This tribute was added by Curtis Ray on February 22, 2020
Your influence spread from you to your children and then to their friends and to me. Thank you for your positive impact on so many people. You left a great legacy of positive energy.

Curtis Ray
This tribute was added by Christina Ray on February 22, 2020
Mr. Ng’s infectious smile always put me in a good mood. Much like my relationship with Kristine, I have many fond memories of David involving food and swimming. From grilling ribeye, to making a midnight dumpling snack for friends at Kristine’s birthday, to sharing his favorite new chicken & rice spot near the Bronx apartment, Mr. Ng always showed his generosity and his ability to connect with people through a meal. At our swimming events in college, David was constantly present and cheering. You could see how proud he was of Kristine and how much he adored her. I will miss my East Coast Dad, and I know that wherever you are you are so proud of the legacy, beautiful wife, and kids you left behind!
Love, Cray
This tribute was added by Wendy Hu-Au on February 17, 2020
We knew David through Kelly, who helped us to buy a home in New York. David was working with us on a home renovation. We enjoyed his energetic spirit and warmth. He was thoughtful and persistent in helping us get the process started. We will miss working with him and wish his family comfort as they grieve the loss of such a wonderful father and husband.
This tribute was added by David Li on February 16, 2020
I had the opportunity to work with David and Kelly on a several month renovation project that ended at the beginning of this year. David was giving, ambitious, and creative, and we relied heavily on his expertise and taste for the success of the project. He found a way to add 25 sq ft to the space, discovered a brick wall to expose, and added numerous touches from his experience — taller doors, motion sensor closet lights — that made the unit come to life. He and Kelly drove me all over NYC to guide me on the process and patiently answered my many questions and concerns. He clearly loved his work and had a talent for it. It’s a tragedy to see him go so soon. We’re forever grateful for his efforts to help us make a new home. His spirit will live on forever in the space.

David Li
This tribute was added by Connie Wang on February 16, 2020
Our first time meeting with Kelly and David seems like yesterday. The couple was so warm, kind, and humorous. We had such a good time together whenever we met. David always lightened up the room with good stories and jokes. He told us 1969 was the year he landed in America and American landed on the moon... David, we are so thankful for you and Kelly raising a such good daughter. Now we are a family. We’ll take care of Stephanie like one of our own and be there for Kelly whenever she needs it. Also we would like to express our deepest appreciation for your great work on the apartment renovation. You and Kelly are so talented and went extra miles for it...There will never be another man quite like you and your memory will live on forever!


Ye and Connie
This tribute was added by Hannah Perna on February 15, 2020
I first met Mr. Ng about 14-15 years ago through his daughter Kristine when I first started swimming on Scarlet. Kristine was one of my first friends when I started new on the team, and Mr. Ng welcomed me and my family with open arms. The amount of time I spent at the Ng household is countless. Every time I was there Mr. Ng would be laughing or making jokes to his kids with a smile on his face. I've never seen a father more involved in all of his children's lives. He was involved with every single swim meet, always cheering during every race, knowing each individual time they had to make. Mr.Ng was kind, outgoing, and friendly to every swimmer and parent on the team. He always made an effort to be friends with my parents and the rest of the swim parents as well. Mr. Ng worked so hard for his entire family, and wanted nothing but the best for his children. He was always pushing his children whether in swimming or in school to be the best person you could be, and to succeed beyond their own capabilities. I know he was so proud of all three of his children and what each of them have individually accomplished, and will continue to accomplish with his memory in your heart. I am sending my deepest condolences and love to the whole family. I hope you can find peace and comfort in all of these amazing memories and how great of a person he was. Forever in our hearts.
This tribute was added by Grace Senko on February 15, 2020
In the two years I overlapped with Kristine at Columbia, I remember Mr. Ng being one of the parents that stood out in the stands at our swim meets. He was always so spirited, so present and so visibly proud of his daughter. Sending love and my deepest condolences.

Thoughts and prayers,
This tribute was added by Alex Curiel on February 15, 2020

I feel so lucky that we had the chance to get to know each other. Even from the first few times we met, I could already see how loved and respected you were by the amazing family you have raised. You always went out of your way to make sure I was included and I can’t tell you how great that made me feel. It’s hard to believe that our time together is over so soon, but it has been comforting this last week to hear the amount of amazing tributes that have been told about your work ethic, generosity and comedic talents. They are tributes to a life well lived. I was so looking forward to future adventures and sharing beers and laughs with my drinking buddy. You will be dearly missed.

