As most of you know, our wonderful Dave passed away suddenly while helping a neighbor shovel out a car following an unusual snow and ice storm in Portland. While we find solace in the fact that Dave felt no pain or panic with his cardiac arrest, our hearts are broken. So many people have told us stories about how Dave helped them out, frequently without them ever asking, always the Good Samaritan. Family and friends have shared memories of fun, poignant, tough, caring, silly times they spent growing up together, surviving high school and college, playing ultimate frisbee, raising children, working, hiking, fixing things, investing, vacationing, etc.

We’d like this website to be place where we can all share memories, photos, and stories of Dave to celebrate his life. We hope it serves as a memorial we can return to visit, reminisce, and add content when photos pop up or you have a ‘remember that time when....” moment. Dave’s many friends and family are spread around the country; hopefully this lasting tribute will bring everyone together.
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Posted by Kate Chapman on February 13, 2022
Dear Dave,

It's hard to believe that it has been a whole year since your passing. We miss you all the time. We had such a good time on our many vacations throughout the years. You were a truly unique person. You inspire us to have some fun every day. We send all of our love to Carol, Doug, and Kat, along with your awesome Portland friends and your extended family.

Kate & Pete
Posted by Dorothy Dikeman on January 4, 2022
We cherish our friendship with this family. Dating from their early Atlanta days we enjoyed the girls softball days with our youngest following Douglas around like a little duckling....Dave was a generous "Girl Scout Helper" to me & as I'm not a big "tech person" he offered "you know, Dollie, if you get stuck on the computer you can just call me...." & during "snowmageddon" here in Atlanta he delivered bottles of wine-truly one of the kindest souls I've ever known. Still having a hard time getting my head around it....
Posted by Lesley McCreath on December 29, 2021
Our family was so sad to hear about the loss of Dave. When the Kruses lived in our San Mateo neighborhood Douglas and our son were elementary school pals, so we got to know Carol and Dave. My memories of Dave are of his ready smile, wry humor, and arriving to pick up Doug muddy (and maybe limping) after a frisbee battle. The wonderful tributes to him here show he lives in the hearts of many. Love to all the family from Lesley, Hank, and Will
Posted by Marvin Dikeman on December 29, 2021
Dave made me want to be a better person when I was around him. I'm really at a loss to say more.
Posted by Deidre Vandenbos on December 28, 2021
Carol, Catherine and Doug,
I just received the Christmas card. I needed to read it multiple times after noticing that Dave was in a different photo. I am so sorry that I was not aware of your loss of one of my favorite people. I met Dave in the late 1990's after you all moved to GA. I was very happy to have met and had the opportunity to meet and spend time with him, helping him work on some of his athletic injuries over the years. I think we worked together for close to 7-10 years. I can't recall because the time flew by. 
Dave shared stories of the travels that you all made from CA to GA, and then your expected travels to NY. We spoke after that move, but the time flew by us while I was studying. He was supportive and somewhat of a big brother figure in my studies after he became first a client, then friend. He was an ear when I had questions and a voice when he had advice to share. As a caregiver, that was very different for me. As much as I know Dave was a very caring soul, who was good to all who had the joy of getting to know him and have his confidence, my sadness of his loss is nothing when thinking of you all. While we only had the joy of meeting and working together fewer times, I always admired you both as a couple, as professionals and as parents.
I send my greatest sympathies to you, Catherine and Doug over the tremendous loss of your husband, friend and father. I pray that the plethora of memories help you smile, thinking of his jokes and quirky sense of humor.. that you are able to find solace in the relationships shared. Please stay in touch and know that while there may be hundreds if not thousands of miles between us, you are thought of often and cared for deeply. 
My deepest love and sympathies!!
Deidre Vandenbos
Posted by Venu Pemmaraju on December 28, 2021
Hi Carol,
I just received your Christmas card and was wondering why Dave wasn't in the picture. I wasn't aware that Dave had passed away earlier this year - I am absolutely shocked by the news. I am so, so sorry for your loss.
As you know, Dave was my manager at Synopsys and I learnt so much from him. He was one of the best managers I worked for and I am so grateful that I did. He shared his knowledge, helped me grow up professionally, encouraged me to try new things, started me on my path to an MBA degree but most importantly, treated me like an equal. I owe so much to him and am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to know him.
Dave was an ultimate, no pun intended, family man. He always spoke very highly of your professional achievements and loved talking about Katherine's and Douglas' achievements.
I know I am rambling but I don't know how to react to this loss.
Dave was a great guy and we will miss him.
Posted by Bill Biggers on September 21, 2021
I meant to have posted this story months ago, but as you will see, I've been on my own journey, and journeys take whatever time they take. I'm here, now, and ready to share this with all who knew and loved Dave. 

