Let the memory of David be with us forever
  • 40 years old
  • Born on September 23, 1975 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on May 2, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, David Branning 40 years old , born on September 23, 1975 and passed away on May 2, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Carol Fille on September 23, 2019
well sweet boy you would have turn 44 today, we all miss you dearly words can't express the feelings that I have there is days I just start crying when I hear a song that I know you like or make food that you like. I just wish you was here with us love you and miss you more ever day aunt carol
Posted by Stephanie Sanford on September 23, 2019
good morning sweet nephew just wanted
to tell you happy  birthday , i know it will
be a good one because of where you are
you are so missed and loved down here, if the
family is with you ,tell them we think of all of
you every day, so rest high with our LORD , Dave.
Posted by Joyce Branning on September 22, 2019
My sweet son I cannot believe that you would have been 44 tomorrow, I went to BD this weekend had a good visit with the family, I came to the cemetery by myself, I miss you so much it seems to get harder, I realize how mommy felt, no one knows until it happens to them, I'm raising money again and walking for suicide prevention, I just read 13yr old killed himself, I feel his parents pain, I wish I had known how you were suffering, I'm sorry I didn't, but I also know that the pain you felt that fatal weekend, God has saved my sanity, love momma until next time
Posted by Stephanie Sanford on August 3, 2019
hey Dave , got you on my mind today but not
new, i think about you most every day and your
mom, you and Kenny have left a lot of empty
space down here, no one can fill, i love you
and miss both, so rest high on that mountain
nephew ,Amen to our Lord Jesus, aunt Stephanie.

Posted by Stephanie Sanford on May 24, 2019
hey sweet nephew, went out  to see everyone on the hill today
i want you to know all the love is still down here for you, we miss
your beautiful smile, you're always on our mind and in our hearts
so rest in peace and the others that are there with you, tell them 
the same for me.aunt stephanie,.
Posted by Carol Fille on May 15, 2019
hey, Babe miss you more each day that goes by. I sure wish you was here with us, But I know that you are with people that you love that you are at peace and no more pain. that is the only comfort that I have love and miss you dearly.. aunt carol
Posted by Joyce Branning on April 30, 2019
My sweet son, you left me 3 yrs on the 2nd, I'm writing tonight because I'm having surgery in the morning and probably will be out of it for a few days, I don't do well on meds as you know. I think of you daily, I don't think that will ever change, I miss you more every day. Love momma til next time
Posted by Joyce Branning on January 26, 2019
My sweet son, just needed to tell you I feel as if I'm beginning to heal from losing you , I will never stop missing, grieving or loving you and probably will never forget how you struggled here on earth,I have forgiven Amanda for all the lies, taking your things and using me after your death, I know she will have to meet our Lord and Savior and answer to him, She had know ideal how much you and I loved her and the girls, I feel sorry for all of them because they will never experience that again. I can smile now when I see her, that is a good feeling that is what forgiveness is all about. Love momma
Posted by Joyce Branning on January 18, 2019
Its strange sweetie your never out of my mind but this week has been really hard, I miss your big beautiful smile, those eyes would close when you would smile. I never thought that losing a child would be this difficult, some days are harder than others, I love you and hope that you are at peace, I try not to dwell on what ifs because it only makes it harder. I'll be back soon. love momma
Posted by Joyce Branning on December 25, 2018
Here I am my son # 3 Christmas without you,its a different one this year, I feel so empty today, I know that you are grief ridden but I am full of grief, I miss you so and I try to believe that you are happy, God knows how I feel, I try to live life but your always there and I'm telling you this is for you. I love you so
Posted by Stephanie Sanford on December 23, 2018
Posted by Joyce Branning on November 22, 2018
3 Thanksgivings without you and it is harder today than it was the first. I wish that people understood but they don't, they think I should be over losing you,I will never be over it, I'm not strong any more it takes a lot for me to get through the day , some days are better than others, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND IT IS SO HARD TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU. LOVE MOMMA
Posted by Stephanie Sanford on November 19, 2018
hey my sweet nephew, happy thanksgiving to you
you are in our thought everyday, we miss you
 and kenny, jimmy, teresa, mom and dad so very
much just not the same without you. RIP David .
Posted by Stephanie Sanford on September 23, 2018
hello my nephew , went out to the hill today with your mom
it was raining like crazy , but just know i think about you and love
you , all of you are so missed each and every day, mom, dad, jimmy,
kenny, and teresa, some day we will all be together again . what a happy day that will be,. happy birthday Dave, say hi to the family, 
to our Lord Jesus, God bless all of you , aunt Stephanie.
