My boys are my life
  • 67 years old
  • Born on March 9, 1943 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on September 6, 2010 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, David Posavec 67 years old , born on March 9, 1943 and passed away on September 6, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Deb Posavec on September 6, 2019
You are greatly missed by your family and friends Dave. I want to thank you for keeping a watchful eye on Darrin and I, together for the past 13 years and still going strong. Please keep watching over the ones that love and miss you ❤️ Hope you having a blast up there
Posted by Brynn Posavec on August 6, 2019
hi poppop. the past month or two have been filled with missing you. i wish i could’ve spent more time with you, talked to you more. maybe it would’ve made it harder but then again, maybe i wouldn’t be so sad now knowing i got to see you a lot.
i met a boy, his names connor. he races cars like you did. i think you’d really like him.. daddy agrees.
anyways. i hope everything’s fun up there for you, and as of the bad choices i’ve made in my life that you’ve seen. i’m sorry for them. i’m making it better. i love you.
Posted by Bernadette Posavec on March 9, 2018
Happy 75th Birthday Dad! On this day we celebrate you and everything you have done while here with us and beyond. I know you watch over our family and I need to thank you and Mom for giving our family our greatest blessing, your son. I know you are smiling upon him as he continues to be an amazing husband, an incredible father, and a truly remarkable man. Please continue to watch over us and be with us during our last chance to grow our family. God Bless! With all my love, Bernadette
Posted by Jamie Posavec on March 9, 2017
happy b-day dad, been thinking a lot about ya lately. I guess I always do. I just wish you knew how much I miss you dad, shouldn't it be easier by now? I know your with me though, I'm really happy now just wish you could be looking at me and smiling, instead of looking down and smiling. Please keep guiding me through the tough times! P.S. I let the grass grow//// Miss you dad
Posted by Jamie Posavec on September 6, 2015
Hey dad, can't believe it has been 5 yrs today! How fast time goes, think about ya everyday and miss you more everyday that passes! There are just some days that are harder then others! Wish more then anything you could of been there at my wedding, you wld of had a blast! Wish i could of seen that smile on your face that day! Hopefully you will keep your wings around your boys and their families! I MISS YOU DAD,
Posted by BONNIE MOYER on March 9, 2015
Happy Birthday. The  day is finally happening. Our son is getting married. I know you will be watching down with a big smile on your face. I know you and God are watching over our children and grandchildren and I thank you.
Posted by Linda Law on September 8, 2014
Miss you lots!!! Say hello to you everyday when I pass your Grave!!!
Posted by Tyler Posavec on September 29, 2013
Hey poppop today is my bday and I want to thank you for letting me have the close relationship we had, some grandkids aren't as close to there grandfather as we were and now even I can't see or hear you I feel that I can still talk to you and you'll listen. I just want to hear your response one more time, that was my bday wish. Hope to hear you soon, love you poppop<3
Posted by Tyler Posavec on July 3, 2013
Hi poppop,
   It's almost been 4 years now that you've been gone and not once have I forgotten anything about you! I still remember how much of a ladies man you were! You were so good with them hah! But now I got a new girlfriend and man she's amazing and I think she's a keeper. I wish she could have met you): well love you poppop bye<3
Posted by Tyler Posavec on February 11, 2013
Hi Poppop.,
  Theres never a day i dont think about you. Hunting season is now over but i got a doe! First one ever! Didnt think anything was gonna come but one came and got her! Me and dad both got one that day. It was a great day! Even if you werent there physically, mentaly you were and i always have luck with you in mind. I love you Poppop!
Posted by Rani John Akkawi on November 1, 2012
Mr. Posavec, I will always remember what you said about having heart and try to live by that notion everyday in my life for it has gotten me through many tough times, even the time of sitting at Grandview with the dirt flying in my teeth :) Your son will always be a dearest friend and we miss you greatly. God Bless.
Posted by Brynn Posavec on October 2, 2012
Hey poppop i miss you.You were my favorite poppop your were so funny I miss your laugh.wish you were here love you.Cry everytime I look at the angels .That you had!
Posted by Janel Conrad on September 6, 2012
Good morning Uncle Dave this past weekend we were in the mountains and walked up to the house. I have to say it is not the same anymore up there you are truely missed everyday here and up there. I expect to see you leaning over the deck rail or running inside quickly as you hear or see us walking up, most of us know why you would run back in the house. Miss and love ya
Posted by Andrea Schad on July 23, 2012
Hey there buddy, I just wanted to let you know that not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You have always made me smile. Even now, I smile thru the tears, that still well up. I know you are smiling down on us all. I miss you.
