Shared by Shannon Smith on August 30, 2010

David was a  very dear friend of mine and we shared many many memories....I could say alot about him and I have so many stories but the one I want to say a few words about is something that he and I talked about everytime he seen me....He talked about his love for Jesus which those who knew him knew that Jesus was his first love and I have no doubt today that David is up in Heaven rejoicing with the angels....The other thing he talked about all the time was his brother Scott....He loved his brother so so much....Scott and David had a special bond and it was so beautiful to see them together..You could tell that they loved each other so much and he would always say to me "Shannon I want everyone to go to heaven with me espically my brother so please pray for him" (those who know David also knew that he called Scott his bubbie)..David I just want you to know that I am praying still praying for Scott today....You are so missed and loved my friend....

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