On behalf of Dawn and the Dacy & Burnett family, we thank you so much for all who came out to the ball field to celebrate David Dacy's life. It was a family & friend reunion. For those who could not attend we surely felt your presence. Thank you for all who prayed our family through this journey. You are all so precious to us and are grateful to have you in our lives.

David's Video Remembrance: 

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Posted by Ron Simpson on April 4, 2022
David...thinking of you today. You left us way too soon. Thankful that you are with our Lord and Savior. Love you my friend!
Posted by John Dacy on April 1, 2022
Coming up on six years, Big Brother. Miss your smile, your easy laugh, Playing ball in the sun. Fishing in the pond, Hunting snakes. Riding in the car, listening to Zeppelin.  So many things bring you to my heart, and tears to my eyes.
See you again.
Posted by John Dacy on October 17, 2020
Another birthday come and you're not here to celebrate. I feel your spirit close to me. You were always there for me, and you still are. Miss you, Big Brother.  Looking forward to a great reunion someday.  
Posted by Ron Simpson on October 16, 2020
David. Happy Birthday! Miss you my friend. Remember you in Tahoe many years ago. Sweet spirited, fun, a hard working man and a "gamer". I guess those are some of the character qualities our Lord looks for as he grabbed you early. His gain our loss. Looking forward to seeing you again one day. Thank you for being a blessing in my life! Love you my friend!
Posted by Carol Ann Neeley Kilgore on April 5, 2020
Four years later and we are still missing you as much as we did when you left us. Your presence, like your Dad's was so big that it can never be filled. Knowing you are with him and whole again makes it easier, but our hearts are still bereft...Love you so much, Dave.
Posted by John Dacy on October 16, 2019
Happy Birthday, Brother. Miss you like crazy.
Posted by Carol Ann Neeley Kilgore on October 17, 2018
Happy Birthday, precious Dave. We miss you so much. I know you and your Dad are celebrating in heaven!
Posted by Ron Simpson on October 16, 2017
David...miss you my friend! Miss your smile...your sweet spirit! We will see each other again. I look forward to that day. Happy Birthday with love Ron
Posted by John Dacy on April 3, 2017
A year ago tomorrow. Doesn't seem possible that you're really gone. I held your hand, and talked to you as you left here to go see Dad, GG, and Pappy. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Had a dream about you last Wednesday, You walked into my house, hugged me, told me that all was well. I love and miss you, David.
Posted by Tammy Kirkwood on April 24, 2016
Dawn and family, so incredibly sorry for your loss of precious David. (I FB messaged Kevin memories and condolences before I saw this page, but I don't think he saw it since I'm not a FB friend). My husband David and I have been in Oklahoma since May 2007, or we would have been at the service on Friday. I will never forget Dave's love for life and baseball. He always seem to light up the room or field he was in. His laugh was contagious. We always enjoyed the times we saw Dave and Dawn whether it was camping, baseball or DIY projects at church or with friends. Continued prayers for your family.
Posted by Pam Davis on April 21, 2016

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by karen greenwell on April 11, 2016
Fly free sweet angel, your journey is over and you are whole again.
Posted by Kevin Dacy on April 10, 2016
This memory is from David's niece, Susan: My most special memory is when he used to pick me up from Gram's house late at night and take me "snake hunting". We used to talk about anything and everything. I loved David very much and will miss him a lot. Love you Unkie David!
Posted by Patricia Bridges on April 9, 2016
God is smiling so is his dad
Posted by Patricia Bridges on April 9, 2016
We will see him again in heaven.bless his family,
Posted by Kevin Dacy on April 9, 2016
A special tribute from niece Jennifer Butler from Felixstowe,UK        
                                                                    I have many happy memories with my Uncle David Dacy, but there is a particular one I'll always cherish..

In April of 1996, for my 11th birthday, Auntie Dawn and Uncle Dave gave me a card with the gift - 'good for a movie date of my choice'. I rubbed my hands with glee and agonised over said choice. Still don't know how he got my dad (John Dacy) to agree, but I settled on the PG-13 film Twister. Dave bought me a family sized bag of Skittles on the way in, and a humongous cup of Coke when we got there. I managed to chow my way through the Skittles before the previews were over and then spent the entire film enraptured with the special effects and the tornadoes with Dave quietly chuckling beside me at my reactions. My love of all things severe weather (and Skittles) started on that day and I can quote most of the script from Twister now as I've seen it dozens of times. I will always remember how grown up I felt being with my super cool Uncle David, and hanging out with him made me feel like we owned the world. To this day, it's still one of the best birthday presents I've ever had. This is a memory I will cherish all of my days. 
Posted by Ruth Blank on April 9, 2016
Kay, all 5 of your men are amazing! I remember 2 main things about David - you let me babysit him and his brothers - I guess you thought I could handle them having had 3 brothers! And David was part of our wedding as a junior usher. So I will always have a cute picture of him in his suit! All of the Dacy men made a significant contribution to our families. Thank you God for raising up men who honor you.
Posted by Donna Ladner on April 9, 2016
Kind, friendly, compassionate, strong, loved God, loved and adored Dawn, loved his family....would sacrifice anything for them. This is what I remember of David as a high school student. 

