Let the memories of David's life be with us forever.
  • 32 years old
  • Born on April 25, 1979 .
  • Passed away on December 16, 2011 .

This memorial is in the process of being created for David Christopher Semrau by his family. Just as our lives are on a daily journey, so is this memorial.

David so unexpectantly moved into another realm greater than physical life on earth. His body as we remember it is no longer with us; yet, his energy, memories, and love will be cherished forever. So if you visit David's memorial, his family hopes your life will be blessed.He blessed each of our lives.David would encourage us to "be mindful of the needs of others." We will always love him."

"In lieu of flowers, our family ask that you share your love and resources with those in need. If you feel so moved, then a donation to your favorite charity in David's honor would be very comforting. Blessings and Peace"

Posted by Metra Reid on 28th December 2018
Over the years, I’ve thought so much about David and the loss that Sherry & Larry have felt. How do you possibly pick up and go on when your child is gone? God bless my friends and the daily challenges that they face. Much love, Metra
Posted by Harville Hendrix on 17th December 2018
My greatest amazement is the devotion of David's parents to his memory and the continuing support of their friends over these years. And my prayer is for the healing of hearts.
Posted by Linda Holland on 17th December 2018
David, I can only imagine what Heaven is like. But one think I know the Bible tells us we as Believers will all be together someday! And I will get to meet you and see your Grandparents again. Tell Sam to watch the Jokes!!!! It's Christmas and you are there celebrating with our Heavenly Father.. Wow what a time you will be having!! Merry Christmas.
Posted by Abel Arce on 17th December 2018
The Arce family, We will always remember you David, for your kindness and love. To the family, we will never forget David. God bless you all, The Arce family.
Posted by Nancy Buckman on 16th December 2018
My sweet Davie, you are remembered today, as always, as a loving, caring young man who made so many lives better by your kindness and thoughtfulness. Your aunt Nancy was so very lucky to have had you as a nephew. Miss you!
Posted by Harville Hendrix on 25th April 2018
It always an honor to be reminded by these wonderful parents of the death of their son, and always a grief about their grief about his loss. Wishing you well, dear parents, knowing your son is watching over you.
Posted by Linda Holland on 25th April 2018
David, you are a special man to so many, I remember your Grandfather talking about his handsome, wonderful Son.. Say hello to he and your grandmother for me. The memories and love you left for your family, will always be in their hearts. Thank God as believers they will see you again someday!
Posted by Linda Holland on 18th December 2017
Sherry I think of you guys often. I didn't have the privilege to know David, but knew his Grandparents and his Mother and know he was a awesome man. We don't understand why someone so young can be taken away from us, but I am sure God had a perfect plan for him.. And you have wonderful memories of a awesome young man! May God continue to give you perfect piece and comfort at every thought of David.. Blessing, and Merry Christmas..
Posted by Wendy Garrison on 17th December 2017
You will always be the funniest and most charismatic person I ever knew. A very bright light burned out when you left this place and it has been slightly dimmer ever since. Wise beyond your years with a heart made of gold. I hold some of the sweetest memories I have close to my heart with you right inside them.
Posted by Skip Gunther on 17th December 2017
I just see Larry in David -- the same posture, facial characteristics, attitude -- all the same stuff that I remember from the 4th grade when Larry and I first became best friends. Such stories we can tell ... life is so short, but I am thankful that through knowing Larry all these years , and Sherry for nearly as long, that perhaps I have a glimpse of what a fine young man David was, and will remain in everyone's memory for those who knew him. Our Lord is so good for having brought David into our lives. And, we are all better, much better, for it.
Posted by Paula Hammond on 16th December 2017
Our Dearest Sherry and Larry, I cannot imagine how real the pain must still be, especially today. We are praying that the Father continues to comfort your hearts. We also pray that as healing continues for your hearts, the beautiful memories you shared as a family will continue to comfort you and bring you joy. Love, love, love you, Frank & Paula
Posted by Metra Reid on 20th January 2017
Five years...five days...five minutes...David's smile and sparkling eyes will always be remembered. God bless you all, friend Sherry. Much love, Metra
Posted by Melissa Boyd on 17th August 2016
Forever means forever...missed. Thinking of you as I so often do and giving thanks to the Lord for your love and friendship, beautiful Semrau family. Praying God is comforting you through the years as we all grow closer to the day when we will see Him and there will be no more tears. Much love.
Posted by Cindy Harvey on 16th December 2015
Dear Sherry and Larry, Remembering you on this difficult day and celebrating David and his life along with you all. May the Lord grant you great peace and a quiet joy, in Him, today. Thad and Cindy Harvey
Posted by Metra Reid on 16th December 2015
Dearest Sherry... I think of you often, my dear friend, and my heart breaks for you...not just now but always. David is very missed. God bless you and yours. Love, Metra
Posted by Abel Arce on 16th December 2015
