Love and memories last forever...
  • 58 years old
  • Born on October 21, 1960 .
  • Passed away on July 25, 2019 .
David Scot Willmot
Dave passed in his sleep unexpectedly, with heart related issues. He was a great athlete, competing in Clearview High School's track and field, and football. He was also a longstanding member of the Philadelphia Carpenters Union, and he was proud to represent the organization. 
Dave is survived by three children, Heather (James), 32, is a resident of NJ, and Matthew and Michael, 28, who reside in Florida. He was also a grandfather, and genuinely adored his grandchildren Anthony and Erica. He is also survived by siblings Joseph (Judith), Scott (Margie), Kathleen, Chuck (Margaret Ann), and Kevin. He was predeceased by both parents, Bertha and Joseph Willmot. 
Dave was known for being charismatic, funny, generous, and luckier than most. He would give anyone any help he could, and he was always ready to help friends and family in need. He had a huge heart and an even bigger personality, and most people that knew him have at least one "Crazy Dave" story. He was intense but couldnt hold a grudge and tried to see the best in people. He will be remembered for living life on his own terms, and for being a reminder that you can't take life too seriously. 
A memorial service will be held August 10, 2019, at 1pm, at Mantua Methodist church. 
Posted by Joe Mastrario on August 10, 2019
Wow, so many memories of Dave. Hard to pick one as he was one of my closest friends between 5th-8th grade. One of my favs was when we were caught smoking cigarettes by my Dad. We were walking down Buckingham Dr. to my house for dinner and my dad drove by us as I was taking a hit of my cig. Well we went on to my house as my dad didn't stop. So, as we're eating my Dad comes in and starts telling my Mom we had a new "smoker" in the house. My sister Joann started to deny it was her when my Dad said, "What makes you think I'm talking about you!" Needless to say me and Dave were trying our best not to laugh out loud. With spaghetti hanging from our mouths. 

So many more, working at Swartz's farm, breaking into Sewell School's teacher's lounge and stealing soda, pissing off Mr. Myers in 5th grade. And more. You touched more people then you likely remember Dave and will be missed by many as well.

Joe Mastrario
Posted by David Feldman on August 5, 2019
My best memory of David was when we went to Offit Air Force Base in Nebraska we were in the Pennsylvania mountains in my Dodge Dart it took us like six hours going through the mountains it was snowing our windshield wipers, didn’t work we had to pull on the string we were pulling them back-and-forth smoking (weed) doing shrooms we had the best time visiting Donny my brother in the Air Force base in Nebraska R.I.P. Willy
Posted by Christine Pantellas on August 5, 2019
Dear Kevin, I am so sorry for the loss of your brother Dave. May you get stronger everyday❤️
Posted by Stan Schweitzer on August 2, 2019
Tons of memories! He wasn't crazy Dave. He was Walnut! Old memories the living room fire place! The fish sticks!

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