Our little Dave Our Angle looking after us all With is Dad now and others.But we all missed him more than words can ever say Love you David from your familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • 40 years old
  • Born on March 17, 1967 in Ashton-under-Lyne, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on July 28, 2007 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, David Andrew Lisle, 40, born on March 17, 1967 and passed away on July 28, 2007. We will remember him forever.Do not stand at my grave and weep,I am not there,I do not sleep.I am a thousand winds that blow.I am the diamond glints on snow,I am the sunlight grain,I am the gentle autumn rain When you awaken in the morning hush,I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight,I am the stars that shine at night.Do not stand at my grave and cry ,I am not there I did not die.

Posted by Michelle Lisle on March 17, 2019
Happy 52th Birthday David ....Party all day blue eyes Xx
Posted by Charlotte Lisle on July 29, 2018
Hi uncle David missing you so so so much , hope your having the best time ever up there still remeber you calling me a princess I’ll never forget I will never will  your always in my heart and will be forever cant Waite till the day we all meet up again up there 11 years today you was fighting for your life , love you always and always forever in my heart love princess Charlotte
Posted by Michelle Lisle on July 28, 2018
Hello our kid 11 years since i seen your smile, heard your voice ..seen your sweet little face... but until thats day comes when i meet you again i just have to wait...Thinking of you David like i Always do i wish you all the luck in world take care my big brotherXxXxXxXxXxX
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on March 19, 2018
Happy birthday Dave you know we’ve been busy with mother but we’ve been thinking of you like always, Love you forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on July 28, 2017
10 years today we lost our David before his time.... I guess we've got to think it's 10 years closer to seeing you again... no words can ever describe how we miss you ... it's so unfair... we love ya kid ... Deb xxx Mark xxx John xxx Laura xxx Simba xxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on July 30, 2016
Hey David, your family are really missing you. You were well loved mate. I didn't know you, but, I know we could have been mates. Your sister Michelle is still a nutter, you know, some things change and some stay the same. lol. But I like her and your family. Cheers, and RIP friend.
Posted by Michelle Lisle on July 28, 2016
Hello my sweet Little Dave can't Believe you was unlucky enough to lose your life 9 years ago how life can be so cruel on a good lad like you Dave so very unfair,Seems a life time ago since i seen your smiling face at my window,But i know you are somewhere i just can't see you,But i am sure that there a very good place for you,Has you was a cracking lad everyone has a good tail to tell about you.You left a good legacy David Lisle I was proud to be your sister Love you lots From your heartbroken Mum!! XxXx Charlotte,Matthew,Michelle Rest well We all miss you so much David XXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXxxxxXXX
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on July 28, 2016
We miss you insight but not in presence Dave 9 years on and you still don't look any different you lucky guy. You are....and....will always be that kind soft gentle giant that stays young forever..... Xxxxxxxxxxx love you xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Matthew Lisle on July 28, 2016
Hi Dave thinking about you today, hope all is well up there!!
Posted by Bob Harrison on May 10, 2016
Hi Dave, been awhile since I visited you, always remember, you may be gone for now, but not forgotten. Tragidies visit families everyday, and your loss was certainly a deep tragedy to your family. I've gotten to know them over the past few years and can say I love them. Their a good lot. So, I am sure you and I could have been good mates too. Rest in Peace David. I hope to meet you some day, but at the moment I think I'll stay where I'm at. Your sister Michelle is a nutter, but you already knew that, didn't you. She makes me laugh. And she really adored you. Goodbye for now.  Bobby.
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on March 17, 2016
Happy 49th birthday Dave we miss you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on July 28, 2015
Eight years today that you were taken away from us it really wasn't fair!
I miss your cheeky funny smile and your soft heartedness every single day. Oh what id give to have a moment with you again, you're always in my heart and 1 things for sure you'll never be old in my thoughts.I miss you bro and life isnt the same without you !!! all our love your baby sis and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on March 18, 2015
Happy Birthday Dave. Just so you know, Michelle is still Michelle, will she ever change she's as loopy as any Enhlish woman I ever met. but so beautiful and kind to me, Matthew, well he wants to be a film star, good luck with that-hey Dave, and Baby Charlotte don't know what she wants other than for mum to leave her alone in peace. Lol. David you have a strange family but I love them to bits. I wish I could have met you, had a drink or two with you and Dad. Maybe one day. But hopefully not any time too soon. "Everybody wanna go to heaven but nobody wants to go now."   Cheers mate. Hope you're resting well.