Posted by Carol Fille on September 23, 2018
happy birthday ,my sweet boy! stole that from your Mom, my heart hurts everyday because you are not here with us.. but I know that you are in a better place ,no more pain,disappointment, just wish you was here so I could wrap my arms around you and say the words that I love you instead of writing it. we will meet some day and then I can love and miss you Aunt Carol
Posted by Joyce Branning on September 23, 2018
Happy birthday my sweet boy, wow 43 today if you was here but you are with the Lord,I can only say that I love you and it is so hard without you, lot of things has happened the last few days with me and a couple of friends, praying God will take care of us especially my friends. I cannot write anymore it is just too hard , til next time , love momma
Posted by Joyce Branning on May 23, 2018
My sweet boy another memorial, this month has been the longest [may] I think I've had, maybe because Linda died, It's been really hard, feel so alone and have felt this for about 3 months, I keep praying and I know GOD will see me thru, He has taken care of me since you left me, I love and miss you so momma
Posted by Joyce Branning on May 2, 2018
My sweet boy its been 2yrs unbelievable it seems a lot longer today, sometimes it seems like yesterday, I know it hurts more today, it feels like it just happened, I miss you so much, I get lost sometimes without you, its hard to make decisions its just hard all the way around,love you so.Love momma
Posted by Joyce Branning on December 24, 2017
Well my sweet son 2nd Christmas without you and it is no easier today than the the day you left me. A year and half has gone buy and so much has happened and it seems like a long time. People say your resting and happy, I know they are trying to console me, but it doesn't help,I have so many unanswered questions and I know they will go unanswered. Kasie is coming today and all of Travis' family tomorrow, your going to be great uncle wow wish you were here to see all of us.
                                     Love always momma
Posted by Carol Fille on December 10, 2017
another holiday has come and gone and now another one is coming up it will be another sad one like all others.. i wish you was here with us, but i no in my heart that you are happy and in a good place, that does not ease our pain or makes it any easier on us, i miss you dearly till we meet again love you aunt carol
Posted by Joyce Branning on December 10, 2017
I miss you so , as Christmas approaches the sadness intensifies, I sometimes want to go away by myself, just shut everyone out, never dreamed I would lose you the way I did. love momma
Posted by Joyce Branning on November 27, 2017
Well baby another Thanksgiving gone, it doesn't get better, I miss you more everyday, it is so hard here without you, I am alone most of the time, don't see your brother or your dad, I see trav ever once in a while,he's busy with his family. I wish you was here,I miss our morning talks,getting ready for Christmas I dread it, I pray you are resting in God's arms and you are happy, would love to see your beautiful smile, momma loves you so much, till next time
Posted by Joyce Branning on September 23, 2017
WE are celebrating your birthday by ziplining in a cave, how fitting as I know you would love it, you always was adventurous,I miss you more each day, I thought it would get easier but it hasn't and I don't think it ever will, I hope it will be a fun day there is 17 going , a few friends that you didn't know but they wanted to support me and honor you, momma loves you so much
Posted by Hannah Wilson on September 16, 2017
Well I posted a picture from when I came to visit you. Ive never met you. But my heart still aches at the thought that I'll never get to. I hope I can go again soon. I love you, uncle David.
Posted by Joyce Branning on August 8, 2017
My sweet son, as I make plans to celebrate your birthday again without you, I think about how you struggled with making the decisions for Amanda and her children, taking care of them and you suffering all the time and she was doing you wrong, as you were loving her and her children, its hard not to want to hurt her but I'm sure God will take care of things and I try to keep in mind your at peace with God, your family and friends are going to zipline in your honor, something we wanted to do together and never got to. sort of dreading 9-23 hoping I can do it without being sad. Love always and forever momma
Posted by Joyce Branning on July 14, 2017
My sweet Dave,well she is back in the gutter, my heart breaks for Kira, have no ideal where she is probably back in Indiana.Been trying since March to get your things back, still cant believe she stole your things, everything you accused her of was the truth, she had both of us fooled, karma has its way and she is getting it, I hoped she would become the mother she should be but isn't going to happen. As far as I know she is still down the street and still works at the bar. Love you and miss you so it is unbelievable how much.
