Let the memory of David be with us forever. We love and miss him beyond words. ❤️
  • 76 years old
  • Born on September 24, 1941 in South Bend, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on November 20, 2017 in Bend, Oregon, United States.

   This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, David Burns, born on September 24, 1941 and passed away on November 20, 2017. We will remember him forever. 

  David's Memorial & Celebration of Life was held on Saturday, December 9th, at Redmond Christian Church.   It was well attended, by 226 people. 

   This site includes music, many photos, videos, a Bio by Susie Burns, a Eulogy by Lisa and Aaron Palmer, David's Favorites, Tributes and more. Please feel free to leave a Tribute. 

   The video, which was played at the memorial service, can be viewed at:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=Lrsx6WS7D68
  Jami's sing-along song dedication is the final song of video - "See You Again."

Posted by Jami Burns on 20th November 2018
Remembering our amazing dad today. I am also thankful for my friends, family, and loved ones who knew & loved my awesome & inspiring dad. I believe he is an angel in heaven smiling down on us & watching over us. Thank you, Lord, for the best blessing in life that I could have ever asked for. Even though he’s gone and we miss him terribly, he still inspires me today and everyday to be the best human being I can be... Dad, you were simply the best! We love & miss you soo much. Please save a place by your side up there in heaven. XO ~ jami & Scott
Posted by Susie Burns on 24th September 2018
Remembering it all again, on this day: my priceless gem of a husband on his "woulda been 77th birthday." Eyes fill with watery tears, heart breaks for my unspeakable loss all over again, but at the same time my spirit soars with boundless gratitude to our awesome Lord Jesus for the immense, immeasurable and indescribable impact this man had on my life! He was my life! For 49 years! Like he and I had to do so many times in our married life, I am now finding my way back up-side again to, through the rest of my life, with Jesus as my confidante, my shelter, my guide and Great Love...picking up a piece of my heart here, one there, fitting together the fracture lines, rebuilding my heart into one that can be of service to my Lord God, in David's honor. Dance a happy dance in Heaven, my dear husband...reunited in loving arms of long lost loved ones... see you again one day... I will always love you!
Posted by Aaron Palmer on 24th September 2018
Happy birthday, Dad. :) We are thinking of you today and celebrating your life, with some volcano meatloaf and birthday cake. You're the best. We love you always and forever. Love, Lisa, Aaron, Sophie & Henry xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Mike Bewley on 3rd January 2018
David will be missed. I am grateful for the short time that I knew him.
Posted by Susie Burns on 27th December 2017
[the following comments are transcribed from the Guest Book at David's Celebration of Life Service, December 9th, 2017, 3pm, Redmond Christian Church, Redmond, OR] God bless you Susie. --Linda Peck God Bless You All. --Bill Browning God Bless you. Love you. --Chris White God bless you. --Bill & Darlene Winnett God be with you. --Bud, Donna & Mark Burns Love in Christ Jesus. --Michael & Betty Brannon Dear David & Susie, I have been soooo blessed to have had both of you in my life! I will never, ever forget your generosity and friendship during the Summer of 2016 when I stayed at Summer Hill. The memories, laughs and loves will always remain in my heart as my enduring love for the both of you. Always & Forever, Winga & Prada Love to all. --Jim & Karin Watts God's love and blessings always. --Linda Pheasant Love you so much. --Wayne & Beth I'm proud to be David's and your granddaughter. --Sophie David, You were the Best Friend and an Angel. I love you and miss you so. I wish I had been a better friend to you and not have wasted a minute. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. --Love, Kat (Katrina Ross-Schulzke) --Tony & Janet Montoya --Fran Payne --Abby & Kassy Much love & tears. --Russell & Melody Luloff Love you, Susie. --Ray & Diane Dodd --Linda O'Neal Love you. --Ken & Nancy Mills I love you, Papa, to the heavens and beyond. --Tina Grant --Larry & Jeannine Kuhn --Ruth Burman --Jim & Pat Wilson --Steve & Barbara Wedell, representing the Astoria Gang: Ron & Muriel Jensen, Barbara Stapleton, Steve & Deb Schendel --Rose Raines, Brentwood Manor --Betty Martinez, Brentwood Manor Dave, we are gong to miss you--we had fun working together. God Bless. --Robert & Margaret Glembocki --Robert & Buffy Mohr I love you all! --Sandy Connell We were blessed to know David and your entire family. --Nancy Shaw --Laurie J. Uding Blessings. We will never look at a stool the same again! --Wayne & Tanya What a blessed, blessed man --Allen & Sue Currier So thankful I got to meet David. He made a big and wonderful impression. Always with God's