Cheers and rest easy,
This tribute was added by Billy Wong on February 15, 2020
Me and my wife, Cecilia, just first met David and Kelly last August at Fingers Lake, NY. We are both wine and food lovers, we chatted on any topics. We even WhatsApp each other ever since to stay contact. I cannot believe what I heard. Sadly miss a friend ! Our deep condolences to Kelly and her families. 
This tribute was added by Edward Lem on February 16, 2020
    From helping out with car troubles to sharing stock portfolios and real estate investment tips to sharing rice bowls with you at Family gatherings to just being the person that always brightened up a melancholy room with your cheerful positive demeanor. David did not do this because he was a brother in law to me and Sintty, it is because he shared the same kindness to every person he met as if they were his own family as well. A very special man.

David lived his life the way he wanted but it wasn’t for being selfish, it was because of David’s undisputed love for my sister in law Kelly and the children. His tireless energy in whatever endeavor it was, was always for his devotion to the care and future of his family. 

  You left us too soon. Sintty and I miss you. God speed David.

This tribute was added by Jennifer Torres on February 15, 2020
To the family of David
Words will not wipe away your tears and hugs may not erase the pain, may the memories of David will comfort you and remain with you forever. Please know you are in our prayers and wish you well.

Julius Jenny Jules & Justin
This tribute was added by Amanda Kilgallon on February 15, 2020
Thank you for being so welcoming whenever you had me and the swim team over to hang out with Ngy. Ngy is one of my favorite people and he would not be who he is without you. Rest easy. Love and prayers.
This tribute was added by Harold Huang on February 14, 2020
It's really sad to hear Dave's passing. Haven't seen him since Scott finished swiming at Scarlet and went to college. We still had a few emails afterwards. We used spend hours on the weekend at the kid's meet doing timing. Dave was a fun guy. He used to share the inside info and advises since he already had gone through a lot with two older kids on the team. We chatted from kid's physical therapy to tuning up cars. Dave was also like the tipical big kid i used to know. I was the head timer and Dave needed to run errands sometimes. He would always come back from the bathroom direction with a big smile after a long break. It's really unexpected. Can't believe he is gone. Dave,一路走好!
This tribute was added by Kellen Chow on February 14, 2020
Having known David for over three decades, I can say with confidence that David strongly believed and lived his life by putting family first. From watching him date my sister Kelly to watching them raise their three kids together, David has always been fiercely attached to his family and it shows in all they do together as a unit. Like all families, we’ve had our fair share of squabbles. However in the end, blood runs thicker than water and you and Kelly have always been there whenever I needed you guys. You’ve taught me much in life and I have always looked up to the both of you. You left us too soon but I am happy knowing that you have lived every day of your life to the fullest. May you Rest In Peace knowing that your future generations has your legacy to hold onto. 
This tribute was added by Jenny Lai on February 14, 2020
Mr. Ng, I can't help but think about that time I tagged along with your daughter Kristine to Sunday dim sum brunch, and you made me laugh so hard I'm pretty sure I choked on a piece of shrimp. I feel so heartbroken for your family. It's true they've lost someone so full of life and personality, but I hope they, like myself, will take comfort in the fact that your love and leadership as a father has helped mold them into incredibly amazing people. Each of the Ngs are forces of nature, and I know they will carry bits of you onwards, bravely and boldly, just like you did.

Big hugs to the Ng family
This tribute was added by Hugh Mo on February 14, 2020
I am shocked by the sudden death of David, who was full of life and spirits when we last met this past October 29.

During my two encounters with David, he certainly made an indelible impression as a genuine and sincere individual, earnest and eager to make new friends. I am not surprised with the warm and loving tributes from his family of a devoted husband, father and a role model to his children. His sacrifices and hard work to educate his children and to provide a better life for his loved ones despite adversities are truly inspirational. David’s untimely passing is a profound loss to his family and loved one, but he certainly left an enduring legacy of love and sacrifices that will always be remembered and cherished by his loved ones.

Please accept our profound condolences.

