My purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset and the baths of all the Western stars until I die.....
  • 25 years old
  • Born on November 22, 1968 .
  • Passed away on December 20, 1993 .

I created this page in memory of my brother (Timothy) David O'Leary, whose 50th birthday would have fallen on November 22nd 2018. I hope it gives friends and family cause to smile when they remember him. I would love to hear any thoughts people might have about the page, and to hear of any memories that the photos might prompt ! Any photos of their own that people may have and might be willing to share via the page would be hugely appreciated. Having only just got the page up, I hope to add to it in time, including details on the photos I have posted. Thanks for taking the time to visit and a special thanks for not forgetting him - he is always in our hearts. Pat O'Leary (Pako), November 21st 2018.

Posted by Paudie Sheahan on 17th February 2019
I was in Clements with David and I will remember him as a thorough gent even when we were kids . He very kindly completed approx 90 % of my Spanish translation over a 6 year period the ( remaining 10 % was from Feargal Hennessy) never complaining ( unlike Hennessy ! ) . Our paths didn’t cross again but he was such a good scout & a genuine class act , Ar dheis De go raibh a anam
Posted by Grainne OLeary on 27th December 2018
I first meet David when he came to Glasgow 1993 to visit Michelle Concannon. Although very unwell he still managed to squeeze about as much fun as anyone could out of his weekend, guided by the expert of fun Michelle. We were amazed to secure tickets for Celtic Vs Rangers in Glasgow, delighted with ourselves we headed off to the match- to realize We had cleaverly bought the tickets for the rangers end of the pitch.... so it required a swift change from the green&white atire, so now we had far less clothes on than intended (and it was very cold!!) David just said laughed & said he’d be fine, he’s survived worse things!!! It was a pleasure having known him although way too brief. Thinking of Dave, Family & many friends whose lives he touched.
Posted by John McBrearty on 30th November 2018
Looking through the gallery over the past week, in many ways it's difficult to imagine Dave at 50...still, you know he'd be in his element watching the All Blacks being pipped at the Aviva or Liam McCarthy returning to Limerick or meeting his 21st century nephew and namesake to discuss Wellingtons... To look at all these pictures brings to mind a few old lines from Louis McNiece... 'The sunlight on the garden hardens and grows cold. We cannot cage the minute within its nets of gold ' With such a thoughtful exercise Pako you've made a great effort to 'cage the minute'. Regarding those misty images of Dún Aenghus & Kilronan from Easter 1990 the Irish words of a wise son of Aran are most apt, capturing as they do, the sorrow & loss, but at the same time, hope.. 'Faoiseamh a gheobhadsa Seal beag gairid I measc mo dhaoine Ar oileán mara Ag siúl cois cladaigh Maidin 's trathnona Ó Luan go Satharn Thiar ag baile' Best wishes.John
Posted by Patrick O'connor on 23rd November 2018
Have many great memories of Dave. One of the best was when we were both in the FCA back in 1987. I remember one evening and we were doing marching drills. Dave and myself were probably the two tallest lads there. We were split up into two groups and of course, both being tall, we were assigned the front of our respective groups. Anyways, Dave's group were stood to attention on front of the barracks with of course Dave at the very front. Our group, with me at the front were marching towards their group with the Sergeant keeping time. I was getting worried as we were getting closer because they were not moving and all I could see was Dave's blank stare and I had nowhere else to look but straight back at him. We both knew what was going to happen and we both had no way to stop it. So, basically I started to convulse into fits of laughter and Dave did the same. The Sergeant started to roar and shout at me but it just made it worse. Anyways, we were both hauled up to an office somewhere and warned that we would be banned from camp if it happened again. That's just one story, I can think of many more.
Posted by Bernadette Gleeson on 22nd November 2018
Will never forget David. How lucky for him to have such a loving brother. Thanks Pako for keeping him with us . Thinking of all David's family. BERNADETTE GLEESON
Posted by Catherine Canavan on 22nd November 2018
Lovely way to celebrate Davids 50th. I will always remember his devilish smile and his gentleness. Happy days to recall. May he rest in peace. X Catherine

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