I met Dave about 20 years ago while working for Carol at RocketCash, in our heady, pre-Coca-Cola days. Carol had already cemented her spot in my life as mentor, champion, inspiration, and dear friend. Let me tell you, having the CMO of ESPN as one of your references sure spices up that job application! :-)

The story I want to share is more recent, so fast-forward some 18 years. My son, Grant, was living an "alternate" lifestyle, living on the road, out of a backpack, finding adventure and work wherever the road led him. One day I got a call from him. He had hitched a ride from Seattle into Portland, and as he stepped out of the car to retrieve his pack from the back seat, the car sped off, leaving him with only his phone, wallet, and the clothes on his back. "Do you know anyone in Portland?" he asked me. Yes. Yes I do. I reached out to Carol, who linked me to Dave, and soon Grant was picked up, taken home, given a shower, a meal, and a warm place to sleep. The following day, he was fed breakfast, loaded up with clothes, and dropped off at the bus station. What an amazing relief to know my lost boy found help when he needed it.

I let Grant know about the loss of Dave the night I found our. Grant was home with us, taking a couple of months to get some affairs in order and save up some money for his next adventure. We talked about that time in Portland and the kindness shown by Dave and Carol.

On the early morning of February 24, I found Grant dead from a toxic combination of cocaine and heroin. He was 2 months shy of his 24th birthday. These 2 disparate souls, brought together by fate and kindness, both gone from us in such a short time. 

There's nothing that Grant loved more that being in nature, especially climbing a mountain. Any trail we'd find, he'd sprint up to the top, leaving me in the dust. This is a trait he shared with Dave (the love, if not necessarily the running up the hill parts). As I spoke with Carol about our shared losses, we agreed that if there's an afterlife of any quality whatsoever, Dave had picked Grant up at the Big Bus Station, maybe took him to breakfast, and they were hiking up the most beautiful mountain that one could imagine. Without any of the psychosis, anxiety, depression, or addiction that tormented Grant, just a couple of kindred souls, 2 enormously generous hearts and sharp, curious intellects, sharing a love of beauty and adventure. I'd like to believe that could be.

Wishing peace for all, and thank you for reading the story I was finally ready to write. 
Posted by Gordy Brooks on June 19, 2021
I have lost both of my parents, my father-in-law, and numerous relatives and family friends, but this is the first time in my 59 years that I have lost a close friend. And during such a challenging year for everyone.

Taking the time and space to write one's thoughts means having to confront the fact that one's friend is gone forever. I am sure that all of us feel the same way as we compose our own testaments to a valued and loved friend. Well, maybe not gone forever-he still lives within us, and those memories will be with each of us always and can never be taken away.

Dave and I met in our first year of graduate school at USC, and something just clicked between us. I can honestly say that he was my first true soul mate. One usually thinks that a soul mate needs to be a spouse or a partner, but in this case, my soul mate was my best friend. And as I have shared with folks before, Dave and I did not even have the much in common, which goes to show that connections can be made beyond the circumstances we expect. We came from different places with different upbringings and different experiences, but his intellectual curiosity and strength of his core values drew me to him.

