To the funniest dad, husband, engineer, painter, dancer, chess and ping pong player we will ever know.
  • 85 years old
  • Born on September 9, 1929 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Passed away on January 7, 2015 in Pttsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Friends received Tuesday January 13, 2-4 and 6-8 PM at CHARLES W. TRENZ FUNERAL HOME, INC., 11110 Frankstown Road, Penn Hills PA. Funeral Mass was Wednesday, January 14 at 10:30am at St Bernadette’s Church in Monroeville PA. 

Internment at Mt Saint Macrina in Uniontown, PA.

In lieu of flowers, memorials can be made in David’s name to the Alzheimer’s Association, 1100 Liberty Avenue, Suite E-201, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, to the Brother's Brother Foundation in Pittsburgh, or to a charity of one’s choice.

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Posted by Joan Lunifeld on 7th January 2019
The years have passed so rapidly, but I still fondly think of our days and years together. All of us are remembering you today, and we still miss you. This is a great way to show our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Thomas Lunifeld on 7th January 2019
Dear Dad, We lost you 4 years ago today, but we still miss you. As a hard worker and a good dad, you were a great example to all of us. I can remember so many good times with you while I was growing up and as a young adult. I am grateful, but all I can do is to pass it forward. I am sure that is what you would want.
Posted by Joan Lunifeld on 25th December 2018
Christmas Day 2018 This has always been such a nice holiday for our family, but over the past few years everyone lives out of state. I do have chances to visit the kids - Bob, Tom, and Amy - throughout the year, but they are now celebrating with their own families in their own homes. Still think of the many good times we had thru the years and you are in my memories always----- Joan
Posted by Amy Goring on 28th January 2018
Thinking of you always dad. We have friends whose parents are suffering from Alzheimers and we are able to help them, but it reminds me of the difficulty you must have gone through. Yours and mom's support and belief in me, throughout my career and life, was more important to me than I ever knew, in becoming who I am.
Posted by Joan Lunifeld on 28th January 2018
January 28, 2018 We're all thinking of you today and remembering all the great times and great trips we had over the years. Forever Missed has been such a great place to leave messages .
Posted by Amy Goring on 10th September 2017
Happy 88th birthday, Dad. Thinking of you this weekend, trying to keep our sense of humor in all we do. I know you would be proud of your grandkids growing up so big this year. We visited Fallingwater last weekend and I know how much you always loved that place, and the beautiful trees around it. Miss you and love you always.
Posted by Amy Goring on 10th September 2017
Grandpa was a nice grandpa and I loved him. I liked looking at his pictures and i have his skinny legs too. His paintings were amazing and i think they should be in an art gallery. I remember when i used to play with puzzles with him and color and eat ice cream with him. From Finn Goring
Posted by Joan Lunifeld on 9th September 2017
"We're all thinking of you today --your 88th birthday, and we all remember all the great and funny times we had together through the years." Joan and family
Posted by Amy Goring on 7th January 2017
We're all thinking of you today and always, Dad! Love you. Many hugs.
Posted by Joan Lunifeld on 7th January 2017
The months have passed so fast - and I still miss you. The days preceding January 7th are tough. Still treasure all the good times we had over the years. We were blessed-- Love, Joan
Posted by Amy Goring on 7th January 2016
Thinking of you all week Dad, it was a year ago today that we held your hand and said our final good byes. I miss you so darn much, and just love you and Mom dearly. So many things in life to thank you for - like giving me the confidence and drive to always do my best. And a good sense of humor. Oh - and for the long skinny legs. Those have definitely been a plus too. ;-)
Posted by Joan Lunifeld on 25th December 2015
December 25, 2015 - my thought of the day It is our 1st Christmas that we haven't shared in over 55 years, but I am happy that we can cherish many, many wonderful family Christmas memories of more than a half century. Love always, Jo
Posted by Robert Maraachese on 14th September 2015
Memories of our travels with Dave and Joan in Europe - the Churchill and Berkshire suites in London, making a TV commercial in Rome (CAPACINO!!!), gelato in Florence every night, tulip gardens in Amsterdam, the view of Venice from St, Marks, the night train from Amsterdam to Venice, and many more. Remembering hurts. Tom and Shirley