You are now whole in spirit and body

We moved to Rancho in 1976 and the Dacy family was one of the key families to welcome us and help us feel at home at FBC. The youth group was the place that accepted Tami and I with open arms...Jeff kept the ladies busy in the nursery! Thanks David for your beautiful smile and generous spirit....a reflection of your beautiful parents and their awesome parenting. You will be greatly missed!
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
From Heidi Reyes
I remember his lollipop kiss and he would always do that on my son with Bobby Dacy. I remember the times (when I was the youth leader at FBC) we would try and toilet paper his house and he would always catch us in the act. He would jump out of his house and run down the street to get us. He was a great and awesome fun loving person.
Posted by Carol Ann Neeley Kilgore on April 8, 2016
My heart is so full, thinking of all the great times I shared with David over so many years. I was 8 when he was born and I was so proud that I was an Auntie...little did I know what a huge part of my life he would be. Just about every where I look there is a memory, from the spot on Zinfandel where he parked my little VW Rabbit and watched it get taken out by a drunk driver, to the baseball and softball games, so many, many memories and every one of them good. Looking through pictures of him and his brothers with my twin babies so long ago just makes me realize, anew, how big the hole in our family is right now. I know we will see him again....
Posted by Kevin Dacy on April 8, 2016
I miss you big brother of mine, and will love you forever. Knowing that you are healed is giving me peace, and knowing I will see again gives me hope. Fly free.
Posted by Renee Attebery (Gentry) on April 8, 2016
Spread your wings and fly!
Posted by Melissa Verdolivo on April 8, 2016
You were a great man with incredible strengths. As a little girl and throughtout life I always looked up to and admired your strength. The Dacy blood and genes are incredible. I will miss you greatly. I am glad you are in a better place and free. May you RIP. Love you uncle Dave!
Posted by Kay Dacy on April 8, 2016
My first born son was afflicted with a disease that robbed him of all of his abilities. It would be easy for me to get bogged down, wallowing in how terrible this experience has been for him, and all of our family and friends. 
This is what I am thinking about, even in the midst of the heart ache of losing him.......the magnificent grace that David showed in going through his Alzheimer's and Primary Progressive Aphasia journey. That kind of grace can only come from God! 
I will see David again!
Posted by Carma Pinkston on April 8, 2016
I remember David for his Great Smile. Always a smile, and a great attitude.
Posted by Melissa Verdolivo on April 8, 2016
On behalf of my grandmother Nadine Hamilton, "God only takes the best".
Posted by Jaunice Ray on April 8, 2016
I will always remember David, his great big smile and eyes that had that mischievous twinkle. He was so much like his Dad, always ready and willing to help. He asked Kay to send me some Really Precious rocks from Idaho, I will treasure them and think of David. Love to the family, Praying for you all.
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
You are free now David.
Posted by Valerie Drowns Huff on April 8, 2016
You were a special friend who drove me crazy but whom I loved like a brother. You are missed here but a welcome addition to heavens softball team. Glad we will meet again someday. Miss your smile.
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
From Jim Nolan

Cousins, family,
Six or seven years ago, my cousin David (about 4years older and almost a foot taller) was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. 

Over the course of time he spoke less but always had his great smile. I saw him about three years ago ( he had just given up driving) and he looked good, interacted well, laughed and smiled, but just didn't say a whole lot as his words were being erased one by one.

I remember him as a handsome, gregarious, fun loving guy who loved and was loved by everyone he met. 

The last year or so has been a challenge and struggle for him, his caregivers, my cousins, his wife, and my aunt (his mother and the matriarch of the Baker-Granger/Dacy line).

To witness the slow, gradual decline of such an outgoing young man has been tough on everyone around him as well as extended friends and family. 

I know my aunt has had an especially tough time of it; watching her eldest son go from bigger than life to almost a two dimensional image or even a placeholder, if you will. 

Hope was ever-present that maybe he would return or just stabilize and coast a bit longer until a cure could be found -at least in my mind as I sat 2,000 miles away.

