His Life

My Dad

My dad was so special and loved by alot of people..So many things to say about him but words cant describe how special he was..So smart and strong but so hurt inside...I looked up to him and am so proud he is my dad..He is with me everyday! We lost him to suicide on labor day 2006 he made the choice to end his own life for reasons really unknown..I have accepted his choice as i know he is at peace and doesnt live in pain anymore..BUT anyone reading this thinkin of suicide jus know it doesnt jus destroy the life bein taken it destroys the lives left behind..Loosing a parent to suicide is the worst pain and specially when its your dad and your his lil girl..I had 36 good years with him but it wasnt long enough..He never got to see my daughter grow up as she was 6 when this happen and she misses you Dad...You are in our hearts and our thoughts daily and one day dad me and you will ride free together becauseĀ I know thats what your doing...RIDINGĀ FREE like the freebird you are! R.I.P