His Life

Passion and devotion like no other

Anyone who knew David could see the passion and devotion to everything he did. He was not only a track star setting records that stands to this day at Shawnee high school, but he was multi-talented in singing and acting. He went from having people in stitches in 'who's on first' in Jr High, to Staring in the lead roll in Carousel in his high school musical. but most of all David was passionate about his relationship with God. It was evident in everything he did. He looked forward to going to eastern youth camp, but not like most kids did. He wasn't there for the friends, and games. He wanted to pursue a closer walk with God. I remember seeing David being blessed around the alters and seeing him weep over his lost loved ones. It made me often question God; wondering why He would take away such an amazing talent, with such passion for Him. I think I finally received my answer 15 years later while reading my devotions this morning. (This also happened to be the date of the anniversary of his passing.) In Isaiah 57:1-2 "The good men perish; the godly die before their time and no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to realize that God is taking them away from the evil days ahead. For the godly who die shall rest in peace" Max Lucado goes on to write. "God is taking them away from the evil days ahead. Could death be God's grace? Could the funeral wreath be God's safety ring? As horrible as the grave may be, could it be God's protection from the future?"  We were made to live with God, but on earth we live by faith. We were made to live forever, but on this earth we live but for a moment......