This memorial website was created in memory of our dear friend and loved one, David Liebowitz . We will remember him forever. Our sincere prayers, love and condolences go to David's Family and Friends.

Please share your memories of David, photos, videos, or a story. You can choose a virtual candle, flower, or a note as well. Let's keep the memory of David alive.
It is all for love, please share with family and friends of David.

David Liebowitz Memorial Service
A Virtual Memorial Service for our dear friend David and beloved member of the Michael Jackson fan community was organized on WEDNESDAY, 29th July 2020 at 7:00PM EST. You can watch it HERE ❤️
If you would like to honor David’s memory, make a donation in his name to his favorite charity, St. Baldrick’s Foundation ❤️

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Posted by Kimberly Cales on July 25, 2020

You will be truly missed, sweet David!!!! It isn't fair you were taken so soon, too soon like Mike!!! RIP dear sir.....
Posted by Vernay Lewis on July 25, 2020
David was a long time Facebook friend of mine and I would see him at every Michael Jackson event I attended. He outdid me on the events though. He was everywhere. Though my relationship with David was very cordial, I can’t say I knew him well. But he was always friendly, always great to talk to at events, and always smiling in his MJ outfits. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing. I know he was a big part of our MJ Family and I’m sorry so many hearts are broken from this loss. RIP David.
Posted by Wanda Hammond-Peoples on July 25, 2020
David was amazing. He gave us all joy!!! David is now dancing with MJ. Rest in Peace!
Wanda Peoples of Lancaster Pa!
Posted by Beverly Gramstad on July 25, 2020
David you were a kind soul. May you rest in peace...and dance
Posted by Samia April on July 25, 2020

You were such a passionate&dedicated fan,I remember you dancing at all MJ events I attended with the fans in NYC.You were a happy and kind soul,you will be deeply missed,my condolences to your family!
May you rest in peace!
Samia from France
Posted by Martina Bacoccoli on July 25, 2020
Dear David,
you were such a sweet, kind soul.
I first met you in Brooklyn in 2012. It was DJ Spinna’s Bad 25 party and I still remember it as the best night of my life.
We had so much fun dancing and singing together for hours, the love for Michael could be felt in the air.
I then saw you a few days later for MJ’s birthday in Central Park, and again two years later.
You were always so friendly and kind to me, always smiling and showing love.
We kept in touch and had beautiful told me about how much you missed your mother and I told you about my struggle to move to the US from Europe, and you offered me help even though I couldn’t accept.
You once told me you believed that bodies die, but souls stay.
Your soul is here with us and we’ll never forget you, never.
I’ll always cherish the memories and remember you as a sweet friend.
I hope you and your beloved mother are hugging and laughing together right now, maybe watching a Michael Jackson concert in Heaven. I hope you’re happy and at peace.
Thank you for the good times, the smiles, the conversations, the kindness.
I’ll never forget you, David.
Always in my heart,

Posted by Dennis Boneta on July 25, 2020
This man was one of a kind. He was resilient from peer pressure. He stood his ground, and LOVED everone unconditionally and his preferences. He was the Lord of His Sith, he was a clown, and he adored Michael Jackson....He was many a character, but he was a friend....And now he's gone....And I hate that....It's unfair that he left this way, and I pray he's where he needs to be....Love you Dave....
Miss you.