Iknow for those by his side, hope was just one of the myriad of intense emotions they felt every single day; depending upon what new issue arose as David began to quickly decline.

I know it has been hard on my other cousins watching their older brother, the guy they've known all their lives, slowly leave while also watching the toll it took on their mother, helpless, to stop her son's slow departure.

I can't even begin to comprehend the pain, frustration, and loss Dawn, his wife, has suffered; watching the man she fell in love with so long ago, involuntarily leave her a little bit each day.

 At fifteen, when my dad died in a motorcycle accident, I reconciled myself to the fact we will all eventually lose our parents, or siblings, and everyone we've ever loved. It's just a fact of life.

But only the most insidious of things causes a mother to lose her child. And only the worst of those would make her watch it happen, little by little.

The last remnant of my cousin David, finally left his body last night at 10pm. His struggle has now ended.

My thoughts and prayers go to my cousin, David, and to all who loved and cared for him. 

I find solace in the Horizon Prayer, my favorite part:
"Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing but the limit of our sight."

Rest In Peace David: son, husband, brother, uncle, leader, friend, and an amazing cousin.
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
From Darlene Ward
The three Pinkston girls grew up with the four Dacy boys, playing in their backyard, playing spin the bottle and learning that boys were not as gentle as girls. They played tricks on us girls!  One time during hide-n-seek I was hiding in the dark shed with Dave while John looked for all of us. Dave warned me not to scream when John slammed the door, trying to scare me and reveal our hiding spot. He was correct and I didn't scream. Another time I was on Dave's volleyball team and set up a spike for him, which he successfully nailed. Everyone congratulated him but he quietly turned around and said "good set."   He was a gentleman.  Loved his smile.
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
Frim Lori Green-Hardesty
He always had a happy beautiful smile. I remember David once holding me over the railing on the 2nd story of the old building at church!!! Scared me to death but he laughed that booming laugh so I figured I was ok. :)
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
From Debbie Ferrell-Morehead
That SMILE! His whole face smiled, not just his mouth.
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
From Denise Harvey
Camping in the redwoods, Kilgore cemetery pranks, hanging out in the park behind their house, that great smile with always the mischievous twinkle in his eye!
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
From Linda Bridges-Damnjanovic
One time when I was speeding around Rancho in my car(17) a bright light came on in my back window and I new I was gonna get a ticket! Imagine my surprise and joy it was David he had a big smile on this face with that twinkle in his eye! He said "I got ya!" He then told me not to roll down my window and unlock your door until i know it's a cop. He was alway a gentle man watching out for others.
Posted by Patty Philley-Dacy on April 8, 2016
From Ruth Jarboe
He was definitely my favorite drummer for youth choir. Remember how it poured rain on us camping at Yosemite

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Ron Simpson on April 4, 2022
David...thinking of you today. You left us way too soon. Thankful that you are with our Lord and Savior. Love you my friend!
Posted by John Dacy on April 1, 2022
Coming up on six years, Big Brother. Miss your smile, your easy laugh, Playing ball in the sun. Fishing in the pond, Hunting snakes. Riding in the car, listening to Zeppelin.  So many things bring you to my heart, and tears to my eyes.
See you again.
Posted by John Dacy on October 17, 2020
Another birthday come and you're not here to celebrate. I feel your spirit close to me. You were always there for me, and you still are. Miss you, Big Brother.  Looking forward to a great reunion someday.  
Recent stories

Eulogy for David that I shared at his service April 22, 2016

Shared by Kevin Dacy on May 3, 2016

Today is a very tragic day. My brother, David, lost his life far too soon. He had a lot left to accomplish and it is sad that he isn’t here with us. However, today we should not focus on the grief, but instead celebrate his life. My brother was a wonderful man who lived his life to the fullest and would want us to celebrate his accomplishments today.

My brother was only one year older than me. We were close enough in age that we were very close and shared a lot of the same friends. Even though he was only a year older, he was extremely protective over me. There were times when I didn’t understand this and even resented it, but as I got older I realized that he just wanted what was best for me.

David and I were very close. We occasionally had sibling rivalries, but it was because usually we were both competing for the same girls. We used to have so much fun in our high school church youth Group.  Our Sunday evening after church activities usually involved a car chase, jaunts to Kilgore Cemetery, Shakey’s Pizza or getting ice cream at Spoon and Straw.  I am ashamed to admit that with David there were the occasional egg throws, or lawn jobs, toilet papering, and other things I just can’t bring myself to say. 