Love, --Kathleen Tobin Susie, We all hope this day never comes to loved ones but we know they go in Grace to a place of only love. --Betty Hale Susie, We love you and David. --Bill Sager & Carolyn Hansen Precious Susie, We love you & will certainly miss dear David. -- Dick & Carolyn Danielson We love you both so very much! Thank you for being a huge inspiration and blessing in our lives. You will be missed David! All our love, Jade & Nikki Susie, We will miss your David. We love you! --John & Jenny Asmunson Our Prayers are with you. --Del & Becky Hopper We love you both. --Tom & Lolita Love you so much Susie. We are always just a walk away. --Linds, Chris, CJ, Darwin So much love to leave as your legacy David; we are all blessed. Susie & family--God's blessings and comfort keep you. --Love, Tessa May the Peace and Strength of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you each and every day, Susie, with the incredible memories you and David shared. --Love, Mark Hemmerick Susie, David & BJ Butler. We love you. Will miss David so much. We are blessed to have known David. He is missed, but we expect to see him again. --Love, JR & Linda We love you! --Dick & Clair I love you Grandma Susie. You have been an inspiration to me! David has been an inspiration to me too. He will always be in our hearts / minds 4ever! Love and hugs to you / your family. Call me anytime. 541-706-0995. --Tiffany Love you a bushel & a peck! --Wade & Kathi Parker --Wanda Hardgrave --Marijane Boyd David will definitely be missed. We love you, Susie! --Bob & Althea Meyer David--Knowing you was the best birthday gift I received. --Henry, Your :-) grandson --Matt & Kristy Radford --Jami Burns & Scott Barker
Posted by Julia Takahashi on 26th December 2017
I didn’t know David or your family but wanted to share some words of encouragement. From your comments I can see David truly had an impact on the lives of those around him. We can take comfort in knowing that in the near future God promises in John 5:28, 29 that there will be a resurrection so we can welcome our loved ones back. Until that time — deep sympathy— Julia
Posted by Anita Lanning on 11th December 2017
I knew David when we were both members of a local writers group several years ago. He was such a good writer, and his stories were most compelling and enjoyable, illustrative of his creativity and imagination. He very kindly complimented my writing, as I did his. He was a true gentleman, thoughtful and blessed with a ready wit, which was always appreciated by his fellow writers. Sadly, I just learned of the struggle he dealt with during his final years before his passing. The earth was a better place by his presence, and he shall be greatly missed. I am thankful that he left his written words as his legacy. My condolences to his family, and many thanks for honoring him with this memorial website.
Posted by Chris Carter on 10th December 2017
Sweet David, kind, generous, humble, and sensitive human being! You always appeared with a sweet smile and a hug. I was deeply grieved to hear about the ALS. Since Cannon Beach days, over 25 years ago, I've only known you as one - David and Susie. My heart aches to see you separated. But I praise God for the gift you were to me and all who knew you. I am blessed to have had you both in my life. David Burns I am thankful for the Everlasting Hope we have - knowing that I will see you again one day. My thoughts, prayers and heart are with you Susie Q. May God's great Love and Grace carry you through this journey. Love you.
Posted by Penny Campbell on 9th December 2017
It has been too long since I have spent time with the Burns family, but I remember David as being such a kind and gentle soul with a ready smile. Rest in Peace, David. You were loved beyond measure.
Posted by Richard Horner on 7th December 2017
Wow! Life passes by too fast sometimes. I did not know brother David long enough. I will cherish the brief time I was blessed to walk with him. As we journey through this path of life, we meet people along the way who encourage us, laugh with us and even share tears with us. I was beginning to realize David as one of those wonderful people. A felt a forever friendship and will miss him.
Posted by Carrie Lucas on 6th December 2017
Dear Susie-Q and family~ David was one of the kindest souls that I have had the privilege of knowing. His humor and wit had me laughing within the first moments of meeting you both. His love and adoration for you was beyond compare. I wish we had all met earlier in life so that I could have known him longer-to have enjoyed you both in different circumstances. Your family rally to your amazing husband during his illness has been inspirational. I am grateful for his service to us, to his Country, and for the sacrifice he made for us all. Susie, I am in awe of your grace, love, and attentiveness to his honorable man through this extraordinarily difficult process. My sincerest sympathies go out to you, your family, and friends for your loss. You are in my heart always.