Dave challenged me in new ways, and he was always his own person no matter the circumstances or group. He was genuine-no bullshit and down-to-earth. I really respected the fact that he was comfortable and confident in who he was regardless of the time, people or place. And that says a lot living in LA and pursuing an MBA at USC in the late 1980s!

However, of all the aspects of Dave that I cherish, that which surprised me the most was his empathy. He cherished those around him, and he sincerely cared deeply about who they were and their well being. He suffered no fools, but he was always looking out for you and making sure you were pursuing that which was best for you. He had a keen sense of getting to the core of who you were and what made you tick. He was a fierce friend and constant advocate.

Dave, I miss you my friend, more than I can ever convey. You occupy a special place in my life, and you will always be with me. The void will never be filled, but we celebrate your life through our individual remembrances.

Carol, I cannot begin to imagine how the world has turned upside down. Our hearts bleed for you, and know that your family and friends are always here to support you. Do not ever hesitate to ask no matter what you need and when you need it. All of our love is with you always.

And Doug and Kat, I know that tomorrow is your first Father's Day without your Dad. We are all sorry that we cannot fix it or make it better or put a band-aid on the enormous pain. However, your Dad lives on through your memories of him. I can attest to this 30 years after losing both of my parents. Whether it is a memory, a song, a smell, a phrase or a feeling, your Dad will be there in the most unexpected moments to let you know that he is there, he is part of your life, and he is an integral part of you forever. Grab those moments, hold onto them, and celebrate him through them.

Posted by Hal Boyd on June 19, 2021
Well, where do I start with this spouse of a friend who became as close to me as his wife already was.


Music — he introduced me to such a body of music. 2 standout — the Old 97s and KFOG in SF. Once he understood my musical tastes, the Old 97s were suggested by Dave and moved into a regular rotation. He also loaned me his KFOG compilation CDs and I burned copies of them and wore them out finding dozens of new acts and brilliant unique live performances on the CDs. His taste is music was brilliant.

The 2nd memory is trip to NYC Courtney and I took while Dave and Carol lived in NY. Carol was OOT, but Dave came into town to meet us on a snowy day and we had a blast!
Lunch at the famous Katz deli with mile high Reubens, stops for coffee to warm up and an all day walk through the boroughs.

It was like an episode of Seinfeld. We talked about nothing and everything. Dave was truly a Renaissance Man and knew so much about so many things. I learned every time I was with him.

Kath and Doug, your Dad was an amazing man. I loved him like a Brother from another Mother. I miss him a lot as I know y’all do. Know he watches down on you, loves you and is immensely proud of you.

Carol, we love you, miss you and will see you soon!

Dave, I love you, miss you and never will I forget you! See ya on the other side, Brother!

Blue Skies tell me you are there cause I know how you love the outdoors!

