“I headed straight into the setting sun, and rode west at an easy pace. It was going to be a long ride, and there was no reason to hurry.”
― Robert B. Parker, Appaloosa
  • 68 years old
  • Born on November 27, 1946 in Oakridge, Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on June 16, 2015 in Burlingame, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of David LeSieur (affectionately called "Papa" by his grandchildren). Dave was born on November 27, 1946 and passed away unexpectedly on June 16, 2015.

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Lara and Jodi

Posted by Ruth Rinaldi on 9th August 2015
David - we first met when our kids joined The Conquistadors, the drum and bugle corp. in South San Francisco. Never did I realize how much you would teach me, share with me and with each other. Our escapades included Bingo, to raise money for the Conquistadors. The tours the kids went on and we as volunteer parents who supervised, cooked for and traveled with them were ongoing adventures Our lives took many turns, and I am so happy that I was able to have lunch with you in Livermore before you took a turn that wouldn't allow you to travel as easily any longer. Our memories together are forever etched into my heart. I know you weren't ready to let go yet, but fortunately the 'Big Guy up There' made that decision for you, allowing you the rest you so avidly deserved! I know that your daughters Lara and Jodi have a void in their lives that will never be filled. However,all the memories and experiences they shared with their Dad are forever etched into their hearts
Posted by Karen Selmi on 6th August 2015
Will never forget our adventure to Tamalpais with our cameras to watch the sunrise! Here's to your sunrise and sunset....I hope you are finding eternal peace and love.
Posted by Karen Selmi on 6th August 2015
David...I'm so so sorry that you departed this earth so early....breaks my heart. I think of you often and am sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. Thankful though that I had the opportunity to help you as much as I did in your darkest days here on Earth. You have always meant a lot to me; you taught me a lot about love back when we were still young. I know the girls will miss you terribly and you will always be in my heart. I hope I see you on the Other Side; save a seat for me. Maybe we'll go see more Trumpeters and Flugel horn musicians.
Posted by Jan Lynn on 4th August 2015
Gone too soon. Sweet journey now, Dave. Fitting for such a sweet and gentle man. Saw what a wonderful grandfather he was. From one of the other grandmothers, it is the best thing I can say about him. Tears in my throat as I write this. Terrific father and father-in-law too. What a legacy! Jan Pendleton Lynn
Posted by Maureen Margevanne on 31st July 2015
Dave was my best friend's (Esther's) boyfriend and husband-to-be during our college days at the U of Colorado in Boulder back in the flower-child era of the 1960s. (While we weren't hippy types, their let-it-all-hang-out philosophy affected us all.) I remember Dave as a happy-go-lucky and congenial guy, always with a smile and ready to have fun. One day, after everyone in our little group had plenty of Coors on tap at the popular and rebelliously groaty bar (that's a 60s word) on "the hill" in Boulder called The Sink, he dared me to dance on the table, then was shocked I actually did it--especially when I said I'd just tell the manager it was his idea. I was off the table by the time the waiter headed over, and Dave never dared me to do anything else after that. (Remember that, Esther?) Man, those were the days... Dear old friend Dave, see you on the other side some day, and we can all hang out together some place where dancing on tables is no problem. (Bet you're doing stuff like that already. :-)
Posted by Ludy Patton on 29th July 2015
The last day that we talked on line was a Sunday morning there, {Monday evening here.) The last things we talked about was that he needed to go to Safeway to buy buns because it was D day (Dialysis day) the next morning, June 15, and he needed that to make PBJ sandwhich for his lunch. That was the last time we talked and he seemed jolly that day, so I never imagined that it was our last chat on line. You will forever be my best friend, hb.
Posted by Joe MacDonald on 28th July 2015
I first met Dave at the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1966. We shared a house on 30th with some other roommates. Our friendship continued through Dave's marriage to Esther and the arrival of Lara and Jodi before we left Boulder. Later in 1970 and 1971 we reunited in California, Dave in San Francisco and my wife, Pam, and I in Alameda where I was stationed with the Navy. We spent lots of time together and had a great time. I think I can still remember their apartment. Stinson Beach was a favorite destination. Dave was into photography and had a great talent for it. He took a picture of Pam and I in Golden Gate Park that we still treasure. I look at it every day. Time and distance eventually separated us. At Lara's urging a number of years ago we tried to renew the friendship, but I'm afraid the time had passed. I regret that, but cherish the good times we all had when we were so very young. Our prayers are with the girls and their beautiful families. Here's to you, Dave.
Posted by Ludy Patton on 24th July 2015
I met Dave 1 year after he moved in to our assisted living facility. On my first day at work, I noticed he easily gets upset. So i said to myself, and he knew this because I told him that I called him "A H." He laughed after I confessed to him. We became friends and we had good laughs because he never run out of jokes and hilarious stories to tell. I open him a fb account when I came back here in the Philippines because he only communicated through email, and I said it is kindda slow. So we became fb friends before his birthday in 2013 until 2 days before he went. He taught me how to pronounce some english words, but I failed on one word. It was :"sheet," I gave up on that because it always sounded like I was saying shit, and he used to laugh when I do that. He was a very concerned friend. When I needed to go to the Hall of Justice, he went with me because I do not know how to go there. We both enjoyed our train ride to Redwood City, then we ate lunch at Pete's in Millbrae before he went back "home." I was about to go back to US and visit him, but maybe it wasn't meant to be. I fell down the stairs and fractured my shoulder so we missed that chance. We were planning to go to nice places and have a steak dinner date. He said so many times that he hoped I could come while he is still alive and not on his funeral. I hate it whenever he mentioned that. I believed he was still strong and healthy. I'm so sorry I disappointed you. I missed you everyday, but I am sure you are at peace and happier now, so I must be happy for you, LYHB

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