Let the memory of David be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on May 13, 1945 in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Passed away on September 12, 2012 in Napa, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, David Hillaire, 67, born on May 13, 1945 and passed away on September 12, 2012. We will remember him forever.

For those of you who were able to join us on October 20th in Napa, thank you. It was a great pleasure to share the laughs, the tears, and the memories with all of you.

Your thoughts and prayers are very appreciated. We will all miss Dave/Dad/Grandpa very much.

Posted by Edgar Massoletti on 2nd October 2018
Hello my friend. Sorry fore being late. Still remembering the good old days. You are in my thoughts often. Take care for now buddy. As you would call me, by for now. Mazzo..
Posted by Trinidee Shelton on 12th September 2018
Six years ago we said goodbye and I still think of you every day. You were so thoughtful with the cards you sent and the constant encouragement. I never realized how much I loved that until it was gone. I've kept all the letters and cards and fondly remember all the times we spent catching up. Wish you were here and wish I could give you a giant hug. Forever your Bug, Trin
Posted by Edgar Massoletti on 20th May 2018
Another year has passed. But my memories and good times are still fresh. Take care my friend, and keep and eye on me. Miss you, Mazzo
Posted by Edgar Massoletti on 14th May 2017
Happy Belated Birthday my friend. Missing you and all the good times we had in the past. Take care and love ya man. Mazzo..
Posted by Trinidee Shelton on 13th May 2017
Love you Dad. You visited me in a dream last night. Miss you like crazy and wish you could see your grandkids...they are amazing people. You would be 72 today, wish you were here.
Posted by Jim Basin on 13th September 2016
You are gone but never will be forgotten by all of us who knew and loved you for being a great guy. Jim Basin
Posted by Edgar Massoletti on 13th September 2016
Hello my friend. Another year has passed. I miss all the old days with you and Bart. They were great times. Miss you a lot.
Posted by Trinidee Shelton on 12th September 2016
Dad, If I could tell you one thing it would be "Thank you!" No one ever tried harder to make a rough situation good for their kid than you did. You are forever in my heart and a part of my soul as I try to parent my own kids. I miss you and love you. Love, Bug
Posted by Presley Shelton on 12th September 2016
Dear Grandpa, It's been too long and I think about you every day. I miss you and wish we could talk again. I miss hearing your I love you but I'll never forget it. You will always be in my heart. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!❤ Love, Your granddaughter Presley
Posted by Edgar Massoletti on 14th May 2016
Hello my friend. I cannot believe it has been seven years already that you have been gone. miss you and the old, old times. (Mazzo) Edgar.
Posted by Trinidee Shelton on 13th May 2016
Dad, I've been thinking of you often lately, wishing you could see your grandkids getting bigger and smarter. We still say "I love Youuuuuu!" and talk about you. You are always in our hearts...wish I could call you. Love, Trin
Posted by Edgar Massoletti on 26th September 2015
Hi Dave, missing the olden days with you. Keep resting and i will see you down the road. Love ya, Mazzo.
Posted by Presley Shelton on 12th September 2015
Grandpa, You always have and always will be my favorite grandpa. You are the greatest friend I have ever had. I miss you and I love youuuuuuuu!!!!
Posted by Ray Hillaire on 9th August 2015
Always separated by far too many years, I still cannot accept that you are gone too soon...
Posted by Presley Shelton on 8th July 2015
Grandpa, Always thinking of you. You were the best grandpa of all time. I love youuuuuuuu!
Posted by Trinidee Shelton on 13th May 2015
Dad, Thinking of you today and always. I remember surprising you for your 60th birthday and what fun it was. I love youuuuuu! Love, Trinidee
Posted by Edgar Massoletti on 13th May 2015
Dave, Missing the good old days with you & Bart chopping, cutting and splitting all that fire wood. Keep resting my friend. Love ya, Mazzo.
Posted by Pam Clarke on 9th December 2013
Dearest David, You have held a special place in my heart for over 50 years. You were my first love and I have never forgotten you. The five years we shared together and love we had for each other was forever lasting in my memories. Just learned of your passing today and I simply wanted to tell you... although we never married, you still hold a piece of my heart and always will. Bless you David forever. Pam
Posted by Rich Martin on 9th June 2013
I was on the ship with Dave, many good memories, he was a good friend and shipmate. I visited him some years ago, and was planning to visit him again. Rich Martin rich27800@gmail.com
Posted by Trinidee Shelton on 13th May 2013
I miss you, Dad... I just realized that your first and last birthday were both on Mother's Day. -Love, Trin
Posted by Trinidee Shelton on 12th November 2012
Dad, It has been two months since you found peace. I think of you daily, and miss your voice and your continual words of encouragement. I still expect the phone to ring every Sunday night. It is Veteran's Day, and I wish I could call and thank you for your service. I miss you. Thank you and I love you. With Love, The Bug
Posted by Edgar Massoletti on 13th October 2012
I remember Dave while he was working at a local lumber company. We worked together for many years. We would cut firewood together with another freind who has also passed on. Dave was a great freind, loving father and husband. i am disappointed in myself for not keeping in touch with him in recent years. Trinidee, I am very sorry for your familys loss. Sincerely Edgar.
Posted by Belinda Breazile on 3rd October 2012
What I'll remember the most of Dave is the love he had for his daughter. I can always tell how proud he was of her, he had good reason to be proud, but he was not afraid to express it. I also remember going up to Napa with Trin and Dave always showing us the best time. He knew how to spoil us girls! You will be missed my Giants fan friend!
Posted by Stan Hendricks on 29th September 2012
Namaste::: To you Mr Hillaire, for all the wonderful memories. The times when you didn't have to go above and beyond but you did. As I think back to all the fun times that you organized for all the Neighborhood kids. You never allowed anyone to feel left out. Thank you for everything.
Posted by Donna Camera on 24th September 2012
I remember many people from our days at S.C.H.S....but Dave was definitely one of those that really stood out! You would never see him when he wasn't smiling or laughing. My most sincere sympathies go out to his family. Please know that he will live on forever in the memories of those of us he knew back then. Sincerly, Donna DiGiovanni Camera
Posted by Nancy And Dennis Lewis on 19th September 2012
Dave, You were the only person we knew who sent us a thankyou for inviting you to Little Di's wedding. Good Old Dave. Always the gentleman. You will be missed.
Posted by Jim Basin on 14th September 2012
There were eight of us that were the closest of friends in high school and now there are only seven. I miss Dave, but will never lose the memories of what a great guy he was and all the fun we all had together whether it was sports, parties, road tips, or just hanging out. May he rest in peace.
Posted by John Laucci on 14th September 2012
I found out of Dave's passing through my friend Pam Ingersoll,he was a close friend in high school. I didn't see much of him later on in life,though I thought of him and our pals often,my good wishes and love go out to all his family and friends,Dave you are one of the good ones
Posted by Kathie Ryan on 14th September 2012
I am so sorry for your lose. Dave was/is a shinning star. I was at San Carlos high school with him and will always remember his wonderful smile and loving eyes. Even though Dave and I were only high school friends I did not want to miss letting you know that he was a lovely person. Sincerely, Kathie Ryan
Posted by Trinidee Shelton on 13th September 2012
Dad, I will always think of you and remember our good times together. You were my first best friend. Thank you for all of the love and support you've given me over the years and for always believing in me. You will always be a part of who I am. I love you. Love, Trin

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