— Hal

Posted by Susan Dunn on April 27, 2021
I met Dave when he married Carol, one of my best college pals, and he immediately struck me as good-natured, kind, whip-smart, and funny. It was clear that he and Carol had a special connection. The full, active and interesting life they built together is a testament to his love of family, friends and adventure. He was such a good soul (no surprise that his last act was helping others) who was always good company. He will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, Dave.
Posted by Sheena Ram on April 23, 2021
Remembering Dave, Carol, Doug and Katherine !! I started working as a nanny for them when Doug was 9 months old when Doug was 3, Katherine was born continued working for them until they moved to Atlanta!! When you work for a family for almost 10 years you become part of that great family. My whole family loved them so much , even my stepdaughter was grew up with them, Dave was so helpful in many ways!! Bringing me coffee and sometimes lunch when he saw I am so involved with kids activities!! He was always around no matter what he was doing when it came to kids or Carol !! He was a great dad and a good man !! We will all miss him always but cherish his memories forever in our hearts , love Sheena, Anoop and Nani♥️♥️♥️
Posted by Julie Exley on April 23, 2021
If I were to describe Dave with one word it would be “easy”. He was easy-going and easy to get along with. Dave made parenting, marriage, friendships, money management, and home improvement look easy. Dave eased right into our tight circle of college friends when he and Carol fell in love. We never skipped a beat—it was as though he’d been there all along. But to make everything appear so easy takes a lot of smarts and hard work and we all knew Dave never cut a corner. He wanted everyone to feel comfortable and taken care of and he succeeded. I’m happy he had so many friends, a wonderful family, and was able to do the things he loved while he was here with us. He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Katie Vincent on April 19, 2021
I can think of many, many apt descriptors for our friend Dave Kruse. But the one word that keeps popping up is "brilliant." He was a brilliant man--well educated, quick to grasp ideas, articulate and well-read, and he asked thought provoking questions. And then he intently listened to the responses. He was a brilliant husband to Carol and father to Doug and Kat. His love for them was not only deep, but strong and true. His face shone with brilliance whenever he talked of his family and their adventures together. He was a brilliant friend. He was generous and kind; always giving much more than he received. And his stories were fabulous, made all the funnier when he and Carol had different memories of the same event! While both my husband and I feel as if our time with Dave did not span nearly enough years, we feel blessed to have known this wonderful, brilliant, dear man.
Posted by Jun Ying on April 15, 2021
I remember Dave for his wisdom and salt-of-the-earth goodness. I remember fondly a weekend out at our lake house with Dave and Carol. We spent the day on the boat cruising and wakeboarding, until we ran out of gas and had to get BoatUS to come and refuel us! I remember having dinner on the dock and talking about life. At the time, Vickie and I didn't have children, fully enjoying the care-free life. Dave and Carol shared with us their stories of raising Doug and Kat. Seeing how Dave absolutely loved being a father, made an indelible impression on me. Vickie and I still talk about how that weekend had a lot to do with our decision regarding having children. Our lives are so much the richer for it. To cap it off, when I saw Dave again a few weeks later, Dave gave me a wakeboarding tow rope, because I was using a rope that was meant more for water skiing (more elastic!). That's how knowledgeable, observant and thoughtful he was. I still have the rope today, and look forward to being on a wakeboard this summer, remembering Dave.
Posted by PETER GUYER on April 13, 2021
I was fortunate to meet Dave through my long-time friend, Carol. I was immediately impressed with Dave's dry sense of humor, keen intellect, and zest for life. Dave was always so thoughtful, kind, poignant and present, and always with a soft smile. He was also competitive and fearless of confrontation. I will miss the comfortable dinners and relaxing moments by the pool with him, and will be forever grateful that I shared those moments with Dave. He leaves this earth with a wide impact and an enduring legacy.
Posted by Joseph Faulkner on April 10, 2021
I will always remember Dave as a quiet and loving soul, and I was forever impressed with his low-key determination and tenacity whenever he was confronted with a challenge.
 And the smile; the ever-present smile, no matter the circumstances.
Posted by Michael Bloch on April 7, 2021
Carol, I'm so very sorry to hear about David's passing. Growing up with him from elementary through high school I knew he was a brilliant guy and I always got a kick out of spending time with him. It was great to randomly reconnect with him at the MBA Challenge for Charity while I was at Berkeley and to catch up again in the Bay Area years later. Thanks for sharing info about your life together and activities since you left the Bay. I send my heartfelt condolences to you & your family, he will be missed.
Posted by dana austin on March 27, 2021
Carol, I just heard the news. I am so sorry, sad and surprised. Dave was such an amazing human. He had a zest for life. I will never forget his willingness to help me with my finances. I followed his advice to a T and am doing much better. I heard he was being a good samaritian when it happened, he was the ultimate ulturistic man. I especially love watching the way he loved and partnered in life with you. A true authentic guy. I am so sorry and I want to be here for you.