Dear Larry and Sherry, From ALL of the Arce family, we pray for you and your family, knowing that the Good Lord hears and acts. We will never forget David until we see him again in Heaven. Have a very Merry Christmas, Abel and Myra, Mayrita,Veronica and Cristina
Posted by Metra Reid on 26th April 2015
Dearest Sherry and Larry, It's hard to believe that time continues to pass, and, once again, I am writing to you. I know that each day, you are missing dear David, and my heart goes out to you. Much love, Metra
Posted by Maria Teresa Lensing on 26th April 2015
I've been spending a lot of time at CBU lately, and in one of those opportunities I got to meet the new generation of engineers. It brought me back to our college days, when you would climb walls to get to our dorm so you could crash whatever homework we were trying to do. There was this boy, all grins and that funny laugh, and it made me think about you. I know you are in a better place, but you are missed dear friend.
Posted by Harville Hendrix on 25th April 2015
Prayers and blessings for Sherry and Larry as support in their grief! Harville
Posted by Metra Reid on 17th December 2014
Sherry- May God's arms comfort you and yours always. Much love, Metra
Posted by Harville Hendrix on 28th April 2014
Dear David and Sherry, thanks for reminding us of your loss. The hole left in your heart by the loss of a child cannot be healed by anything else, but i am glad to be part of your supportive community.
Posted by Brian Buckman on 25th April 2014
David, Nancy and I miss you, your wit and smile was wonderful. I hope you found happiness where you are. Gold bless you my friend. Brian
Posted by Metra Reid on 20th December 2013
Dearest Sherry, How can it be that two years have passed? Time goes by so quickly... even when, at the same time, it is at a standstill. Please, don't let the "woulda's, coulda's, and shoulda's" of life tear you apart. God bless you, my dear friend. Remember that God's arms are forever wrapped around you in this journey. All my love, Metra
Posted by Wendy Garrison on 16th December 2013
Years ago I never imagined I would be posting on your memorial site. You are the sweetest kindest soul I know and I'm lucky to have known you. I hear your distinct laughter in my ear all the time. I don't have many regrets in life, but the biggest regret I have is knowing we let you down. All you wanted was acceptance not much to ask for. I have no words to begin to describe the hole in my heart you have left. I love you beyond the depths of this earth and I know I'll see your face again. You will never be forgotten in my heart.
Posted by Tonia Ellis on 16th December 2013
I pray that God has bestowed his peace upon you and your family. David was a blessing in my life and will forever miss him. I miss him very much. May your Christmas be richly blessed this year and in the New Year to come. ~ Tonia
Posted by Linda Holland on 16th December 2013
Sherry, Hard to believe David has been in Heaven 2 years today! What an awesome young Man! But in spite of your Loss God know what is best. I know he is happy and have a good time with Our Lord! Praying for you sweet friend as time goes on the hurt will get less. But the Love for a Child will never change.. God Bless, hope you have a awesome Christmas with that precious grandbaby and his parents!!
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 30th November 2013
Today's is such a mixed feeling day! I'm finally going through some of your files! How gifted and talented you were! I am amazed of the details of your filing systems. MY HEART aches as I find report after report from various companies that so valued your work! I also found receipts from later years that show a different chapter of your life.How I regret not making the time to teach you piano... You asked in so many different occasions. I hope you will forgive me for letting you down. I know I am in the process of forgiving you for leaving... You nor I are the originator of life nor death. IF I had my way, I would still see you smile, give you a hug and tell you how much I love You! LOVE ALWAYS, MOM
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 30th April 2013
Everyday, I miss seeing you, hearing your voice, and laughing together. On your birthday, I ate lunch as I watched the mighty Mississippi! How you loved to watch the river, smoke your cigars, and listen to great music. I comfort my heart by believing that you are enjoying life in a heavenly plane. Truly son, you are loved and missed.
Posted by Metra Reid on 25th April 2013
When a parent has to say goodbye to a child, there is no "It's been a while." The heart will always have a hole in it. The tears will always be hiding just behind the lids, waiting to flow at times that are so very uncertain. The sun still rises. The flowers of spring still open in splendor. Life goes on. But...David, you are so very missed. Love, mr
Posted by Linda Holland on 25th April 2013
In remebering David, i know your heart rejoices with the time you had him here. But guess God needed him more, maybe to be with your Mother and now with Sam. Can imagine they are having a good time in Heaven. Sam probably telling his jokes!! Know you still miss David so much but he is still in your hearts and in your thoughts of him.
Posted by Paula Hammond on 25th April 2013
Jesus, Please tell David that he is missed so dearly, and that we are continuing to pray for his Mother, Father, Brother and family, knowing that on days like today, their loss feels even more deep.
Posted by Paige Myrick on 1st February 2013
Thinking about you. Miss you dearly.
Posted by Brandon Wagner on 24th December 2012
Nothing you love is lost. Not really. Things, people - they always go away, sooner or later. You can't hold them, any more that you can hold moonlight. But if they've touched you, if they're inside of you, then they're still yours. The only things you ever really have are the ones you hold inside your heart.