Posted by Maureen Barteling on 6th December 2017
David, what an honor to have known you. I'm so sorry that I didn't make it to see you before you passed. You are in a better place you lucky bum :-) All of us who have had the pleasure of knowing you will miss you so much, until we're reunited with our heavenly father. I can't make it on Saturday, I thought the memorial was in the am so I scheduled in the pm......oh Maureen!!! I will be with you in spirit and I will be sure and keep your beautiful, wonderful wife laughing as much as I can. Love you!!!
Posted by Ann Holloman on 6th December 2017
I did not know the Burns very well when they stepped into my office less than a year ago. I could sense immediately that they were God fearing people with the giving and caring way that they communicated, and David he had such an infectious smile. Shortly after our first meeting I saw them at the store and Susie told me that David had a diagnoses of ALS. I was upset that the Lord had put such a good man and woman through such a trial in their lives. David had already been through a lot with his addictive behavior. After I found out of his passing I was truly upset and want you to know that for the short time that I had known you and David, both of you made a lasting impact in my life. You are truly soldiers of our Lord, spreading his word as you go. God has big plans for David Burns! You should be very proud of that man.
Posted by Susie Burns on 5th December 2017
This note is from our dear sister in the Lord, and one of our closest of friends, Jon Ella Miler in Spokane, from her Sympathy card: " Nov.28, 2017. Oh Sweet Susie--From my heart to yours my deepest, heartfelt love and sympathy and sorrow in your loss. Our comfort is "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." I always admired the way you two loved each other. What an example of what "being married" truly is. You both have gone through deep trials in your lives and have clung to the Lord and each other. Your love roots are deep and it grew your faith. Keep clinging! Love you deeply, Jon Ella. I am sorry I can't attend David's Service as I will be in North Carolina attending my grandson, Tyler's graduation from Seminary. He and his wife have 4 little girls. Miss you, Hugging you--hard..."
Posted by Susie Burns on 5th December 2017
[from Nancy Shaw] When  I remember David, I will remember a kind, loving, gentle, Godly man with the greatest smile ever. I will remember how he touched the life of my son, Scott, and I will remember how he walked with God in this life and has shown how to gracefully enter the next with dignity, faith and trust. He will never be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to be touched by his life.  God's Holy Light truly shined in this man and will continue to shine in all of our hearts forever til we meet again.  We are blessed that we will see David through the eyes of our beautiful daughter-in-law, Jami, and all of her precious memories. There are no words to fully describe the love and devotion of this family this past year.  I would have to write another page about Susie, but the most amazing thing was how she and David continued, Faithfully,, Neverending, to carry the word of God to all, at the most difficult (beyond words) time.  David left this world surrounded by the love of his family.  I pray for God's comfort and blessings and healing to this dear family.  Love, Nancy [Thank you, dear sister...]
Posted by Jami Burns on 4th December 2017
"You always made my troubles feel so small.. And you were always there to catch me when I'd fall.. In a world where heroes come and go, Well, God just took the only one I know. So I'll hold you as close as I can. Longing for the day, when I see your face again." ~ Donna Taggart in "Jealous of the Angels," a song to be played at the memorial service.
Posted by Susie Burns on 4th December 2017
A lovely Sympathy card from our Case Manager, Cassie, at Council on Aging, Deschutes County... "Please know that you and your sweet family are in the hearts and prayers of everyone here at the Council on Aging. It was an honor to meet David and connect with you both. Please take care of yourself and contact me for anything. --Cassie & The Council Staff
Posted by Susie Burns on 4th December 2017
This note is from a beautiful Sympathy card from dear friends from our previous church in Bend... "David was such a great guy. We loved his sense of humor and the joy he displayed--even in the hard times. We will miss him so very much. We are asking the Lord to carry you dear Susie, through this difficult time. Sending our love & many prayers. Dick & Carolyn"
Posted by Susie Burns on 4th December 2017
This note is from a beautiful Sympathy card from our dear friend and sister in Christ we had the honor and privilege to know through our former church in Bend... "David's suffering is now over--he is rejoicing with our Lord in his new healthy form. I know prayers are asking the Lord for your peace and comfort at this extremely difficult time. Thank goodness the Lord is with you, and your family surrounds you. David was a wonderful caring husband--who REALLY loved you. I am so glad I had a chance for a visit near the end. God bless you and the family! May He grant you peace! Love, Aleta"
Posted by Susie Burns on 4th December 2017
This note is from a beautiful Sympathy Card sent from our pastor's wife's mom, Sharon... "I was so saddened to hear about David. He was such a sweet man and will be missed by many. My prayers are with you..."
