Memory #2 Bedroom decorating

Shared by Maureen Waring on August 27, 2020
David and Chuck usually shared a room. But there came a time when the basement was finished and the boys had their own rooms. David decided to Redo his room ...he did one wall in red, silver, and blue flame..almost patent leather,shiny wallpaper. I helped put it up. It was something. And I always wondered how he slept in there. 

Ellen and David

Shared by Joan Rice on August 27, 2020
Karen and Family... I have so many Happy Memories of David taking Ellen out to the Bars in East Rochester when she really shouldn't have been out, so she could enjoy her life, and she would come home happy and laughing... He had a way of making people to feel special.. He was a very good man. He loved his leaf tattoo!!!   Ellen and I used to make fun of the fact that he wouldn't wear socks !!! He was a one of her best friends and cared so much for so many... Life is difficult sometimes....Godspeed David ❣️....

Memory No 1 Karen and David’s wedding

Shared by Maureen Waring on August 26, 2020
Karen and David’s wedding was a beautiful affair at a Chicago boutique hotel. However besides our brother Charlie singing New York, New York, the only other moment I clearly remember was David taking the mike and reciting a lovely poem to Karen...something about gazelles leaping....only David could pull that off.

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