When we were growing up, I used to think that David was so cool. Girls seemed to flock to him and the guys all wanted to be his best friend. I wanted to be just like him. He was an incredible athlete that loved baseball and softball.  I remember some of our summer vacations used to consist of traveling all over California following David’s Babe Ruth Baseball team while he played in state championships.  He could really knock that baseball or softball out of the park with ease. He was an incredible outdoorsman too.  He loved to camp, hunt, and go exploring in nature in the Sierra’s and Idaho. 

David was a loving and dedicated son.  He loved his mother and father very much.  After our Dad passed away, David could be found at mom’s house cleaning gutters, hanging Christmas lights, trimming trees, laying tile, etc.  He was very overprotective of mom and was always concerned about her welfare, making sure she always used her home alarm system whether home or not. I saw the tables turn as mom became overprotective when Dave was ill and could no longer care for himself. She became one of his caregivers and did so with such great grace and sacrifice.

He was an incredible uncle to all of his nieces and nephews and could always be found on the floor wrestling with them or planning some prank for others.  David would ask them to smell their birthday cakes and then proceed to push their faces into their cakes. He loved to buy loud, musical toys for them and chuckled as the rest of us bemoaned them. He would take them hunting for rattlesnakes, 4-wheeling in the foothills, and when my sons were young and said black and white movies were no good, David allowed them to watch Psycho.

My brother was a dedicated and loving husband to Dawn. He always spoke highly of his life with Dawn and loved her more than anything in life. Whenever I spent time with him and Dawn I could tell how much they loved each other.  Whenever he called Dawn on her phone, he would start the conversation with, “Hello, Gorgeous”.  I will always be there for Dawn for anything she needs.

I came to hate Alzheimer’s very much, especially as David’s life continued to deteriorate.  I would like to ask you participate with me and join my team at the Alzheimer’s Fund Raiser Walk scheduled for Saturday, October 1, 2016. We will walk and celebrate David’s memory together.   I have a sign-up sheet for those interested in participating.  If you are not able to walk, but would like to sponsor a walker, there is a place for you to sign up, too. 

I know that it will be very difficult for my family going forward without David in our lives. However, I also know that my brother would not want us to be overwhelmed with sadness.  He has been made new with a new body and mind. He was a very strong and positive individual and would always look for the best in any situation and would want us to do the same. Let’s remember David for all of his great qualities and appreciate the time we spent with him. We should make sure that his memory lives on in all of us for as long as we live.

Four brothers

Shared by Bob Dacy on April 9, 2016

I don't even know where to start with the stories. There are so many great times four boys can have! One memory was cooling off apparently hot, innocent pedestrians with a bombardment of water balloons from the back windows of the family station wagon, which David figured out if you turn the air cleaner cover over, it sounds like a hot rod. I also recall running through the park behind our house.....not because we craved exercise but because for some reason, a dog owner released his Doberman pincher named "Charlie" with the command to "get em Charlie" on four innocent boys......perhaps had something to do with eggs and an RT bus on Zinfandel? How about four young boys attempting to set their garage on fire using candles to blacken the rafters from our fort in the garage. The term half-way house across the park sure brings back memories of midnight swims and other fun. One of the best is when we decided we wanted a lot of leaves in our backyard to jump into and play football in. I guess with two mulberry trees and a cherry tree mom and dad probably thought we had plenty. Not enough for four boys! We volunteered to take up all of our neighbors leaves and brought them to our back yard. I am pretty sure mom and dad were amazed at how many leaves we had that year. Drive-in movies (with everyone in the trunk) and scaring everyone after church on Sunday nights at Kilgore cemetary with "Dolly". Playing softball with Dave especially in our Snoball tournaments at Lake Tahoe. We played at 8 a.m. With the temp at 8 degrees and three feet of snow on the field. When we returned to our house in Tahoe Donner to BBQ tri-tip, the propane kept freezing. David volunteered to take the tank in the hot tub with him to warm it up....that didn't really work but made for some great photo ops. David will be sorely missed. He had a twinkle in his eye and the best smile ever! Going to miss you bro! Love you David. 

Shared by John Dacy on April 8, 2016

One of my favorites is a softball story as well. We were playing Rec. league at W.E. Mitchell Jr. High school in Rancho Cordova. David was batting, I was coaching first base. He hit the living daylights out of the ball to deep right. It landed on the far side of the blacktop path, bounced onto the track, and kept rolling down the track. (Look up Mitchell on a map website, you'll see how far it went.) I think David crossed the plate before the right fielder got to the ball. When the ball finally made it back, it was egg-shaped. After the season, his bat had a permanent bow due to the force applied. He was such a strong man.   I played ball with David for more than twenty years, and never tired of being on the field with him. He was a competitive gentleman, something of a rarity. My world is a smaller place.