Posted by Betty Byrnes on July 25, 2020
Dear David, You blessed so many hearts with your big enthusiastic love of MJ, dance and music. You will be - are already so very missed. Rest in Peace and say hello to MJ for us all. ❤️️
Posted by Gabriele Lambert on July 25, 2020
I didn´t know David personally, but my prayers are with his family and friends, he was one of us! R.I.P.
Posted by Jennifer Dean on July 25, 2020
David was truly a kind hearted person who shared his LOVE with the world. Our connection was through the loss of MJ, which brought so many of us together. Flash mobs, bowling, roller skating, and get togethers were so much fun. I looked forward to seeing him at events here when he could make it out here as coming to Cali can be costly. Last year I made sure he got to go to Disneyland when he came. As a cast member, it brings me joy to see smiles and boy did I get a big one from him!! I’m so glad I could do that for him... he got his photo in front of the Falcon ... that made his day <3 Often we would chat late at night about Michael, Star Wars and Disneyland. We had a lot in common which is why we remained friends. He comforted my when I was blue and brightened my day with his humor.
His contribution to the community will not go unrecognized. He is an angel... immortalized. Rest in Paradise my friend. We love you. 
Posted by Deb Armelino on July 25, 2020
Dear David,
I am missing you already. I was just thinking about you recently and wondering how you are. We haven't had our middle of the night messaging sessions in a while, when you would contact me about a problem at work or some personal issue. I am actually dizzy with sadness and shock right now. I will always remember the friendship that we developed through our passion for Michael Jackson and the numerous events we both attended. I am shocked and so sorry you had to succumb to this disease. My God ! You were so kind and open and one of the first friends I made dancing Thrill The World. Rest In Peace, David, and do the moonwalk for us in heaven. Much love to your family.
Posted by Ricky Ricon on July 25, 2020
David thank you for all them memories we had together l miss you already. Thank you for the laughs and conversations we had. Can believe you aren't here. This year has be hard on everyone this year.. With such sadness we must be happy and look toward the future. I miss you. Your MJ buddy Enrique Insall Jr
Posted by Rachel Gillard-Tew on July 25, 2020
So sorry you got the dreaded illness. Sending love to your family at this difficult time. I was so happy that you were able to stay with us at the Airbnb in June 2019 and were able to share your love for Michael and your clowning with the MJfam.
R. I P dude
Your 500% enthusiasm for dancing and getting down to MJ is a memory we won't be able to forget.
Posted by Irina Eropolova on July 25, 2020
Dear David.. my heart is aching of loss of you.. we have lost a true MJ person.. loving, warmhearted and with the nicest smile.. Damn covid... it took our brother from us.. I will always remeber you, David, smiling and dancing MJ dances when we celebrated MJ on his star on Hollywood Blvd. Rest in eternal peace, dear David. We LOVE YOU. <3
Posted by Michelle Perell on July 24, 2020
David you were such a kind soul. You are gonna be terribly missed. U had such a great personality and always made ppl happy around you and filled them with love. Someone may not have been in a good mood but everytime they crossed your path u put a smile on their face. You are definitely going to be missed. Fly high.
Posted by Gaston Franco on July 25, 2020
Dear David, Thank you for always being there. For your creativity, support, charitable work, donations and for defending Michael Jackson's Legacy. You have participated in every event possible and join our own events with a smile and ready to go. I remember some of our chats and how you kept evolving by taking up on new artistic challenges. I know by now you probably chatting with your Mom and Michael himself in heaven. Miss you already! Love Gaston.

Posted by Katie L on July 25, 2020
Hi there. I never got to meet David but I always heard nice stories about how he was a great friend to my friends. You will be missed by our group David. So sorry that this happened to you. Rest In Peace
Posted by Sheila Guerrero on July 24, 2020
My dearest David, I will remember your bright smile and your amazing dance moves. You will never be forgotten - I MICHAEL JACKSON love you! <3
Posted by Kate Sapp on July 24, 2020
David, when the sun shines , I’ll think of ur smile, when the clouds come, I’ll think of ur smile, cuz I’ve never seen u without one...when we celebrate Mike, we’ll be celebrating u too, thinking of ur dance & ur happiness...”born to amuse, to inspire, to delight”, u may be gone too soon for us, but not for God; He needs u in His Angel Network now!! And I can sure see how! We might think 19 was why he had to go, but NO, GOD says so!
Posted by Melanie Freeman on July 24, 2020
David ...Keep dancing with the angels ❤️you will be missed.
Posted by Kathy Beaudoin on July 24, 2020
I will always remember you! So welcoming in 2013 when we met. Thank you for making me feel welcome. Thank you for the smilles, the laughs, the memories...
Rest in peace my forever friend.

Posted by Miranda Snyder on July 24, 2020
I didn’t know David personally. I’ve never met him, nor had any interactions with him. That being said, seeing everyone’s stories of him and the memories they’ve shared today leads me know that David was a wonderful friend, fun personality, and just an all around good man. The MJ community lost a great soul. Sending love and light to all of his family and friends. May he Rest In Peace.
Posted by Roc Jo on July 24, 2020
Hello David

Thank you so much for the memories that you shared with me and my friends. We are greatful that you believe and enjoyed being around us. You were a very important part of the MJ community and we are greatful to have known. Thank you again. You are with your mother now.

God speed
Posted by Alison Clarke on July 24, 2020
David I will miss you and your smile you were a joy to be around even though I only knew you were for two years. I love you so much you are forever in our hearts and I know Michael will be happy to welcome you to heaven with a big hug. I will miss you always. Love Alison ❤️❤️ Fly High
Posted by IJ Jackson on July 24, 2020
Hi David,

You were one of the first Michael Jackson fans I met in NYC following the loss of Michael and we attended more events all together over the past 10 years than I can count. David, you were always so kind, energetic, and a joy to be around. Whether it was partying to the sounds of an all MJ DJ night, heading to the Apollo, to a Who's Bad tribute show, to Las Vegas or to Forest Lawn in California- you were always there. I will miss your smile, your zest for life and fun spirit, as I am sure so many of us in the Michael Jackson fan community will.

