so long agog , but seem like yesterday.

Shared by Cindy Rotert on February 24, 2014

Dear,David. Mommy so much hope you are ok up there . It has been 21 years now. And i want you to know you are going to be a great Uncle again...I am so trying to do what god wants me to do with all of the kids! But it is so hard..I wish i could just give you a hug one more time...Please tell my Dad I love him so much also.My hearty hurts for this family down here.I pray God knows why? And William Callis is now up there with Grandpa, hope they are doing good in there long talks about the Airforce...Keep your eye open on Briesha's baby, till it gets here with us.. Love forever son, Love,Mom....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Son Of Gold.

Shared by Cindy Conrad on May 6, 2012

Dear David,  You was so sweet when you wanted something. And loved helping your friends. Life got hard on you, and God knew how much you needed him.So he took you home, befor your plan was done here on earth.I know you wanted to be a Doctor. Well i want to tell you ,you have been my Doctor more than once !!! You and God has both help me with your love so many times. Thank- You.My heart is growing so much strounger then the Doctors knew it could so faster .And your little Neice Briehsa Diamond, Is following in your shoes.She is going to be a P.A. You would love that. So plz help her with all that hard work, that she will be doing.Mom is doing all i know how to help her too.      Let your light shine.......Love Mommy Forever, and always...Cindy.<3

oh how tough and fearless!!!!!!!!!!!

Shared by Jeff Oiler on February 1, 2012

Little brother i can not forget the times you would stand up and take on a army all alone!!!!!You always looked up to me for my help to defend for you!!!!But most of the time you had it wrapped up in a bag!!!!you always made your big brother proud!!!!!at least you do not have to fight in this cruel heartless world any more!!!!!Take care my not forgotten Brother!!!!!!!!!!

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