on 14th February 2016
Bittersweet memories are what we have and they are not enough for me. What am I to do? I should be past the grieving stage, but I am sure that I will never be so. It is so cold and Michigan winters are so unforgiving that I feel maybe when winter is over, just maybe I will feel a little less melancholy, You are thought of so many times. Some thoughts are remembered happily, some regrets are there too, mostly plans we made that cannot be fulfilled. I once read a quote from someone that went "Though much was taken; much remains." Your mother misses you so much,
Posted by Kathleen Mendy on 31st January 2016
Dear Betty, I can only imagine what you have gone through. As you know, I lost my son also. I am sure we are suffering through many of the same feelings. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong and remember your wonderful son. God Bless.
Posted by Cindy Rotert on 18th December 2015
My heart feels for your mom!
Posted by Betty Dove on 28th August 2015
“Like the wind crying endlessly through the universe, Time carries away the names and the deeds of conquerors and commoners alike. And all that we are, all that remains, is in the memories of those who cared we came this way for a brief moment.” For as long as there are those alive who knew you, David, you will remain . I love you so,
Posted by Betty Dove on 15th August 2015
Re-read the condolences messages today and one struck me and made me cry again;' It said "Heaven must have needed a hero."
Posted by Betty Dove on 31st July 2015
People are laying stones upon your memorial stone and it pleases me to see how many have visited the cemetery to honor you. I am going to put them all into a bucket, I think. This morning is particular hard for me as I am missing you so very much and I know I must be content with only memories, but the love gets even stronger..
Posted by Betty Dove on 18th July 2015
It is pouring rain to cleanse the nasty from the lot where your house once stood, proud and tidy. It has been done; your burnt shell of a house was removed by a bulldozer and buried. No one will again walk the rooms of your home, nor hear your music or TV or smell your food cooking, Baron will not patrol the premises. I cannot bear to think of anyone else owning the property however, so for now, things will remain the same. You are missed more now than even at first. There was too much left unsaid; but I hope you know how many people loved you and, of course, none more than your mother.
Posted by Betty Dove on 21st June 2015
Oh David, we have a letter from the Hillsdale County Zoning and we have to destroy what little was left of your home that you were so proud of. Probably just as well as the local thieves stripped it clean about 2 days after your death. It is just hard to let it go. Will this crap ever stop? It only makes me long for you to take care of business like you always did before. Not for you to worry however, it is only a building, you are in my heart.
Posted by Betty Dove on 3rd June 2015
No more birthday celebrations on the 3rd of June. We miss you so much. Your name comes up almost everyday; probably more than when you were alive. I am so sorry I missed your birthday last year, but you know your brother was having surgery, still I missed your last birthday, Do you know how that makes me feel? No more June 3rd, ever, ever for me. You were loved by so many.
Posted by Betty Dove on 30th April 2015
Today such a funny little thing happened. I went into the cemetery and 2 little boys followed my car in, right to your site. We talked a bit and they were impressed with your picture on the giant black stone. The youngest (professing to the age of almost 6,) became excited. He asked if it was George Washington who lay there? Referring to your beautiful silver hair which became that color at a very early age. I know, if you could hear, that you were laughing very loudly.
Posted by Betty Dove on 22nd January 2015
Today I am missing you so much. Is there someway that you know how much we long for you? Maybe you did not spend every moment you had on earth wisely, but you sure touched a lot of people. We will always love you. We are trying to get along with our lives but it is so hard.
Posted by Betty Dove on 14th January 2015
Today is terrible, frosty cold. I do not want my son to lie in the cold, cold ground but, yet, he does. I am so distraught I do not know what to do. David your family is so lost without you. We all were aware we had family love for one another, but now that it is broken by death, we are lost. Your loving Mother
Posted by Betty Dove on 14th November 2014
It is sort of ironic that Dave wanted nothing to do with computers, and here we are reading about him, our only way of keeping his memory alive so others might know what a generous person he was. So, David Dove, you are on the computer now!
Posted by Betty Dove on 22nd October 2014
We have selected a beautiful polished black tombstone memorial for our missing family member, It was a very hard process, heart breaking in fact, for you realize it is yet another of those '"final" things you must do as the one left behind in this wrenching business of grieving. It will have his portrait on it, especially helpful to us, as we could not grieve in the usual way with a viewing. Already I have been told by several people how spectacular and touching your stone is. It eerily touches people , they say, as if you are there. God, I miss my boy. When will the relief come?
Posted by Betty Dove on 5th September 2014
We laid Dave beside a tree, near the fence in our rural cemetery. Now we invite his friends to leave a plant (perennial) close to his tree for all who visit the cemetery to view. Everything David planted flourished and grew, and even though he was a manly-type man, he enjoyed the flowers and shrubs in his yard, and enjoyed sharing those with others.
Posted by Betty Dove on 30th August 2014
Losing you was a different kind of hurt. Your family will always love you. I never thought I could miss anyone this much.

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