David was an integral part of our community and I will always cherish the memories we all made together. Sending sincerest condolences to everyone and may David rest in heavenly peace.
Posted by Deb Morris on July 25, 2020
Dear David, we will really miss you, you were such fun to be around. I loved watching you dance, and dress up, and have fond memories we shared together over the years. We certainly had a lot of laughs and I will miss our regular chats. I hope you are up there with Michael and you are moonwalking together. We send our sincere prayers, love and condolences to your family and friends. Until we meet again, love Deb and Wayne, Australia ♥
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Posted by Ruth McLean on August 1, 2020
David, Remembering your zest for life and warm spirit. You are missed.
Posted by Jasmine Bermudez on July 29, 2020
So today is the memorial and I am still in shock and a loss of words to say. I thought about putting up a poem or sharing a memory and I just haven't been able to write/say anything. Not because I have too little moments, there are several memories, I just don't know where to start on top of just feeling sad. There's no doubt in my mind that he was just an amazing ray of light, a force of light. Look how many people whose lives are touched by his energy. I will miss going to all the different events and just having silly moments. He will be forever cherished. May the force be with you, David.
Posted by Millika Bennett on July 29, 2020
Tribute to David

   David was such (and still is in spirit) a joyful and bright person. Anytime I went to a meetup he would be one of the very first people to greet me and give me a hug. As a very shy person, he made me feel more comfortable being in a crowd of people and I was able to truly enjoying the moment. He was also one of the very first people (sometimes the first one) to wish me a happy birthday on Facebook. Not to mention, he was one of the first to notice my MJ tatt and compliment me. We had a whole convo about our tatts n we felt good that we were one of the first to get that particular tatt in memory of MJ. LoL 
   I love that he was always fully present when partaking in various MJ events. He always had a smile on his face and I’ve never seen him be mean or cold to a single soul. I sincerely hope MJ throws the biggest concert for him up in Heaven. He loved him in such a pure and honest way. Although David is gone physically his bright spirit lives on in many ways. Rest in Power...I sincerely hope you are reunited with your mother in Peace and surrounded by Unconditional Love ❤️
his Life

David Liebowitz Memorial Tribute

Dedicated to remembering our beloved friend David Liebowitz. Love lives Forever ❤

Our Aim is to create a Memorial and Tribute to David. A virtual space where we can post a flower, light a candle, send a message, add photos, small video, music, and tell our stories of how David has made an impact on our lives.

We welcome Family and Friends to share their stories, photos and videos of David. Please leave a description and the date on the photo, video or story.

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David was also a dedicated member of the Michael Jackson Community, if you would like to leave a message for Michael, you can do so HERE.

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Remembering David

A virtual memorial for David, our dear friend and beloved member of the Michael Jackson fan community was held on WEDNESDAY, 29th July 2020 at 7:00PM EST. Thank you to everyone who participated. ❤️

You can watch it Online HERE ❤️

Honor David's Memory

If you would like to honor David’s memory, make a donation in his name to his favorite charity, St. Baldrick’s Foundation ❤️
Recent stories

David Liebowitz Memorial Service

Shared by Deb Morris on August 2, 2020
A virtual memorial for David, our dear friend and beloved member of the Michael Jackson fan community was held on WEDNESDAY, 29th July 2020 at 7:00PM EST. Thank you to everyone who came together to share their memories of David. ❤️

IN memory of David Liebowitz from Brooklyn, New York.

Shared by Deb Morris on July 28, 2020
IN memory of David Liebowitz from Brooklyn, New York. As an avid Michael Jackson fan, David was known to participate in various flash mobs and enjoy Michael Jackson events, hosted by other fans from around the world. Every year, David would visit Los Angeles to pay his respects to the late King of Pop and every year we'd try to catch up with him.

In late June of 2019, David attended the "MJ Fan, global welcoming party" hosted by Rachel Raven. This was the ten year memorial for Michael Jackson & David Liebowitz showed up dressed up as "Dally" the clown and danced to "Billie Jean" with an extra Chicken Dance surprise.

He was loved by many within the Michael Jackson fan community but David "Loved you more"

Memory of
David Liebowitz
July 24th 1957 - July 24th 2020
Video Recorded by Leo on 24th June 2019.

Fun Times

Shared by Carmen R on July 27, 2020
You were an amazing person I thank you for all the good times we’ve spent dancing together doing flash mobs, Going to Yankees Games, and letting me pie your face Hahahaha with shaving cream! For staying in touch and cheering me up on those sad and difficult moments! Now you get to dance with the King of Pop in Paradise. As the song says Gone too soon but you’ll always live on in our memories and our hearts! Never Forgotten it was an honor and pleasure to have come across paths until we meet again in heaven! Rock On Rock On Rock On! Rest In Peace my friend