Posted by Metra Reid on 24th December 2012
David,your dear mom misses you so very much.She has struggled so much this year with trying to understand.Sometimes,things are just beyond our understanding,& we have to turn our hearts,minds,&souls to God&just be.She's learning to take care of herself again,learning that though her heart'sbroken,her memories of you make her whole.
Posted by Linda Holland on 20th December 2012
David, I never knew you personally but Your grandfather Sam, talked about the Boys alot. I know you were very special to he and Miss Wilma, they loved you very much. And through your precious Mother. But 1 day you will be reunited again, God says in His word and I believe that. I know you are missed greatly. And especially at this awesome Christmas season.
Posted by Josh Herndon on 20th December 2012
PS- We watched the sun set over the Mississippi on Sunday just for you....
Posted by Josh Herndon on 20th December 2012
David, I love you like a brother. It's killing me that you never found the acceptance you so desperately needed. I'll carry your memory forever.
Posted by Jeff Perlman on 18th December 2012
Can't believe it has been one year. Sherry and Larry, you are still in my thoughts as much today as you ever were. The years of memories with David, Nate, Parker and myself will always be good ones, David will always be missed.
Posted by Pam Proctor on 17th December 2012
Sherry and Larry It is such a delight to see David's pictures as he got older, he was such a darling little boy, funny and all those adventures that he and Adam had were precious.
Posted by Wendy Garrison on 16th December 2012
I will never forget that glimmer in your eye, smirk on your face, or deep genuine laugh. Thank you for gracing my life. You always called me your angel, but the truth is all along you were mine. I love you and will see you again one day.
Posted by Richard Gordon on 16th December 2012
Sherry and Larry, It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since your David passed. May his blessed memory continue to sustain you. Richard Gordon
Posted by Paige Myrick on 16th December 2012
Missing you David. You were important to me in so many ways. May your family and friends find peace at this time.
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 16th December 2012
One year today,my precious son.One year of disbelief, agony, & wonder.We'll light a candle in your honor.We'll share memories,& love.We'll celebrate your life;the tenderness of your heart, the clarity of your intellect,your passion for fun & your curiosities about physical & spiritual energies of life.You're free! Thank God for the gift of our LIFE TOGETHER. You're alive in our hearts!
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 16th November 2012
Will there ever be a day that I do not miss you?I doubt it. 11 months today you moved into a different time & space.I miss that you aren't here to ride with me on the Greenline. I can't believe that I'm riding...but you, my son,helped inspire me! When I ride, the breeze blows against my face & I only imagine you are flying above.Blessings my precious son.Thank you for sharing your life!
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 16th October 2012
David, I felt the wind on my face as I rode my bike on the Greenline! 10 months today..your birth into a new reality for you & such a loss for our family.I thought of how much you loved jogging by the river & how alive that made you feel.I would've loved watching you jog as I rode my bike that you helped me buy! I miss you everyday! You are alive in our hearts now & forever. Precious SON!
Posted by Vickie Hess on 18th September 2012
I know this is so late; I looked for you, Larry and Sherry, and found--this. I so remember infant David, and what I learned from watching you parent your boys in those early years in Indy. May God do what no human words can...
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 16th September 2012
9 months..you have been gone from our concept of space & time. Nevertheless,Dad & I miss you! We both have shed & shared our tears this weekend for some unknown reason...How I would love to turn back time..but each day, I learn over & over that I'm not God.You are deeply missed by your family.As promised, you remain alive within our hearts & in our precious memories. Your Wings FLY!
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 16th August 2012
8 months..I woke this morning & thought to myself...today is David's birthday in heaven. How I would like to see your smiling face each time I see a grey Mustang drive by...but I don't have the power to make your life's journey different. What a difficult lesson daily for me to trust the Power Greater than myself with your death...I love you & miss you..I believe your presence is HERE!
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 16th July 2012
7 months....How life has changed for you & your family. I look at your pictures and your clothes..with hopes that your life would not have ended so suddenly.I scream out that Life is NOT fair..yet I know a Higher Power greater than myself is still in charge of some things beyond my control. How I wish I had done things differently..yet choose to forgive my imperfections.KNOW YOU ARE LOVED.
Posted by Sherry Semrau on 16th June 2012
6 months, Dave. You're not with us in the body that we once knew. We miss you! Tonight, I'm still learning about your life. Zed&I went on the golf course & played moon putting. What a blast! Your heart touched many lives, yet you struggled so on the inside. Your family keeps you alive within our hearts daily. It's Father's Day..I know you love us all. I don't understand all of God's plan.

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