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on March 17, 2015
Happy 48th birthday big bro , have plenty of fun especially with all the irish up there. Have a drink on us kid !!! wish you were here, love and miss you trillions Deb, mark.john,laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on March 17, 2015
Happy 48th birthday our little Dave!!!! Thinking of your birthday Dave and what you would be doing...I do hope there a big party in heaven for you kid,you deserve every moment of happiness David,And we all hope you are happy XX happy birthday David XX love Mother,michelle,charlotte,Matthew XxxxXXXxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on July 28, 2014
7 years Dave since dreadfully night,But its seems a lifetime ago since we last saw you.Very strange life kido.Thinking of you today like any other day Big brother XXXXXxxxxxXXXX
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on July 28, 2014
Our Dave is remembered every single day, it may be 7 years on but i still remember you as that 40 year old handsome kind and funny guy. I'm not the baby of the family any more, you are Dave!!! Love & miss ya Deb xxx Mark xxx John xxx Laura xxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on March 17, 2014
Happy 47th Birthday Kid..And Happy St Patricks Day..A special Birthday you got Dave.Thats 7th Birthdays you miss Dave.How life is cruel..you should NEVER had died.And if you had a Decent Consultant or Doctor,You would be here with us all now,You should of never died of DVT.The NHS should hang there heads down in shame,But there could'nt give a shit,But you did died Dave,So lets all hope you are having a better time in heaven with our paps...Who knows what go on up in heaven,But lets hope there put on a good party on for my big brother David Lisle,Who deserves a Beautiful 47th Birthday,A special Birthday for a special Angel in Heaven my brother....XXXXXXxxxxXXXXXxxxxxXXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXXXxxxxXXXX
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on March 17, 2014
Happy Birthday David, i can't believe its been another birthday without you !!!! You would of been 47 wow !!!! I never thought id be older than you kid :). No matter how old everyone gets you will always stay 40 you lucky sod. Well i bet you and our pap's are gonna be knocking em back tonite.....so have 1 on me. I miss ya kid and would give everything to have one of your bear hugs from ya ......keep us all safe....love ya dave xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on December 20, 2013
Merry Christmas our little David..I wonder what you are doing now..Love to know,How we all miss you..How things would be different if you was still here..I know now that life is map out for us all..But nobody can understand at the time..But so cruel that you not with us all..And miss out so much..is not fare kido..but there was a place for you in heaven and nobody could stop you from going..we all have to carry on...All the best to my big brother David Andrew Lisle xxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on December 20, 2013
Dave im 2 years older today than you were when you died !!!! How sad that makes me feel, taken from us at 40 is unexplainable, Its a true saying that ' a person only dies when you stop thinking of them' WELL DAVE I WILL NEVER STOP THINKING OF YOU !!!!It would be the best birthday ever if i could just spend 30 seconds with you in person and not in spirit. Godbless us all your little sister xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on November 21, 2013
Hello our kid..Sat in my bedroom thinking of the things what went on in our house..Mad house lol...Talking to your childhood sweet heart today Deborah tucker ...she was talking about you David she speaks highly of you kid..Do you remember the sweets I found and you give them to her so funny..Anyway Hope thing are going well,And our paps is looking after you. Has our paps would say to us all be lucky miss u kido xxxxAnd our paps too..Now its my turn to say BE LUCKY to you both of youXXXXXxxxxx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on July 28, 2013
Bro....There is so much I wish to say to you,,I think about you every day It just doesn’t seem real that you’re not around Six years later..Seems like forever…i love and miss you so much it hurts xxxxxx Deb xxxxxx Mark xxxxxx John xxxxxx laura xxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on July 28, 2013
Hi David, do me a favor. Next time Michelle talks to you, do your heavenly duties and tell her to get a computer so we can talk to each other once in awhile. I think little Charlotte has banned her from using her computer. So we hardly ever chat anymore. David, I wish you were down here taking care of her.lol Your family are missing you. You must have been a great lad. Cheers mate.