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Kate Chapman on February 13, 2022
Dear Dave,

It's hard to believe that it has been a whole year since your passing. We miss you all the time. We had such a good time on our many vacations throughout the years. You were a truly unique person. You inspire us to have some fun every day. We send all of our love to Carol, Doug, and Kat, along with your awesome Portland friends and your extended family.

Kate & Pete
Posted by Dorothy Dikeman on January 4, 2022
We cherish our friendship with this family. Dating from their early Atlanta days we enjoyed the girls softball days with our youngest following Douglas around like a little duckling....Dave was a generous "Girl Scout Helper" to me & as I'm not a big "tech person" he offered "you know, Dollie, if you get stuck on the computer you can just call me...." & during "snowmageddon" here in Atlanta he delivered bottles of wine-truly one of the kindest souls I've ever known. Still having a hard time getting my head around it....
Posted by Lesley McCreath on December 29, 2021
Our family was so sad to hear about the loss of Dave. When the Kruses lived in our San Mateo neighborhood Douglas and our son were elementary school pals, so we got to know Carol and Dave. My memories of Dave are of his ready smile, wry humor, and arriving to pick up Doug muddy (and maybe limping) after a frisbee battle. The wonderful tributes to him here show he lives in the hearts of many. Love to all the family from Lesley, Hank, and Will
his Life

A little bit about Dave

Dave was born September 14, 1962 in Shaker Heights, Ohio and passed away February 15, 2021 in Portland, Oregon.

Always living to the beat of his own drum, David was born at home on the kitchen floor, thereby creating a family legend as soon as he entered the world. He grew up the third child of four (Bob, John, Dave, and Susan) in Shaker Heights, OH. He was lucky to live within a few miles of all of his first cousins, aunts, uncles, and dearly loved Gram Roth. He spent those years juggling an early morning paper route, swim team, Ultimate Frisbee, and always being right in school ;)

The decision to earn both a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in just four years, meant college was not that enjoyable, but Ultimate Frisbee and a few close friends brought some bright spots. A move to Southern California in 1984 to work for General Dynamics followed. Dave discovered he enjoyed the business side more than the engineering part of his job, so getting an MBA was his next step. At the University of Southern Cal, Dave focused on Finance classes, and played a lot of Tetris and Crystal Quest with his great friend and roommate Gordy. We met in 1988 in the Fall of his second year. Dave was happy that I enthusiastically supported his love for Ultimate Frisbee. After watching him play in an especially rough tournament, I said “you can have my respect or my sympathy when you’re playing Ultimate, but not both.” My understanding came from years of playing soccer, and I repeated that phrase often as Dave broke numerous bones and tore both ACLs over years of playing Ultimate...and he always got more respect than sympathy from me :) After dating just eight months, we got engaged and when I finished my MBA fourteen months later, we got married. Our beautiful wedding was followed by a six week honeymoon in Europe which was the icing on the cake.

Dave and I spent 14 wonderful years in the Bay Area (1990 - 2004), where we found a fabulous group of friends with whom we forged lifetime bonds. Together we shared being newlyweds, buying our first homes, having children, figuring out careers, and learning how to juggle being working parents and still have time for frisbee, skiing, and lots of fun with friends. Dave appreciated making so many amazing memories, and, of course, the highlight of those years was raising Doug and Katherine! Dave and I took turns having stable jobs and joining Silicon Valley start-ups until the Coca-Cola Company bought the start-up I co-founded. Dave was so supportive when I had a great opportunity to move to Atlanta for a job leading Digital Marketing for Coca-Cola; he was game for a new adventure. After seven years in our first house, and seven years in our second in San Mateo, Dave became the “mastermind relocation manager”.