Posted by Jana Murphy on 1st December 2017
David will be remembered as a sweet and gentle man. I am so sorry for your loss Susie.
Posted by Lora Van on 1st December 2017
I knew David and Susie from Cannon Beach. What I remember most about him is his kindness, gentle spirit and quiet strength and the delicious omelette he whipped up for Susie and I for dinner when I "overstayed" my time at their apartment watching a Blazer game. I say overstayed because I loved being there and never liked leaving the emotional warmth of their home. Years have passed and I have lost touch with them but I saw his obit in the Daily Astorian yesterday and it broke my heart. I love you Susie and my heart is with you during this time of sorrow....
Posted by Lola Brown on 1st December 2017
David has been my big brother since I was very little, i think my first memories of him was when he came home from overseas while in the Navy, he brought us green licorice from San Francisco, it was awesome! I have been in awe of him ever since. I will always remember his smile and wit and that little chuckle he had when something tickled him. I remember how happy he was when he married the love of his life, Susie, and the enduring love she has for him, and when his daughters were born, nothing more precious I have ever seen. He will live on in my heart.
Posted by Scott Barker on 29th November 2017
It was an honor for me to be David's son-in-law. I considered him a good friend, as well. He set the bar in so many ways that I strive to live up to. I loved him a lot, and already miss him so much.
Posted by Matt Radford on 27th November 2017
I only knew David a short while but I will miss him dearly. He was such a gentle soul.
Posted by Chris Lathrop on 27th November 2017
David, I could tell you were loved by many and will be missed.
Posted by Molly Denton on 27th November 2017
I feel so fortunate to have known David, even for a short time. From the moment I met him, his eyes smiled, his demeanor gentle; he radiated a special kindness that is not often found in this world. The love between David and Susie is a special kind of love that carried them both through his battle with ALS. He now rests, in peace and honor. Much love to you and your family.
Posted by Tiffany Clarke on 27th November 2017
How i met David and Susie Burns, was wen i went to celebrate recovery And met the both of them there. After a while i got to know them better i adopted them as my grandparents cause at the time mine lived in Bend. They were very awesome people, i hugged them every time i saw them. But wen i found out he had A.L.S i was very sad. I will miss my grandpa David forever. My luv and hugs to the family. I will c you all at the funeral on Saturday Dec.9th. Luv you and miss u bunches.
Posted by William Guy on 26th November 2017
I always enjoyed being with David; however, I don't feel that I really knew him. Apparently he was dearly loved by his family, and that is an inspiration to me. I pray that I'll be able to spend some quality time with him in Heaven.
Posted by Monyica Anderson on 26th November 2017
That smile, that wit, that kindness, what a gift you were in my life. I feel so blessed to have the time I did as your friend.
Posted by Denise Sullivan on 26th November 2017
We are truly grateful and thankful for getting to share in a wee part of your amazing life journey. Your wit and laughter will be missed here on earth but so looking forward to meeting up with you in heaven to hear more stories. I am thankful you are no longer hurting but sad you had to leave so soon. Until we meet again my friend!
Posted by Susie Burns on 24th November 2017
My Beloved...My Honey Boy...My Booggitty... My Khoodlee... My Man...My Burnsy...My Love...My Hero...My Champion...My Everything...My One & Only... I can barely breathe without your beautiful strength and goodness here beside me. If you can, please watch over me from your joyous park bench in heaven. Don't forget me...Come back to visit me. Please. Oh, God-- I miss you beyond words to express. How grateful I am to our loving Lord who saved you from the evil imprisonment of your ALS-riddled body...but the cost you had to pay...the cost to me is...insurmountable! May God take me Home soon that I might be with you again. You were my sheltering oak.
Posted by Sandy Connell on 24th November 2017
Remembering David. He was an amazing man, who blessed everyone with his faith, kindness, and words of wisdom. Our prayers and sympathies are with your family. Love, Sandy, Josh, Kiera and Brody Connell
Posted by Jami Burns on 23rd November 2017
You have no idea how much I already miss you and will miss you for the rest of my life. I was SO blessed to be able to call you "Dad."
Posted by Jami Burns on 23rd November 2017
We love you so much, Dad. You are our inspiration, our role model and our hero. I will look up to you forever and ever.
Posted by Jami Burns on 23rd November 2017
This memorial was created in honor of David H. Burns of Terrebonne, Oregon. David was born on September 24, 1941 in South Bend, Washington, and passed on November 20, 2017 in Bend, Oregon. David was one in a billion, and was an extremely remarkable man. He was truly loved by so many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.

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