Posted by Harry Ochieng on June 27, 2022
Dad, continue resting in eternal peace, we will forever miss you. Looking forward to meeting you in heaven when I finally come home. Much love from my wife Anne and your beloved grandchildren Huldah and Ariel
Posted by Duncan Juma on July 11, 2021
May your legacy lives forever and ever, Amen.

1 Corinthians 15:25 "For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet."
1 Corinthians 15:26 "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is DEATH."

DEATH shall be demolished, there will be no more pain, nor sorrow.(1Thes 4:16-17)
Posted by mutie silvestar on July 10, 2021
I personally did not meet Mwalimu physically but I know he lives through Harry his son. One thing am confident about is that he has left a seed which is already impacting the world. May Mwalimu rest in peace
Posted by Francis Ayaga on July 8, 2021
Till we meet again Mwalimu , I will forever remember fond memories of your soft spoken advises and deep smiles. I will leave to remember how you used to refer me as "wuod Anding'o" and not even once did I ever leave your house without your gift of packed ground nuts.

I will not forget your soft welcoming voice like " wuo Anding'o chorri machiegni" that is draw your seat closer. God loved you more father but indeed your good deeds will never be erased from my heart. Though you have gone to be with the Lord, I will forever miss you the most till we meet again.
Posted by Robert Omolo on July 8, 2021
Go rest with engels Wuod minwa. The light you lit will never dim.
Till we meet again OSIEPA.
Posted by Wilbert Agure on July 8, 2021
Go well grandpapa u foreva remain in our heart till we meet again
Posted by Ekisha Gura on July 8, 2021
Mwalimu, you were my elder at the AIC church. How we shall miss your presence at the Christmas fundraising.

You were a pillar and good counselor. Soft spoken and respectful even to us your kids. You will be missed but we know you are in a better place wuon Betty

Posted by MACKRED DINGA on July 8, 2021
We the people of Kocholla and the entire AIC church Anding'o Opanga thank God for the time you shared with us.
We remember you for your forthrightness and discipline that is manifestly evident in the good upbringing of your children.
You're a perfect example of what a good father should be.
We will cherish forever all the memories of the time we shared in this life with you as an icon in our lives.
Rest well our dear daddy. Till we meet again.
Posted by McPilipo Junior on July 8, 2021
It is with a great sorrow to hear the sudden demise of our beloved uncle, DAVID OCHIENG ONYOO. you were a great man who worked hard to his perfection and sacrificed a lot in serving the community, and through your generosity and kindness many were inspired. You were a good mentor to us and forever you will remain to be our role model.
We, as PILIPO'S FAMILY pass our sincere condolences to the berieved family in honour with the griefs that surpasses our current emotions.
May Almighty God give us the strength to pass through this, the wisdom to understand His doings in this tough moments and the courage to continue putting our faith and trust in Him.
In honor with God's will let your soul rest in peace Daddy...
Posted by Bradley Xaviour on July 8, 2021
It's really saddening to me to say goodbye because it is difficult to imagine that you are nolonger with us , I still remember the encouraging words you used to give unto me whenever I met you on my way to school, you're a hero not only to your family but the entire kasaye not forgetting the hardworking man you are. I describe you as the best Piller among elders we have, the word you told my mum AKA assistant chief ( ' your son's are hardworking children and they will go far ' ) it's still into my mind till todate, you are a dad to me too and I pray to almighty maker to rest your Saul in eternal peace till we meet again. AMEM
Posted by REBECCA OKYOMA on July 8, 2021
It's a painful that you have left such a gap at such a moment. But we know the Lord that you served has rested you peacefully for you are his beloved and faithful son. I wish the entire family and friends of Sir David the COMFORT AND PEACE THAT COMES FROM GOD. REST WELL PAPA.
Posted by Nicholas Pande on July 7, 2021
Fadhe was a resilient man of faith. The few times I fellowshiped with him, he was gracious and full of faith.
His faith lives to inspire us on. Go well Fadhe.
Posted by Harry Ochieng on July 7, 2021
Hello Dad, it is really difficult to imagine that you not with us anymore. I feel empty without you. Your the strongest person I have ever met. You served God faithfully, the community selflessly and your family lovingly. Rest well BABA.

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