Posted by Judith Barnard on July 20, 2019
I am saddened to learn of Dave’s death. I will never forget his kindness to me during a particularly rough time in my life. Blessing to Ruth and their family.
Posted by Bertha Bertrand on May 21, 2019
Dave was just the greatest man I have met. He adored all of the children from Help a Child Smile. Every year at out Christmas party he would try and out do the previous year. He had the craziest of ideas sometimes but the greatest of ideas all of the time. He will be so greatly missed by his Help a Child Smile family. Miss you and love you with all of hearts. Bertha and the board.
Posted by Merrilee Fraser on May 11, 2019
At the turn of the century while the world waited for the Y2K bug to crash all our computer programs, Dave suggested we start the new century with something beautiful and peaceful -- watching the sunrise together on New Year’s morning 2000. We loved the idea! 2019 marked the 20th year of this tradition with Ruth and Dave, always followed by a yummy breakfast, a great visit, sometimes watching a movie or concert together, and on occasion an afternoon nap (not together). We didn’t always see the sunrise – sometimes it was overcast and cloudy but it didn’t matter. It was a great way to start every year – with our friends Ruth and Dave. We got together other times, but New Year’s morning was a given, no matter how busy our lives were. We knew we’d watch the sunrise together.

This year, Dave brought his nifty orange coloured music device and while out on the pier we listened to Cat Stevens ‘Morning Has Broken’. He then asked us our favourite songs and found them and played them (mine being Gypsy Carnival performed by Mantovani which is REALLY hard to find -- no-one but Dave could ever have found it). Like every other year, we sat on the concrete bench and talked about how comfy it is and took selfies. Some months later while visiting Dave in the hospital, he, Dan & I were together in his room and he asked if we had ever listened closely to the words of ‘Morning Has Broken’. He told us to close our eyes and the three of us listened to it together again, reliving our New Year’s morning and drinking in the words. It was a teary and spiritual experience. We talked of what the words meant to Dave, every day a re-creation, new dawn, new hope, new light. It was one of many treasured moments with Dave. He and Ruth are friends that we can be laughing with one minute and crying the next. Dave turned every moment into the memorable. He has enriched our lives and Dan and I are so blessed to be considered his friend. Until we meet again dear friend.
Merrilee and Dan Fraser
Posted by Jane Wells on May 4, 2019
We cherish the many years we have known you. You have been a loving and caring son-in-law. Thank-you for being a devoted husband to our daughter Ruth, and your love for your children and grandchildren. Thanks for the memories...
We love you, and God be with you until we meet again.
Love: Dennis and Olga Cantlon
Posted by Jane Wells on May 4, 2019
Playing frisbee golf with Dave at HPA on the big island... he found the course, called the players and we went and enjoyed the beautiful Waimea air as we played he awesome 9 hole course. Always will remember his passion and drive! I had never played but when Dave gets something in his head, that passion takes over and nothing was getting done until we quenched his thirst for whatever he was into. I will miss him greatly, but his children are all excellent awesome people and there is no greater legacy then the one he and Ruth have created. I am grateful to have known and loved him.
By: Keoki Wells
Posted by Ryan Kirk on May 4, 2019
Writing music with Dave will always be a cherished memory. He added something to my songs that gave them life I never knew they had. I always loved how he'd close his eyes while I'd perform something, and occasionally I'd change the melody a bit, and he'd keep his eyes close, point at me with approval, and then add rhythm to the music. When we were on to a nice melody and beat, we'd look at each other, smile and nod, and knew we had something. Thanks Dave for being a great teacher, supporter, and friend. Your enthusiasm for things I created really boosted my confidence. I'll always appreciate that.