Posted by Michelle Lisle on July 28, 2013
Hello our sweet David,6 years since you left us,How we all miss you so much,you should be here with us,I never forget the 28th how you left us in a dreadful way,rest peacefully David with our paps,How lucky was I to have you has my big brotherXXXxxx Love Mother,Matthew,Charlotte,Mimi Xxxxxxx
Posted by Yenney Lisle on April 19, 2013
looking down ,have a good laugh.miss u all lots of love dave
Posted by Bob Harrison on March 18, 2013
Happy Birthday David, I'll bet the pub missed you tonight. Mates are mates for life. They won't ever forget you and neither will your family. One day, you'll be looking around, and you'll say, "Bloody Hell, what are thay doing here." It'll be some of your mates from the pub. They can't live forever. You'll have lots of company. I'm sure you and Paps had a laugh today~I hope so~I believe
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on March 17, 2013
Happy Birthday Dave you would have been 46 today but you'll always look 40 ! We miss you more with everyday that passes and hope that where ever you are....you are very happy. We love you kid so on this special day we hope you have a special time .....we wish we could share it with you ..... love you so much...... give my love to pap's....god bless xxx sis xxx mark xxx john.xxx laura xxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on March 17, 2013
Happy Birthday Kid,Wow 46,How life can be so hard Its Tragic that you not here for your Birthday at a young age,I know you be having fun With our paps,Have a great day kid miss you sooooo much Love you mimi xx Charlotte xx Matthew xxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on March 17, 2013
David I upload some pictures of you and all of us,I forgot to say Happy St Patrick Day,A special Birthday,For a special Guy,Happy Birthday Sweet little Daivd Andrew Lisle XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on January 1, 2013
A another new year Dave "2013" wow! i do miss the simple things like you ringing me at 12pm to wish me 'happy new year' what i'd do to hear your voice again xxxxxxxxx Well Happy new year kido i hope papa and you are pain free and happy love you millions Debbie xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on December 20, 2012
Dave has you know its that time of year for me 6 birthdays without you! is 6 years to long. Also remembering our grandad who died 11 years ago today and not forgetting paps my first birthday without him. Take care family i really miss ya all and have a party on me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on December 19, 2012
Merry Christmas David; I just had a chat with "paps" and was telling him in a nice way what a lovely daughter he has. I would have love to met you, had a pint, maybe even sling some darts. But that will have to wait for now. I know Christmas must be very special in Heaven, as it was the day "Christ" was born. I bet you and "paps" have a real party. Don't forget us. We won't be long! XX
Posted by Michelle Lisle on December 16, 2012
Hello our sweet David,Hope Everthing is well,Has you know christmas time is here again and The 6th one you miss Kid,But this year you got our Paps with you ,I can only dream of what you two are up to lots of fun I hope,Well I know you two will be ,I know you both too well MERRY CHRISTMAS big brother xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on September 16, 2012
Hi David, from your youthful photo you look a lot like your dad when he was young. I've met and shared many conversations with your sister Michelle and Niece Charlotte. Michelle speaks highly of you and really misses you. I would have loved to known your family, before so many things went wrong. Maybe I will one day. But for now, we all wait! Rest peacefully! Bobby
Posted by Bob Harrison on July 28, 2012
Hi David, you would be 45 years old and still here with your family if fate hadn't intervened on this day. DVT in America is a medical emergency and treated accordingly. Sadly, I understand through Michelle that was not the case with you. Just imagine, you'd probably be heading to the pub tonight for a good pint. Michele, your smile is David's happiness. So smile, and celebrate his life.
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on July 28, 2012
"Bro it doesn't matter what day it is the sadness of you not being here is hard to live with, its been 5 years without your smile but your legacy still remains stronger then ever. You couldn't have handled the times we've just had, its now your job to finish what we couldn't, be happy Dave All the love in the world sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on July 27, 2012
Hi Dave,5 years has passed,Life can be so cruel,We still trying to come to terms with loseing you Dave,So quick and very young with a treatable illness,There class you die on the 28th of july but to me you went on the 27th unbeliveble in paps words,miss you dave more than words can ever say.LOVE YOU KID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bob Harrison on July 17, 2012
Hi David, Mate, you've got a lot of love in your family, and much of it seems to be coming your way. Your papa is feeling the love too. It's tough on the family losing you, but know this, one day, in the blink of an eye you will all be reunited once again. As for the family, they wait. Celebrating your special days and loving you. I'm sure I'll meet you one day too. Cheers mate!
Posted by Michelle Lisle on July 1, 2012
Hi my little sweetie thinking of you today,Like any other day oh dave how i wish you was here.But I bet you are haveing a better time than me dave you and papas haveing a ball (well I hope you are) see ya dave and papasxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on April 25, 2012
Hi David A sad day for us all today has you know papa pass Away I hope he with you happy Haveing a party in heaven like he says he was doing,"And the story book has ended" The pain all gone now Dad Cancer free Thankyou Dad" You know what for paps" love u David and paps forever Look after us All love you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on April 7, 2012
Hi David my sweetie I wish you was here kid so much love you Dave xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on March 17, 2012
Happy Birthday Dave i can feel the heaven's rockin already, you carry on partying kid which i hope you are doing everyday and still only 40
love ya so so much Debbie mark john laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on March 17, 2012
Happy brithday kid,party on david love and miss you .45 kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHAPPY BRITHDAY /
Posted by Michelle Lisle on February 21, 2012
Hi dave our matts 18th today I Know you would of love that. Thinking of you today dave wish you was here so much love kid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Laura Butterworth on February 12, 2012
i love u dave when u died we all fell apart hope have a nice time in heaven dave millions of kises
Posted by Deborah Butterworth on February 9, 2012
Bro we shared alot of fun together and i cant believe it ended this way, there are lots of things we should be doing, but that's to late now and we'll just have to wait until the day we meet again. Your tragic death has left a big hole and i think of you in good and bad times and miss you so much. Goodbye for now you where a part of my life i'll never forget love sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michelle Lisle on February 9, 2012
Hi dave miss you kid .Lots going on.love you lots david see you in heaven hope you like your song perfect for you kid xxxxxxxxx

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