- Hugh and Maria Mo
This tribute was added by Christina Altomare on February 13, 2020
My deepest sympathies and condolences to the Ng family during this time. Having known his daughter Kristine in her kindness, willingness to help others, and always great sense of humor and humanity, I can only imagine she got it all from her parents... incredibly sad to hear about your loss and hope you all find comfort in memories and happier times.
This tribute was added by Peter Ngai on February 13, 2020
I miss David so much. I still don't believe he is gone. I met David when he transferred from Ft. Monmouth, NJ to Picatinny Arsenal NJ about ten years ago. He is a great person. I often enjoy talking to him, going out for lunch with him and planning trips travelling with him. During leisure times, we often spend time together for a drink of beer and wine. David and I have been planning another trip to Nova Scotia Canada about two weeks ago. I am very sad now and I will miss David greatly. Rest in Peace, My dear friend!
This tribute was added by Matthew Fitter on February 13, 2020
David - it was always a pleasure seeing you. Always appreciated your sense of humor, advice and welcoming behavior.

My thoughts are with The Ng Family during this tough time.

This tribute was added by Kwok Lo on February 13, 2020
My name is Kwok Lo. I met Dave at Ft. Monmouth, NJ when we worked in the Software Engineering Center back in 1985 or 1986. We became very good friend. I remembered Dave as a very smart person, but opinionated. He was frugal and yet generous. He would help you when you asked for his help. He invited my family to his house for BBQs and birthday parties numerous times. He loved to talked about real estate and how to make money from it. I wished I had listened to him. I would be a rich man now.  Recently, we had been hanging out in NYC when I came to NYC. He even took me to the bar where he took his wife, Kelly.  We were planning a vacation to Asia with the guys in Nov.  Dave, you will be missed. You were a good friend and a good person. I will post some pictures to share.
This tribute was added by Suzanne Brose on February 13, 2020
My heart is with you!
I am so very sorry
I can’t imagine the pain
Please accept my heartfelt condolences for you and your family
This tribute was added by Kelly Chow on February 13, 2020
To my dearest husband and best friend

Where do I begin? How could I express all the love David has shared, all the things David has done for me and my family, and his passion and energy he projected to so many people?

I met David when I was a sophomore at Queens College (QC) when he already graduated from the Buffalo University, and he was taking an English writing course at QC (I said he was there to check out girls). We got engaged senior year and when I was looking for a job. David was there and supported me through each step until I got my CPA and was ready to have children - that was 4 years of engagement before we got married. He said just put a ring (deposit) on me and a long trial period!

We then had 3 wonderful kids! He adored Stephanie (now 27 years old) when she was born even though he said he only wanted 5 boys (for a basketball team). He also adored Kristine who came along 19 months later. It was hard to decide about the third child, but David was so involved in taking care the girls - from changing diapers, doctor appointments, to cooking meals - that he proved to me he deserved another child. Eric, a boy, was born 3 years later and he couldn’t have been more excited.

David loved his kids and made sure they grew up to be educated, responsible, and well-rounded people. He was involved and planned every aspect of their schooling and extracurricular activities. All our 3 kids were Division One swimmers. David was so proud when Stephanie was MVP in her freshmen year at the Boston College, when Kristine won a number of events at the Ivy League championships for Columbia University, and when Eric went to Olympic Trials for Columbia University. David’s devotion and determination to his children shaped who they are today.

David loves people...most of time! He could talk to anyone about anything for hours. He was curious about what people did and what they knew. He was always eager to start a conversion, ask multiple questions on any subject, and often inject his own strong opinion. Most people enjoyed his ferocious energy and passionate conversation (particularly on real estate investing). Because of who he was, David knew a lot of people, whether they were close or not. I know David’s friends will miss his energy, undeniable humor, occasional arguments, and jokes over beers.

Most people know David was very frugal on almost everything. But he always had the right priorities on what to spend money on - education, tutoring, private swimming lessons, investment in properties, and vacations. Through his can-do attitude in construction and “know your numbers” in financial calculations, our real estate investments allowed our family to live comfortably and allowed me to retire early without working another corporate job. Importantly, while we worked hard to raise our three kids and save money for their college tuition, David managed to take me on vacation almost every year (just the two of us). He treasured our private and romantic time to ensure we continued to grow together in our relationship. As he would say “it’s all for you, honey!”

During our travels, we never stayed at popular designations or traditional itineraries. David almost always ventured out to explore more, see more, do more, and eat more! Of course, after 2-3 days in the foreign countries with typically western food, David would look for Chinatown or any Chinese restaurant with white rice to satisfy his stomach.

