Posted by Pattie Shepard-Bishop on November 24, 2011
I miss you also David, You are still in my heart and my first love. We both still loved each other after our divorce and remained very good friends,plus we had a very beautiful daughter together. I hated to see you go but I know your not in pain and suffering anymore, you will be in my heart forever and I will see you one day. I love and miss you so much. RIP David
Posted by rhiannon D'lea on November 15, 2011
my grandpa was a brave,strong and handsome man i was 6 when he died it was the sadest day i was young i didnt believe alot of things especially that my grandpa passed away.6 years i only knew him i should of know him for a life time but hes gone now i wish he could come back for atleast 1 day so i could hug him and say how much i miss him and tell him not to leave me again...i love u r.i.p

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