Posted by Linda Law on March 9, 2012
Happy Birthday David - we surely miss you, Darrin, Jamie, Eric and especially Tyler miss you so very much!! Love you Big guy - Dance with the Angels and be safe!! Your in good hands now!! Miss and Love you!!! Lin
Posted by Tyler Posavec on October 30, 2011
hey Poppop, I miss you so much. I get so tempted to call you every wed. Just so you can pick me up and go out to eat. I miss ur stories and comments they were so funny. Since hunting season started it's hasn't been the same without you, and when I get a deer I'll say "brown is down". Well I miss you, hope there's big bucks in heaven and your "turn signal" is on! Love ya
Posted by Jamie Posavec on September 10, 2011
Hey dad, i no sept 6 was a year, but for some resaon sept 9 was a tough day for me, i guess it's bcause that was the last day i got 2 c u! Dad i never thought i cld miss something so much! Ur in my thoughts more then anyone cld imagine. Keep ur boys safe and strong! luv ya
Posted by BONNIE MOYER on September 7, 2011
Posted by Darrin Posavec on September 6, 2011
Hey Dad,  Wow I can't believe it's been a whole year since you left us. There is still not a day that goes by that you are not thought of by one of your boys. Please continue too watch over all of us, and guide us in the right direction. We all miss and love you.
Posted by Darrin Posavec on April 24, 2011
Hey Dad, just wanted too wish you a Happy Easter. Please keep smiling down on us, and guide us on doing the right things in life like always, with help from Pop Pop, Grand Pop, Aunt Judy. I miss you.
Posted by Christin Downes on March 20, 2011
“DEATH LEAVES A HEARTACHE NO ONE CAN HEAL,LOVE LEAVES LIVES A MEMORY NO ONE CAN STEAL”Happy Birthday Mr. Posavec… Much love to the Posavec Boys today and always!
Posted by Linda Law on March 9, 2011
Happy Birthday David!!! You are surley missed by your boys and all of us who loved you!!! God is watching over you, but I know you and the Angels are having a blast and you are with your DAD and POP POP Gibson, and many other relatives. Keep an eye on My Dad too!!! No words can say how much you are missed - Happy Birthday my Friend!!!
Posted by Barbara Reedinger on March 9, 2011
Happy Birthday, David. You are so missed by all of us, especially those adorable boys of yours. Like father, like sons. You were so full of life--it just doesn't seem possible that we are not going to see you any more. Please keep an eye on those boys of yours and help them cope with their unbearable loss. Until we meet again my friend, put a good word in for us all.
Posted by Kristen Levins on March 9, 2011
The Sun is Still Shining, The Sky Is Still Blue, But Life Here Just Isnt The Same Without You...
The flowers will die, the sun will set, you are someone I will never forget.......♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID♥ Love you xxxx
Posted by Jamie Posavec on March 9, 2011
Hey dad just wanted to say a few things, first of all i will never understand what happened in that hour i last talked to you! I never thought i could miss something so much until now! Please keep your wings around Eric,Darrin, and I. I love and miss you terribly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!
Posted by Jamie Posavec on March 9, 2011
Today was a tough day dad, never in a million yrs wld i have thought on ur bday, I would not see u! There's nothin in this world i wldn't do just to hear ur voice even if it's only the word HI!!! Your deeply missed by not only me but everyboby. even only if they knew you for five minutes. LOVE YOU DAD!!!!
Posted by Kelli Bowman on March 9, 2011
~ "Life's not about all the steps you've taken, or all the places you have been ~ but the footprints you've left behind" David You are missed everyday! Rest easy .. Happy Birthday <3
Posted by Bernadette Posavec on March 8, 2011
We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone; for part of us went with you the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always by our side.
Posted by Bernadette Posavec on March 8, 2011
A bouquet of beautiful memories, sprayed with a million tears, wishing God could have spared you, if just for a few more years. It does not take a special day, for us to think of you, each Mass we hear, each prayer we say, is offered up for you. We cannot bring the old days back, when we were all together, our family chain is broken now, but memories live forever.
Posted by Eric Posavec on March 8, 2011
hey dad, I know i can't see you but i just wanted to tell you a few things.i don't know what happened but i wish i did.Not having you here is the hardest thing ever.There is not a day goes by that your not thought of.I just want to say that i love you and miss you so much.I want to thank you for all the great memories that you gave me.I love you dad,love eric
Posted by Eric Posavec on March 8, 2011
Dad i would love to see you one more time to hug you and give you a kiss on that head and to sit around and laugh.Even if its a minute or better an hour just to see you laugh or smile.You are missed by all dad and i'm sure you know you were special to all.Just keep an eye on me up there.tomorrow is your birthday ill be over to see you.Happy birthday dad!!!!

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