David loved oceans! He often visited Jersey shore during lunch hour when he worked at Fort Monmouth. He made sure we saw the ocean and did water activities during our vacations. And we did- including on our vacation in Cartagena, Colombia, where he was enjoying very much until his last moments.

I could not find any good reasons why David left us so soon. Looking back to to see if he wished to do more or differently, I am very certain to say David lived his life everyday and the way he wanted - not for anyone who expected what he should act or say. His biggest fear was being poor so he planned and acted to build wealth through real estate investments. He had no regrets! And he leaves his most precious legacy with me - our 3 wonderful kids and their future families!

Honey, I miss you dearly! You will continue to travel with me and the kids wherever we go. Your legacy will live on forever!!!!!
This tribute was added by Stephanie Ng on February 13, 2020
Dad, I can’t believe you’re gone. I miss you so much. You were the hardest working man - always keeping busy and doing everything you could to set up our family for the future. You made so many sacrifices and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. I wish I could hold on you a bit longer when you asked for a second hug after you put up the mirror in my apartment.

You weren’t perfect but you were the best dad. Thank you for pushing me to always be better. I promise to live with the same passion for life and adventurous energy you exuded. I promise to take care of our family. I love you forever, Dad.
This tribute was added by Kristine Ng on February 13, 2020
Dad, I never thought I would have to put down in words how incredible you are. You truly were an enigma - you were a jack of all trades, but also a master of all. You were aggressive and loud, while loving and caring. No matter what situation, you always put your family first.

You drove all three of your kids to practice almost every day, attended nearly every swim meet, and selflessly traveled around the country just to see us in the water for ~2 minutes. You pushed me to swim and train hard, no matter how much I pouted (which was a lot). No other kid growing up was able to keep up because of how tough you were on us. We would run a 5K every Sunday and then go to a 3 hour practice and still kick ass or run hills on the weekend “for fun”. I remember finishing a 2 hour practice and then you would drop me off about a mile from home and say “put on your sneakers” and I would run the rest of the way home. But then you would treat me to a McDonald’s ice cream cone right after and it was so worth it. YOU taught me what perseverance, dedication and hard work was and made me the proud athlete and woman that I am today.

I have endless stories of everything you taught me from how to change the oil of a car to buying my first apartment, but I mostly want to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me to be tough but caring, to be independent but know when to ask for help, and to work for my own success without taking anything for granted. You grinded for your success to ensure your family had a better life… and we did. Somehow even with your endless work hours, you were always the life of the party and your energy was contagious. There’s still so much more I wish I could learn from you and so much more of my life I wish I could share with you. I’m beyond grateful to call you my dad and I know you are watching over us now. I love you. -Kris
This tribute was added by Richard Li on February 13, 2020
Dear Father-in-law,

I feel blessed to have gotten to know you these last couple of years. You always brightened up the room with your adventurous spirit and eagerness to enjoy life. The first lesson you ever taught me was how great “passive income” from real estate was. The funny thing was, it wasn’t passive at all! Every day you were running around solving the problems that come with developing real estate. From humble beginnings, your self made success was from built up from hard labor and determination. Just like a house being built from the ground up, you have laid the foundations and principles that will be carried forward to our families’ future generations. I can’t wait to join your family- I promise to take care of Stephanie and the rest of your family.

Richard Li
This tribute was added by Eric Ng on February 10, 2020
To say that you were one of the most influential people in my life would be an understatement. I think about you in almost everything I do. When you taught me how to drive, you always told me that I drove too far on the right and, to this day, I try to steer more to the left. I remember when I cut myself the first time you taught me how to shave and you used a piece of toilet paper to stop the bleeding. When I got into my first car accident, you saved me from getting a ticket and kept it a secret from mom (for a while). You were my inspiration to cook and always made me steak, salmon, rice, potatoes, everything after my swim practices to help me recover. When I talk, I sometimes catch myself saying things that you would say. Now, whenever I do anything, I sometimes think of you and smile.

You were always there for me no matter what. In the highs, you were there to celebrate with me. In the lows, you were there to support me. And everything in between, you were there to be my friend. I was so lucky to have you as my father and wish I had the opportunity to tell you how much you meant to me. I wish you could be there on my wedding day. I wish you could help me take care of my children. I wish you could see me grow up. I'm going to really miss you dad; you will always be in my heart, please watch over us.

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