Posted by Joyce Branning on July 8, 2017
my sweet son, been a lot of deaths this week, not family just people I know. People don't realize we are still grieving for you, sometimes Ifeel i'm the only one, I know that isn't so but I cannot seem to cope with things too good anymore. I miss you, our talks and our dreams. Its hard to see your friends living life and having fun, it makes me miss you more because I can see you laughing and having fun and I realize your not here to share that with them. Love momma
Posted by Joyce Branning on June 25, 2017
Baby I miss you you so much, it seems it gets harder. You are never off my mind no matter what I'm doing.I try so hard to change or learn to live without you and I cannot. I hope you are at peace and resting in Gods arms. I love and miss you so. Love momma
Posted by Carol Fille on June 6, 2017
well, i was in ky this past weekend but didn't get to your grave i was not in good shape, but my heart was there.. just wanted to let you know how much you are miss and love so much.. the one that keeps saying she misses you so much, she just plays on everyone sympathy, she nothing but a liar,user,and everything else that i can think of.. i wish i could tell you this in person,but maybe it would be bad to do that.. but in the end she will get hers and i can't wait.. love you and miss you
Posted by Joyce Branning on June 4, 2017
my sweet boy , it gets harder when I go to visit your grave, it starts when I leave to come home, it is so hard without you. I feel if you had it to do all over you would not have let her bring you down, she wasn't worth you wiping your feet on, it was and always will be about her, she is out of my life now, like you I had my eyes closed and she opened them 6 months after you died, my heart aches everyday. i love you so much.
Posted by Travis Branning on June 2, 2017
Hey, bub. Leaving in the morning to come see you. I wish you were going to be there to greet us properly. I'm sorry that I never actually told you how much you meant to me. I hope that somehow you knew. Mom is taking it one day at a time, as is expected, I guess. But I know she will never be the same, not without you. I'm trying my best to take care of her and be there for her every chance I have. She's in good hands, I promise you that. I hope you are at peace, and I truly hope that those responsible for how things ended will soon get what they deserve. If I had an opportunity I would make sure of it. I love you and miss you so much.

Posted by Carol Fille on May 28, 2017
memorial weekend and next weekend we will be there by your graveside as well as the others.. just still hard to believe that you are not here with us miss you dearly..love you always till we meet again
Posted by Joyce Branning on May 14, 2017
Here's another Mother's Day second one and I miss you more than I did the first one I wish that you could be with us and I miss you so love momma
Posted by Carol Fille on May 2, 2017
I am sitting here thinking of you on this one year of your pasting. It is as hard to accept as it was the day you left us. the ones that love you and respected you. misses you dearly more than any of us could say. but there is a couple that puts on a act and shame on them.. the family and your true friends really miss you and wishes you was still here with us .. love and miss you Aunt Carol
Posted by Joyce Branning on May 2, 2017
One year and it feels like it happened today. I miss you more everyday.we are going to celebrate your life there is bug group of friends and family coming, we all miss and love you so much. I think about how you struggled and the pain you were in and it breaks my heart that I didn't realize how you much. I love you and I will try to be strong,it's hard to find a way to live without you. I love you momma. I miss hearing you saying that.
Posted by Joyce Branning on April 11, 2017
My sweet boy ,I'm having such a hard day. The closer 1 year gets the harder it is, it seems like yesterday, I know people don't understand, how hard it is unless they have lost a child , I pray ever day for the pain to lessen, momma love you so, the next time.
Posted by Carol Fille on April 10, 2017
Dave here in a couple of weeks you will be gone a year, it has been rough on all those that truly loved you.I miss you just as much as the day you left us..we are fixing to leave on our yearly trip and i know it is going to be rough on us when we come back.hope you will give us a sign that things is going to get better I love and miss you dearly, not a day goes bye that i wish you was here with us till i meet you again love you sweet boy
Posted by Joyce Branning on March 28, 2017
I met Donnie Lewis tonight , we met before because we go to church together, just didn't know you went to school together, also clint moore contacted me, its strange talking about you to people you were friends with. I miss you so, almost 1 year. love momma its so hard without you
Posted by Joyce Branning on January 11, 2017
I still can't believe your gone, 8 months now and I have just started to grieve. so much ugly has happened since you left me, I have days that
I WANT TO HURT SOMEBODY, the anger and sadness is over whelming that I find myself wanting to scream. momma loves you soooo much til next time.