Posted by Amy Goring on 10th September 2015
Thinking about Dad all day long yesterday...86 years ago, you were born. And I am super glad about that. I watched your funny video when we interviewed you when you turned 70, and laughed and laughed. Missing you, Dad.
Posted by Joseph Goldfeder on 9th September 2015
Posted by Joan Lunifeld on 9th September 2015
Thinking of you on your 86th birthday and still remember all of the great times we shared over 53 years with friends and family. Love, J
Posted by Kathy Gilbert on 13th February 2015
Dave was fun, that's what I remember. I met Dave thanks to art. We were members of Penn Art Asso. and I was also lucky to be his art instructor at CCAC Boyce Campus for several years. Dave's artwork was carefully painted with attention to details other's would miss or refuse to take the time to paint. Joanie and Dave sat next to each other in art class and shared ideas, materials and their good spirits with each other and all classmates. Dave gave his family lasting works of art to treasure for generations. Dave was also wiz at Ping Pong and he hustled the 20 year olds in the Student Union. Students would see this tall white haired fellow come up to the table and ask to play. I can only imagine their first thoughts but their shock and awe was apparent immediately when he unzipped a flat case. "OMG! he brought his own paddle!" Dave's reputation grew. He was the guy to beat at Ping Pong even into his 80's. His gentle and easy going personality was an asset and blessing to many students. It was a pleasure to be in Dave's company and to have known him.
Posted by Robert Lunifeld on 8th February 2015
(excerpt from eulogy 1/14/15) Speaking for my wife Ann-Marie and myself, we will miss Dad very much. I would like to share a few aspects of my father that everyone may not be aware of. Dad never forgot the humble beginnings of his own life. He always treated people of all backgrounds and abilities with respect. Learning this served me well in my time in the Navy and throughout my life. He also had a special empathy for those that needed more family warmth. He also showed us that working hard is an honorable endeavor. I recall this trait in a few ways that weren't always easy to appreciate while growing up. Whenever something in the house or one of the cars needed to be fixed we were compelled to join him in the effort. Both Tom and I (and 'cousin' Bruce) were inspired by this 'make it work attitude' to be engineers. Dad also required that we earn money to pay for 1/2 of our car insurance - not so easy in the late 70's but it made me appreciate my mobility and freedom.
Posted by Amy Goring on 19th January 2015
(excerpt from Eulogy, 1/14/15) We will miss my dad. But, we've been missing pieces of him for a long time now. His painting, golfing, tinkering with cars and appliances became things of the past a few years ago. Of course, his variably funny jokes, his sense of rhythm and dancing, his goofy humor and whistling, and his love for Joanie continued on to remind us all that he was still here. I recently saw a saying 'Life isn't about surviving the storm - its learning to dance in the rain'. I think we all figured out how to do that the best we possibly could have over the past few years. Dad’s final passing is still very fresh in our minds. We know that angels were watching over him, and God had a plan for him - we listened to God and played our roles like violins and bassoons in an orchestra in those final months - each coming in to play our part when he needed us. He made sure Dad had a final place to rest with wonderful care and loving people - and that Dad left our world peacefully, surrounded by loved ones, and not alone. I looked through so many pictures last weekend. We know his childhood was hard. But he persevered, and had an incredible, amazing life, filled with lifelong friends, family, hard work, fun, getting to see the world, and appreciating it through art, music, dancing, laughing and love. Joanie was his love, his organizer, his memory – and he never wanted to leave her side. Everyone I spoke with at the funeral remembers Dad being kind, strong, funny, loving, brilliant, and hard-working. His paintings are now a wonderful legacy for our family. What a better role model could we have in a father? Dad - You are always with us. Now, perhaps more so than ever. You raised and shaped us to be strong, smart, hardworking and funny people, loyal friends and spouses, and wonderful parents. We will not let you down. And we promise to take good care of Joanie.

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