It was hard to leave our Bay Area lifestyle and many friends and family, but Atlanta turned out to be a really good place to raise our children. It was quite a dramatic change to move to the South, but the quality of family life in Atlanta, the good schools and sports, the fun we all had due to my job at Coca-Cola, and our many new friends made it all worthwhile. Dave spent those years remotely doing the Marketing and helping run the business side of a Silicon Valley start up, and of course playing for several good Ultimate Frisbee teams - discovering the benefit of Southern winters and the brutal reality of Atlanta summers. To prevent year-round Frisbee from completely destroying Dave's knees, we added cycling into the mix to save a little wear and tear. Along with cycling with good friends, we spent many years cheering on Kat and Doug and their soccer teams which brought us many years of joy.  Not surprising, Dave was Team Manager for both kids while we were in Atlanta, and then for four more years while Kat was in High School. It was in Atlanta where Dave truly became the “home remodel expert” by creating an absolutely amazing new kitchen and building out a fun living and entertaining space leading out to our pool and BBQ area. These new living spaces led to our hosting many, many fun social gatherings, including much-loved tamale-making parties, with friends and their children.

A call from a recruiter about the Chief Marketing Officer position opening at ESPN led me to think, "hmmm." After almost seven years in Atlanta, and more than nine years as head of Digital Marketing for Coca-Cola, I went home and asked Dave if I should go for it. As always, Dave enthusiasticly supported me during the zillion interviews it took to get the job. The only downside was it meant a pretty disruptive 2011 move to New York, which made for the third of our ‘every seven years’ changes. So off we moved to Mamaroneck in Westchester County, about 20 miles north of NYC. This meant big changes for Doug and Kat. Dave could keep his job since he already worked remotely, Kat bravely started a new school in 9th grade, and Doug stayed at his boarding school but had no local friends. Fortunately, we all enjoyed attending ESPN sporting events, the highlights being the X-Games and the Women’s World Cup in Germany. Dave and I took up kayaking in the Long Island Sound, and Dave found his incredible PUFA Ultimate Frisbee family which meant crazy early-morning Frisbee before work...yes, even during NY winters!  Dave continued to play Ultimate with these awesome friends for years after we moved, attending the annual New Year's Day games in NY and playing in the Ultimate Frisbee National and World Championships the last couple of years with some of his PUFA teammates.

Living in NY had its fun experiences, but once Kat and Doug were off to college, we didn’t see the need to stick around for more NY winters, so we scooted back to our beloved West Coast in September of 2015. This time we went to Portland, Oregon, an area Dave had discovered on work trips and loved.  And, wow, was Dave right. Portland has the perfect balance of diverse natural beauty, vibrant city life, and wonderful people. It was a perfect match for our preferred lifestyle. This time we took “Dave, the mastermind relocation expert” and especially “Dave, the home remodel expert” to a whole new level!  We bought a fabulous 107 year old home, right in town, with gorgeous views of Mt. Hood, Mount St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier. But that also meant 107 year old bathrooms, a butler’s pantry and a separate, small, poorly redone kitchen, and worn out landscaping. Dave totally rose to the occasion and outdid himself with three new bathrooms, a beautiful new kitchen, and a completely transformed yard with new hardscaping, landscaping, and great gardens!  Dave lead on the design and execution and I lead on the look, and together, we took teamwork to a whole new level. Dave definitely could’ve become a successful home remodel contractor, but, by this point, he was also interested in more active investing and advising, so we both joined Oregon Venture Fund.

Neither of us worked full-time for the last two years. Dave had already transitioned to investing/advising, and I became a Corporate Director for Valvoline, Inc and a board member/investor/advisor for some start-ups. That gave us more time to spend hiking with our wonderful Portland friends, exploring the Pacific Northwest, gardening, and discovering great new Portland food carts, restaurants, beer, and Willamette Valley wines. In August of 2020, we bought a bigger beach house in Emerald Isle, NC where we have been going for 24 years, and thus got to start yet another house remodel which is currently in full swing. To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on June 2, 2020, we had planned great trips to France and then Egypt. We thought about how wonderful the first 30 years of our marriage had been and were looking forward to the next 30 years of being less busy (maybe) and getting to enjoy the fruits of our labors by traveling and spending time with Kat and Doug and all our family and friends. The trips of course didn’t happen, but thank goodness Dave and I did get to spend a lot of time together during this year of COVID, which turned out to be a blessing. And Doug, Kat, and I will always cherish the 10 days we spent together in Emerald Isle for our first Christmas in the new house, making new traditions and memories.

