Let the memory of David be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on September 29, 1968 .
  • Passed away on December 11, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, David Griffin 45 years old , born on September 29, 1968 and passed away on December 11, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Rachel Adisa on 29th September 2018
Happy birthday David. Continue to rest in paradise
Posted by Patricia Griffin on 29th September 2018
Happy, happy birthday David. There isn't day goes by that you are not remembered. A song playing, I see one of your friends, photos of you come up, or we are just sitting and talking about you. Remembering you is bitter sweet because it was very hard for me to let you rest in peace. I always want you back with me with my selfish self. I still hear your voice, I still look for you knowing you're not going to be there, but just in case. I miss you so very much and more so this time of year. I'm sure that they all do. I love you my son continue to watch over us until we see you again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Posted by Patricia Griffin on 11th December 2017
Hello my son. How I miss you. Just want you to know that we are all fine, but missing you very much. What I miss most is seeing you on the grill in the summertime, our debates we use to have all the time. I want you to know that your brother Dume is taking very good care of me, Anton and your nephew DeLonta and we are taking care of him. We are family. Anton has improved so much and is finally out of danger, as long as he takes better care of himself. As the days go by there is not one that passes that we don't think about you. We remember some things you would say or do. We miss you David. We love you. We are forever connected to you here on this earth or you in heaven. RIP David, Talk to you later.
Posted by Patricia Griffin on 7th April 2017
Just thinking about you. We're all well. Continue to watch over us.
Posted by Patricia Griffin on 31st July 2016
I was sitting here just thinking about you. We had a family gathering last week and I could see you plain as day on the grill. I could hear you telling people to get back. The summer time is really hard for me without you here. I miss those calls from you saying " come over ma, I'm putting food on the grill". I miss our conversations (debates), no one debates me the way you used to. I just miss spending time with you. Dume and Lil Mann is dong great. I wanted to let you know that Anton is better. He's still hard headed. Our birthdays are coming up next month, what are we going to do to celebrate? I don't know, you would always do something. How I miss you. Rest in peace we are all doing ok, just missing you.
Posted by Cathy Strother on 12th December 2015
David you are truly missed, I'm sorry it's David Maurice Motherfucking Griffin, RIP Angel
Posted by Patricia Griffin on 11th December 2015
I've been thinking about you all day, knowing that I was coming here to write a tribute to you. What I'm going to focus on today is all I didn't know about you before your passing. I am approach almost every week by some people that know me as your mother. Some of them apparently I forgot about and some I remember. I didn't know all that you did for others that were not close family and friends. But they were your friends, people that called you when they needed something. I knew that you gave of yourself more than you received. I can remember you saying you have to do this or another for someone. Since you have been gone a lot of things have become clearer to me. One thing is that I truly didn't know all the sides of you. But knowing now I am extremely proud more so now than I was before. I have always been proud of you. I have been blessed to be your mother. Having you in my life has made me the mother I can today. I miss you. I wish you were here. I'll always love you. Until we meet again and we shall.
Posted by Tobe Lindsey on 28th September 2015
Happy Birthday Big Cuz Dave. We will always remember you. Much Love.
Posted by Patricia Griffin on 22nd June 2015
Dreamt about you last night. It was Father's Day, we were cooking out, you were on the grill, as you always is. We kept running into the kitchen and you were upset. Someone was always in your way, messing around in your kitchen. You finally put everyone out, including Anton. You didn't have to put me out because we feel the same way about being in the kitchen. We always need the kitchen to ourselves. It still hard not having you here with us. I miss you so much, still wishing you were here, but I now understand that you had to go. I love so much, now and forever.
Posted by Rachel Adisa on 11th December 2014
"Sometimes God picks a flower still in full bloom The rosebud's chosen that we feel he picked too soon But God knows the Perfect time To gather flowers from the ground Cause there's a Heavenly Garden In which He takes Great Pleasure Because He's placed within it The loved ones that we treasure He walks among the blossoms Giving them eternal rest And I know it must please Him Because he chose our very best" RIP Dave
Posted by Patricia Griffin on 10th December 2014
All year long I been looking for you. I been hearing you say "Mom you want me to fix you something to eat, or don't worry I got. Looking for you in the kitchen, on the grill and telling everyone to get out the kitchen. I miss our heated debates. Sometimes I want to smack you in the mouth and other times you created great points. I often look at your pictures, I hear your voice and I still have your phone number on my phone. Somebody got your number, it didn't sound like you. I truly missed you and love you so much. Always my son.
Posted by Cathy Strother on 10th December 2014
David I really miss you, I miss those early morning calls when someone pissed you off but God needed a angel and he wanted you so we will meet again, David Maurice motherfucking Griffin
Posted by Rachel Adisa on 29th September 2014
Sweet, gentle soul. He was so compassionate and caring, constantly putting others' needs before his. Forever in our hearts. RIP Dave Love Clara & the twins
Posted by Gilbert Griffin on 16th September 2014
I'm just finding out about this. I just have a little story to tell about me and David. When was young we use to go downtown to the movies and watch kung fu from 10am to 10pm almost every Saturday so i guess you can say that that was our brother time together. Luv you and miss you dave. Brother 4life
Posted by Patricia Griffin on 28th March 2014
Your left us suddenly on a Wednesday. I didn't get a chance to say good bye. I couldn't believe that it was you. You were one of the lights in my eyes, part of the breathe that I breathe, part of the smile on my face and one of the quickness in my step. Most of all you were me. What do I do without me. I get up in the mornings thinking about you and go to be doing the same. my others parts of me miss you to (Gilbert & Anton). I know that you are no longer in pain and hurting and that makes bearable. I know that you are free. Love you always, Mom.

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