Posted by Jonathan Cea on May 4, 2019
I will forever be reminded of how David Mifsud made you feel when he talked to you; like you were special and what you did mattered. I remember when we first moved to Burlington Ward, Bro Mifsud was super welcoming and genuinely excited to see us in the ward. Our youngest son Jack had his baby blessing in the ward. I will never forget how excited Bro Mifsud was when he approached me in the hall way after sacrament meeting. He said to me, "did you realize what you said in the blessing?" Slightly confused and worried I thought to myself, "Did I say something wrong? Or out of place?" He went on to tell me in great detail what I said and how profound it was. He didn't have to, but he went out of his way to tell me this and how wonderful it was. This is made of a certain kind of love which Brother Mifsud had in abundance. We will miss you. Love always, Jon, Georene, Malia and Jack Cea
Posted by James Lavigne on May 3, 2019
I may have only known you for a few years, but I got to see some of your amazing accomplishments, I've gotten to learn from you and I know that I've grown as a person just from meeting you. The lord gave you life and you turned it into something so much more. Even though some may think your life is being cut short I believe you have accomplished more in your 60 years then someone normal could in 200.
you have the power to change lives, and the lord needs people like that.
I know Haley thinks that there are so many talents from you that we never got to learn but I believe that the one thing that we needed to learn from you was not how to carve wood or how to play percussion but having the skill and determination to have the drive and passion about learning something new.
You are a great man Dave, I'm thankful for having the opportunity to meet you.
Posted by Henry Simpson on May 3, 2019
I was always impressed by Dave's energy and enthusiasm, but even more by his goodness and kindness. When I was around him, he lifted me up and drew love and faith out of my heart and soul. I shall always be grateful for having known him in this life and for the part his son, Mike, plays in the lives of my daughter, Katie, and their children. Dave and Ruth gave their children a great foundation upon which to build and provided them with many good examples.
Posted by Maren Simpson on May 2, 2019
When I looked at all these beautiful pictures of Dave and his family, one of my favorite poems came to mind.
A hundred years from will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, or how much money I had in my bank, but the world may be better because I was important in the life of a child.
Because Dave and I share some grandchildren, I know how important he was in their lives. He lived the gospel, and left his children a legacy of love and faith. I am so honored to have known him, and be connected to his family eternally.
Posted by Gail Mcfadgen on May 2, 2019
John remembers a time when Mike Ryan and John we’re helping David build a shed in his backyard. They were laughing so hard and struggling to do the job. David called them the three stooges. John and I remember David for his gifted talents building many challenging projects. He was a dear friend to all. He will be missed and dearly loved
Posted by Cheri Streeter on May 1, 2019
Dave totally cracked me up on a regular basis... Talk about the life of the party!! My fondest memory or rather memories, is Dave always saying he would bring the decorations for an event... and it usually consisted of sprays of flowers that he snagged from various funeral homes... giggle... What an amazing heart.. what an amazing smile... heaven has gained a bright and shining star...
Posted by Claudia Oporto on May 1, 2019
Being the youngest and the newest member of the steel band in the early 1980s, I had no previous knowledge of this young person who his family and the other band members talked constantly about. I met Dave for the first time when he returned from his mission in the early 1980s when he re-joined the band. Immediately, a number of characteristics stood out about Dave. He was very humble, full of energy, engaged fully in every task at hand, extremely sharp, and the two best characteristics of all, he was a master at the art of finding "funny" even in the "not so best" of times and, he had a laughter which would also get everyone engaged and sharing in the moment with him. Post band years, its members did not see each other much but, via the few gathering we did have, I could see what an amazing family man he had become. One has only to look at his beautiful children and his lovely wife Ruth, to fully comprehend, what this man's most precious achievement became. Personally, I will continue to remember Dave as the amazing human being he was and the joyous moments he brought to my then, young life. Love you Dave, Ruth and children. God Bless.
Posted by Amber Acorda on May 1, 2019
Dave Mifsud was a great man who served my family and I with love. I remember drives to early morning seminary being hilarious as he would crack funny Dad jokes. My favourite was what was Beethoven's favorite fruit? Bah nah nah na. He helped me countless times with my projects for school letting me borrow his bongos and any other props. I'm so grateful for his kindness to all especially me.