Posted by Carol Fille on January 2, 2017
Today you have been gone for 8 months and it seems like it was yesterday. I miss you as today as i did when you left us ..i wish that you could have just come to me orot you didn't and i guess you felt that it was time to bow your head and say good bye to us I just hope that peace has come to you.. love you and miss you dearly a..unt carol
Posted by Rita Stacy on December 28, 2016
I think about you Everyday!!! Your momma is having the worst time David... she needs you to be at peace. I love you dearly as I know you loved me I just wish you would have come here ... but if you could get KARMA to do her job from where you are I would appreciate that lol thought you would laugh hahaha miss you so
Posted by Carol Fille on December 24, 2016
well,Dave it is christmas eve and tomorrow is not going to feel the same we all miss you so much and wish that you was here with us. I had your mom a pillow made with all pictures of you for her christmas i know she will love it as much as i did when i was picking all the pics out of you. love and miss you dearly merry christmas
Posted by Joyce Branning on December 16, 2016
The closer Christmas gets the more I hurt, it is still unbelievable you are gone. Matt and his family are coming after the holidays.we love and miss you. With all my love momma
Posted by Hannah Wilson on December 9, 2016
I wish I would've gotten the chance to introduce myself to you. I am your neice. My heart aches every time I think about the fact that I'll never get to know who you truly were. I've seen you in pictures, and I've seen you at your funeral, but never will I be able to know what you look like when there is life running through you. Never will I know the sound of your voice in person. Never will I get to hug you. I'll never get to hear your stories about the things you and my dad used to do together. As much as I love hearing the stories about you, I'd rather hear them from you and be able to see you light up at all the funny moments. I'll never truly know who you are. I'm sorry that I was not able to be there. I'm sorry that when I started speaking to the family that I didn't speak to you. I'm sorry that the first time I met you was at your funeral, and I'm sorry we only have one picture together from when I was 6 months old. I know everyone down here misses you and speaks nothing but kind words about you. I wish I had things to say. I'm sure people don't understand how I could miss you when I don't even really know you, and maybe they're right, but I still cry looking at our one picture together, and it still sickens me to know that I'll never get to take another picture with you. I hope you're doing well, and I hope you're happy up there . Please continue to watch over our family. Especially Grandma because I know its really hard for her. I wish I could do more to help her feel better. I may not know you, but I still love you.
Posted by Linda Holliday on December 7, 2016
As I sit here with tears streaming down my face, I think of all the pain and grief your mother and family have been enduring since you left. It is my prayer that you have found peace and happiness. I believe the angels have wrapped you in their wings and healed your heart and soul.
You are your mother's guardian angel now, You are so loved and missed David. Fly high with the Angels.

Linda Holliday
Posted by Carol Fille on December 1, 2016
Dave,it will be 7 months tomorrow i miss you as much today as the day you left us ..it has been hard on a lot of us.i just hope that you are at peace and running up there with mom,Dad,and jimmy as well as kenny love and miss you so much till we meet again
Posted by Joyce Branning on November 23, 2016
My sweet son I miss you so much at times its unbearable. They have moved out,I took care of them 6mos after you passed, I couldn't grieve for taking care of them.she started dating about 6 to 8 weeks after you died. I believed everything she said, I had her back, I took up for her whenshe even didnt know it, between her boyfriend telling me about their relationship and seeing them all over each other in the kitchen I knew shehad been lying and she didn't have to. Then the oldest lied on her mom and the boyfriend, and thru all of it I got blamed for it all. I just needed to vent . I know you are at peace and I now understand why you felt the way you did that last night I had with you. I still see your face that tragic Monday morning. There has been so much ugly and I have been accused of it all. Hope someday she will get over the guilt she has about your death and come to talk doubt it but we will see. Tomorrow will be your favorite holiday and I will be doing noting like we use to do. Love always momma miss you so.
Posted by Carol Fille on September 23, 2016
Today we was to celebrate your 41st, instead we will be standing by your grave on saturday. Dave you don't know how much saddness you have left.But with god help we will get through this.it will take a while but you will always be miss and love till we meet again love you and miss you alot
Posted by Joyce Branning on September 23, 2016
Its been 5 months since you left us and its been the hardest thing in life to endure, one day we will see you again and we all will be happy, I try to think you are at peace no more sadness and fighting your demons.I'M so sorry I didn't realize how you were struggling. i miss and love you so much, we all do especially Kira she misses you so much and she is scared so reach down and touch her and let her know you are right beside her, we will celebrate your birthday tomorrow at your grave so be with us let me feel your arms around all of us. love forever mom
Posted by Stehanie Sanford on August 7, 2016
hello nephew you're on my mind today, as is my son Kenny
and your mother , my little sister  , our hearts ache for one
more day with our sons , to hold and to see your smiles
you're so missed and loved , until we meet again R I P.

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