We will continue to share stories of our lives with Dave in the Stories part of this website, and we so, so hope that you will share funny moments, poignant memories, challenges faced together, and just the day to day times you spent with Dave - to help keep his memory alive in all of us.
Recent stories

Just a another ultimate friend

Shared by Russ Wegner on January 14, 2022
Once Dave knew I was from Youngstown, OH and a Browns fan, we were connected.  Though we only met at Ultimate, we hung out sometimes before and after.  He was always trying to help me with my throws.  He really liked that I wanted to get better.  I can say that I blocked a Dave throw.  (took it for team)  A great claim.  And I covered him a lot and loved the challenge.   He had one of the greatest longest most accurate arms I have every seen.  Something to see and forever etched in my memory.   While we did know each other too much outside of ultimate, he was a kind very bright guy who made you feel like you knew him for decades.  Something about that Ohio in him.   It breaks my heart to think of the game without him.  He loved ultimate and was damn good at it.  Rest In Peace Dave Kruse.   Your kind soul will be greatly missed. I am not in any way surprised about the outpouring of love for Dave that is shown.  My heart aches to know of his passing.
Shared by Matt Clark-HP on January 14, 2022
Just learned from Hugh Rice of Dave's passing… I’m so glad I got to play with Dave a few years. What a guy! Dave always had a kind word and helpful coaching advice, spreading his positive energy all around, just like his deep hucks. When Dave got the disc, you'd better well start running deep. I think I still have nerve damage from one time I got lucky and blocked his forehand—which I quickly realized was unlucky. 

I found this photo from 2 years ago, which is just how I remember Dave—well, this and the big grin he always had, which you know is coming the second he releases that disc! Sure do miss Dave.

The Ultimate Bond

Shared by Hugh Rice on January 12, 2022
Dave and I met in the fall of 1980, as next door freshman dorm neighbors at RPI.  I was the naïve, shy kid from suburban California, Dave was the sophisticated, confident young man from upper class Shaker Heights OH.  We couldn’t have been more different.  Like so many in Dave’s life, we bonded over Ultimate Frisbee.  Another dorm mate, Jodie Richardson, became the third member of our little frisbee gang, and we were roommates during our Sophomore and Junior years at RPI.

I fondly remember the many afternoons we spent together on the lawn behind the Freshman dorm, perfecting our forehand throws for power, precision and touch. I still consider this my most significant learning from my first year at RPI, and one of my most valued skills today.  We competed together on RPIs ultimate team all 4 years at RPI, doing better than expected against bigger Upstate New Your schools that took Ultimate much more seriously.  We were also teammates with a few other RPI Ultimate pals in the RPI intermural leagues sponsored by the student union.  It was quite satisfying to brutally crush teams from the “jock” fraternities, and completely dominate intermural Ultimate on campus.

Dave and I went our separate ways after college, but 30 years later re-united, over Ultimate of course, when he and Carol moved to Portland, near my home in Vancouver WA.  I invited Dave to join the HP Vancouver Ultimate old-timers who have been playing for over 25 years on our lunch break.  He fit right in and became a regular on the HP ultimate field.  Friendly, competitive, and always looking to throw deep.

Shortly after Dave and Carol moved to Portland, my wife and I moved to Singapore.  We would re-connect during lunch time HP Ultimate when I was home on visits, and I was so looking forward to spending more time with him after I came back to the USA permanently.  The HP Ultimate gang will always remember Dave, and will miss what he brought to our old man lunch time play.