Posted by Melanie Hedden-Perron on May 1, 2019
Dave was the easiest person in the world to talk to. He and his family made a great sacrifice for mine when we were in need and we eventually became members of the church. I found him to be full of great perspective and at one time he held get togethers for small business owners where we exchanged ideas. Having just seen him at the ward Christmas party he was as affable as ever. We talked about a dance/percussion collaboration. You will be missed Dave but my heart is full of gratitude for having known you.
Posted by Donna Chung on May 1, 2019
I was saddened to hear of Dave's illness and then his passing. Dave was talented and so enthusiastic about life. I remember Dave's contagious smile. I will remember him for his happy countenance, friendliness and kindness. My condolences to his lovely family. You are in my prayers.
Donna Kay
Posted by Josi Stasiewicz on May 1, 2019
I have not see David in many years but I remember his presence in our Young Adult activities. He always had a wonderful smile, made you feel so welcomed, he was interested in what was going on in your life and you always came away feeling better having been in his company. His light and testimony touched so many people and he will be greatly missed. Sincere condolences,
Posted by Peter Schilling on May 1, 2019
I am so terribly sad today. I was fortunate enough to be blessed to know David only a brief few years, but he was so welcoming, warm and genuine every week we saw each other at the Burlington Ward. Please accept my deepest condolences, Mifsud family. My prayers will be for all of you at this time.
Posted by Terri and Danial Stapleto... on May 1, 2019
Our sincere sympathies to David's family. David's presence was felt throughout the church, as he willingly served in many callings over the years. He was a shining example of caring and empathy towards others. He loved his family very much. Always involved and ministering. What a righteous example to others. Treasure the memories - they are yours forever. Hugs Terri & Dan Stapleton
Posted by Joe Parisi on May 1, 2019
Dave will be missed by many, but especially by me. He was the first member to welcomed me in Burlington ward when I arrived 3 years ago. His smile was contagious and his personality larger than life. No matter what was going on in his life, you were what matter to him. We lost a great man but Heaven gained a true lion of the Lord. I know he’s busy administering the gospel there as he was here. Love you dearly brother, and will miss you till we meet again.
Posted by Caroline Harper on April 30, 2019
Words cannot express the eternal gratitude I have to the Lord for allowing me to have had Dave as an influential part of my life. I have known him my whole life and have been so blessed because of it. As a child, he entertained me in our ward talent shows and was an example to me of what a Priesthood holder looked like. In my youth, he supported me by carpooling to dances and helping with youth activities. In my young adulthood, he taught me the gospel through countless hours of preparation and dedication to the institute program. He helped guide me through a dark time in my life back to the light. He gave me words of advice and council that I still hold deer. In adulthood, he helped bring me and my family hope and blessings when I was physically broken. He raised amazing children that have been my friends and support throughout my life. He is woven into so many memories over my lifetime that I will always cherish. Thank you Dave, for being such an amazing man and helping to shape my life for the better.
God be with you till we meet again my friend!
Posted by Reid Robison on April 30, 2019
I first met Dave in 1983 when we hired him to be the production manager of O.C. Tanner. Dave was always outgoing and a man of many talents, but one of his greatest strengths was his ability to motivate and inspire others. We recognized that talent and sent him to enroll in a Dale Carnegie course. He loved it so much that he went to work for them and taught others how to communicate effectively. In my BYU Marriott School Leadership classes I teach each semester, I always share the Dave Mifsud story about recognizing your passion, and then further develop the talent you are already great at. Rather than focusing on our weaknesses, if we develop our strengths, we become masters of them and have more fulfilling careers. Dave did just that and we challenge these BYU students to do as Dave did.
I have such great memories of this larger than life friend and know that he is continuing to bless those friends and family members he is now with on the other side of the Veil who preceded him. For example, what a great reunion he is having with our mentor, Richard Bowles, who trained him at O.C. Tanner.
Posted by John Lawson on May 1, 2019
Dave was a kind gentle man. When he had mice come into his home he would catch them in a live trap and relocate them. He respected and tried to understand the feelings of those around him.

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